Top 5 Independence Day Activities Your Kids Will Enjoy

Independence Day Activities For Kids

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Independence Day is one of those days that is extremely important and is a source of national pride for all citizens of India. As a kid, your little one will probably have to attend various celebrations at school as well as at home or with friends. So, if you want to help your kid understand the importance of Independence Day and also make the day special for him, consider reading our post. Here we have listed top 5 Independence Day Activities For Kids:

Top Independence Day Activities For Kids To Enjoy:

Here are some fun activities that you can help your kids with on Independence Day:

1. A Historical Walk:

Independence Day Activities For Kids - A Historical Walk

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Take your kids to see some historical places.

  • Find out the places in your city that have some or the other link to the Independence Day.
  • Depending on the age of your kid, ask them to search for information and make a list of such places.
  • Once you find out about a few monuments or places in or near your city, plan a trip to see the same. You can ask your kid to take down notes about each trip so that your kid will remember about the same.

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2. Flag Hoisting:

Independence Day Activities For Kids - Flag Hoisting

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Take your kids to a flag hoisting event.

  • Most cities that have some or the other monument of national importance will have a flag hoisting ceremony on the occasion of Independence Day.
  • Try and take your kid along for the same.
  • The event will also require all the participants and audience to sing the National Anthem, so help them learn the same before you take them for the flag hoisting ceremony.

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3. Tricolor Food At Home:

Independence Day Activities For Kids - Tricolor Food At Home

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Use the day to help your kids prepare some delicious tricolored foods at home.

  • Instead of ordering food from outside on Independence Day, make your version of tricolor food at home with your kids.
  • You can make a delicious and very easy preparation of tricolored rice that your kids can help you prepare and will also love to eat.
  • To make the orange colored rice, use ingredients that have an orange and yellowish tint to them, such as carrots, pumpkins, and saffron.To make the white colored rice, you can simply boil the regular rice. To make the green colored rice, use green colored ingredients to cook the rice, such as green peas, spinach, spring onions, beans and more. Cook the three different colors of rice separately. Once done, you can ask your kid to serve it on the plate in such a way that it resembles the color placing of the Indian flag.
  • In addition to the tricolored colored rice, you can also ask your kid to help you prepare various foods such as curries and vegetable dishes that will have the colors white, orange and green. It is an amazing Independence day activities for children to celebrate the occasion.

4. Tricolor Party:

Independence Day Activities For Kids - Tricolor Party

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Use the day to help your kids plan a fun Independence Day party.

  • It is a wonderful Independence day activity for kids that helps them to arrange a tricolor based party at home.
  • As part of the theme party, ask your kids to make sure that all those who attend the party are dressed in colors of the Indian flag.
  • Your kid will also have to make the decorations based on the three colors of the Indian flag – orange, white and green.
  • Make sure that the snacks and the food that you serve at the party also have the colors of the Indian flag in them.

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5. Independence Day Books At The Bookstore:

Independence Day Activities For Kids - Independence Day Books At The Bookstore

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Use the day to help your kids read more about Independence Day.

  • Make use of the Independence Day to let your kid spend some time at the bookstore.
  • Take your kid to the nearby bookstore or the local kids’ library and help them search books that are related to Independence Day.
  • Help them look for books that talk about various freedom fighters and also about life during the time that India was struggling through the Independence movement for independence.
  • Spend Independence Day as more than just another holiday and help your kid to understand the importance of the day. Use our ideas shared above to make the day a little more special and memorable for your kids.

Moms, how do you celebrate Independence Day with your kids? Do share your interesting Independence day kids activities here for other moms.

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