Indoor Play For Kids: 10 Simple Activities To Enjoy This Winter

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It’s the winter season, where the days are shorter and nights longer. The little ones in your house are cooped up inside as playing outside isn’t an option anymore. When the weather is nippy throughout the day, you have to come up with fun indoor games to keep your children engaged and entertained. Playing with the same toys and staring at the same wall can throw them in a loop of boredom.

Even if you are not the crafts mom, fret not. With some help, you can still get creative and find ways to engage your kids in indoor games. Below, we list down 10 indoor play ideas for kids this winter.

Arts & Crafts

1. Homemade Play Dough

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Instead of purchasing play dough with tons of chemicals that are supposedly non-toxic, why not make your own? It is simple and requires just a few basic ingredients. Your kids can use them to make fun noodles, animal shapes and cut out fun shapes using cookie cutters. Not only will it make for a fun indoor activity, but it also provides a great sensory experience and improves their fine motor skills.

2. Painting

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If you think your kid is old enough to hold a brush, you can provide them with all painting supplies to let their creative juices flow. Painting can also be made fun for your little ones by indulging them in finger painting activities. However, we have to warn you; if you don’t like the mess, it’s best to steer clear of this activity or choose it for another day when you don’t have a lot on your plate.

3. Stamps

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Though you have the option to purchase stamps, making DIY stamps is an exciting activity that your kids wouldn’t want to miss out on. For this, you’ll need wine corks, crafts foam, scissors, a pencil, a hot glue gun, and ink pads. Draw small shapes on a piece of paper and cut them out using scissors. Next, trace them on craft foam and hot glue the shapes to the cork pieces. Voila! You have your own wine cork stamps.

Sensory Bins

4. Pom Pom Bins

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Sensory bins are a great idea to stimulate the senses of your little ones. You can fill the plastic container or bin with pom poms of different colors and let them have some fuzzy fun. You could give your toddler a few small containers and bottles and a pair of plastic thongs. Now, wait and watch how long it takes them to fill each small container.

5. Rice Bins

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Rice is a staple in everyone’s pantry. You could either use just plain white rice or dye it in different colors for added fun. Now simply add them to a container of your choice. Make sure the bin is filled with the rice. Hide a few alphabets or toys inside them and ask your kids to start scooping them out. You could also make your kids compete against each other to find out who can scoop out the most toys from the bin.

Energy-releasing Games

6. Hide And Seek

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This traditional game has been around for ages and still remains a classic. You could also take part in the activity and make it as challenging or fun as you’d like. Your kids will not only have a gala time, but they will also improve their memory, flexible thinking, and even work on self-control.

7. Simon Says

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This energy-releasing game is guaranteed to turn any gloomy and snowy day into one filled with giggles and excitement. A game where you simply have to follow just Simon’s commands, both adults and kids can be fooled to do things even when Simon doesn’t say. Add some fun commands such as hopping, skipping, and bouncing to turn it into a great activity.

8. Musical Chair

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A staple game of parties worldwide, this game is best played with a lot of players. So, if you’ve got more than six members in the house or have your kid’s friends coming over, be ready with some music and chairs. The participants have to be completely focused and quick when playing this game so that they find a seat as soon as the music stops.

9. Balloon Games

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Balloons always bring joy and a smile to a kid’s face no matter what. It requires minimal prep and causes no mess. You could go for simple, colorful balloons or choose some with different shapes and patterns. No matter what you pick, you can never go wrong with a balloon game. Relay races, balloon tennis, and jumping balloon games are a few activity ideas that you could set up for your little one.

10. Walk On Pillows

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Walk on pillows is a simple yet fun indoor game for kids. Grab all the cushions and pillows lying around your house. You could either line them up in a straight line or spread them out with a short distance between each cushion. Your kids can now cruise away trying short distance jumping, making sure their feet don’t touch the ground. This game will not only be a ton of fun but will improve your little one’s gross motor skills as well.

We hope our list of indoor play games will keep your little one busy and engaged this winter. What are some of the simple activities that you like to do with your kids during the chilly months? Comment below and let us know.

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