9 Incredibly Amazing Things That Happen To Breastfeeding Moms

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Your postpartum body is sure to go through many changes, some of which you may like, and some of which you…er hate. And, this holds true, especially if you are a breastfeeding mom. Chances are, you’ll be overwhelmed by the changes in your body. Here, we look at 9 amazing things that happen when you’re nursing your baby.

1. You Will Be Very Hungry – All Over Again:

If you thought you were eating for two during pregnancy, and now that you’ve delivered it is over, you’ve got another think coming. Most of what you eat goes into making milk for you baby, which means that you need to eat well to stay nourished.

2. You Will Be Pampered Into Sumptuous Foods:

If you have an immediate family or caretaker with you in the initial weeks of postpartum days, you are more likely to receive more attention than your pregnancy days. Indulge in the rich foods that you might have stopped taking begins weaning. By the way, we bet you can’t resist a creamy milkshake full of your favorite nuts.

3. You Will Burn Calories:

The best thing about the postpartum period is that while you are indeed so indulgent, you manage to burn the calories fairly easily through breastfeeding. How easy does that sound when compared to sweating it out at a gym! However, there are several factors governing your weight loss as a nursing mom. So, don’t be surprised if you take longer than a friend did, to shed all that pregnancy weight.

4. You Will Have Leaky Boobs:

If you don’t periodically empty your breasts, your breasts will engorge, and you will also experience leaky boobs. More often than not, leaky breasts happen because of babies crying, or when you think about your baby, you breasts could get leaky because the reactions trigger oxytocin release in your brain which stimulates milk release. It’s an involuntary action, and you can’t control it.

5. Nipple Soreness Can Give You A Tough Time:

Quite a few women complain about their nipples getting sore. It is usually not an alarming condition as it is mostly caused by incorrect positioning. But, if you persistently feel the soreness, you might have to talk to your doctor.

6. The Abdominal Cramps:

As your uterus would begin to shrink back to its original size, you will have stomach cramping accompanied with pain. The cramps are facilitated by hormones. It might be a bit like a menstrual cramp or stronger, but not as intense as labor. The after pains help the uterus regain the former position. The process is called involution, by the way.

7. Your Hormones Are Still On The Job:

If you thought your hormones have come to normalcy post-pregnancy, the truth is your oxytocin and prolactin are still at work to make milk. If you notice that your periods haven’t resumed yet, or if you experience a lowered libido, blame the two hormones.

8. Your boob size will go up:

Sure, you will have to get a cup size or two bigger as your breasts will grow. Also, you need to have more room for the mammary glands to generate milk!

Breastfeeding produces two hormones- oxytocin and prolactin. Though these are crucial to creating milk, they also may keep your periods away for longer and cause a decrease in libido.

9. Lowered Stress And Better Bonding:

Breastfeeding protects mothers from stress. It also helps improve the bond between the mother and child. Breastfeeding mothers have an empowered defense mechanism for both themselves and their child. And it is needless to say; that breastmilk is the best milk!

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