10 Incredible Cases Of Childbirth You Will Find Hard To Believe

Childbirth You Will Find Hard To Believe

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Childbirth is so complex and fascinating to begin with, that you can’t possibly imagine complicating it any further. However, once after reading our post, your mind will officially be boggled. We are here to tell you the most intriguing and downright weird childbirth cases. Be warned though, some of you might be a little…taken aback with the content.

1. James Elgin Gill:

James Elgin Gill

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James Elgin Gill is a young man who was born 4.5 months premature, but managed to survive, in spite his shocking weight of 482 grams. His mom had a complicated pregnancy and was told that her baby wouldn’t survive. However, James’s parents were strong, fought for him, believed in him, and today he is perfectly healthy! Phew!

2. World’s Youngest Mom:

World’s Youngest Mom

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Did you know that a five-year-old girl gave birth to a baby boy? Impossible, right? Wrong! The girl’s parents took her to the hospital, as they were worried about her abnormal stomach size. Little did they know she was 7 months pregnant! During C-section, doctors found that the mother had fully mature sexual organs because of precocious puberty.

3. World’s Oldest Mom:

Another extreme case, Rajo Devi became a mother at the age of 70! Her baby was conceived through an IVF, which is how it was possible. Apparently, elderly women having babies is a common thing in rural India.

4. Twins From Separate Wombs?!

Twins From Separate Wombs

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Now things get weirder. A woman gave birth to twin girls, one from each of her wombs! A woman has two wombs??? This irregularity is called Mullerian abnormality and occurs in about one in 5 million women.

5. Mysterious Twins:

Inter-racial couples that have children are nothing new. However, each of their children can be “differently coloured”. Twins, Miya and Leah Durrant have VERY different skin tone and different coloured eyes from each other. The same couple gave birth to another set of twins who are also “differently coloured” from each other. Cool, huh?

6. Big Babies:

Big Babies

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The biggest baby recorded according to the Guinness World Book of Records was a boy born to a giantess named Anna Haining Swan whose baby was 10.8 kg. Another baby that weighed almost as much came up to 10.2kg.

7. Birth On A Tree:

Carolina Chirindza whose town got flooded, was forced to climb a tree to save herself. 4 days into survival, Carolina gave birth to a baby girl. Thankfully, a helicopter that was probably providing help spotted her and the baby and took her to safety. We applaud her for giving birth alone; on a tree! That is simply legend.

8. A Rare Defect:

Siti Rahma was diagnosed with Ectopia Cordis, which is a rare birth defect where the heart is formed outside the body. The cause has yet to be identified, but there are around 8 cases in every 1 million. Apart from Siti, most children with the disorder die within a month of birth, also because the defect leads to other dangerous heart problems.

9. Male Mom?!

Male Mom

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Beatie who is a transgender (female to male) became known as the “The Pregnant Man” as he got pregnant through artificial insemination. He chose to do this, as his wife was infertile. Is science cool or what?

10. The Lucky Baby:

This last story is amazing and unbelievable (not that the others aren’t). A woman, Bhuri Kalbi, gave birth to her baby in the toilet of a moving train. While visiting the restroom, the baby simply “slipped out” and landed on the tracks. Miraculously and thankfully, the baby survived.

Shocked? Feeling weird? Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Don’t worry though our reactions were the same. Let us know what you think of these childbirth cases, and we would love to know about more, if you know any! Leave your comment below.

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