Mom Speaks: 4 Ways I Gave My Child's Immunity The Kick It Needs

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Winter times always brought woes and worries to my house as my son had a weak immunity system. Every year, during the cold months, he would be down with flu, sinus, and joint pain. As a result, he would often have to take weeks off from school. Him missing out on his schoolwork made my son victim of stress as he struggled to cope up with the classes he’d missed. Eventually, I got called in by his class teacher, who told me that if he took any more leaves, his promotion was at stake. This was when I decided to take matters into my own hands. I spoke to his pediatrician about his condition, and she explained to me that the reason he was falling sick so often was because of his weak immune system. She gave me a few suggestions on how I could amp up his immunity, and I, too, did some research. This was when I decided to make lifestyle changes that helped kick up my little one’s immunity. After only a few months of making these changes, I noticed that not only did our trips to the doctor reduce, but my son also started gaining weight and height. He missed school less and was able to concentrate better. In only a few months, he had caught up with his work and was at the topper of the class. In this article, I will tell you foolproof ways through which you too can amp up your kid’s immunity.

  1. Giving your little one a nutritious diet: Malnutrition is the leading cause of the immune deficiency. A diet lacking in essential vitamins and minerals will leave the immune system weak and incapable of fighting diseases. If your child’s diet lacks essential elements like Vitamins A, C, E, B6, and Folate, then they are more likely to fall ill. Ensure your child’s diet includes sufficient vitamins, minerals, calcium, and protein. This will make sure that their immunity is strong and that their overall growth is well taken care of. You can also include certain supplements in your child’s diet that will help them meet their dietary requirements. My pediatrician recommended I mix some PediaSure in my son’s glass of milk, and this went a long way in ensuring that his diet was full of essential nutrients. But every child is different so be sure to consult your pediatrician before making a decision.
  2. Ensure they are having plenty of rest: It is crucial that children get the rest their body needs. When your child is asleep, their body produces proteins called cytokines, which is what the body relies on to help fight infection. This is also why your doctor recommends getting lots of rest when you are sick. Set an appropriate bedtime for your child that will ensure they get 10-12 hours of sleep. Ensure that the room they sleep in is cool, dark, and quiet, so they experience uninterrupted sleep.

  3. Take them outdoors: Taking your child out to a park or cycling will make sure that they not only get the exercise they need but will also allow them to breathe in lots of fresh air and let them de-stress. Physical activity can go a long way in helping improve your child’s concentration and mental health.

  4. Reduce Screen Time: These days, children spend all their free time on a tablet or watching TV. Whenever my son fell ill, he too would spend hours together watching cartoons. I slowly began to reduce the amount of time he spent in front of the TV. Instead, I played a few board games with him or gave him some arts and craft activities to do. I also started buying him a few storybooks to read. This ensured that he was getting the mental stimulation he needed. I began to notice an improvement in his cognitive abilities, vocabulary, and concentration.

  5. Check out the Grow Right Initiative: When I was looking up ways to amp up my son’s immunity, I ran into the Grow Right Initiative launched by PediaSure. This initiative looks at growth as an overall concept. In our day and age, growth just meant a substantial increase in height and weight, but this initiative brings to light what multi-dimensional growth is. The expert videos here inform us moms on a variety of important topics such as how to handle a fussy eater or how to ensure that the food your little one is consuming is beneficial to their body. These videos are a must-watch, and I highly recommend checking them out before you go ahead with any of the other steps. 

    I hope these tips have helped bring some peace of mind to all you worried moms. I agree, it does get tough at times, but let me tell you, in the end, it is all worth that million dollar smile of your little munchkin.

    Happy parenting!