The Influence of Negative and Positive Parenting on Children

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A child’s behavior is often a reflection of his parents and the treatment meted out to him at home. A happy and confident child will have kind and understanding parents and a congenial atmosphere back home. A child who stammers or who is always a bundle of nerves may be so because he is always at the receiving end of his parents’ wrath. Do you realize that your lifestyle habits can take a toll on your child’s health? Are you aware that your constant tiffs with your partner may dent your child’s confidence and his outlook towards relationships for life?

Parents are role models for their children. It is from them that children adopt certain values and life skills. Children also learn how to express emotions and deal with problems of life from their parents. Lack of parental involvement can have a damaging impact on a child. A child who does not share a close relationship with his parents is at a risk of suffering from depression. In short, upbringing can make or break a child’s life.

Read on to know how parenting can be a double-edged weapon that can both positively influence and motivate your child or disfigure your child’s life irreparably. Check out to know how parents influence on children can turn positive and negative:

Negative Influence Of Parents On Children:

Negative parenting style can be detrimental to a child’s development and behavior. Children who are victims of bad parenting are two times more likely to misbehave in front of others.

1. Language:

Couples may show disrespect to each other or others by using a crude language. They may often curse in front of their children. A child may learn how to swear just by imitating his parents.

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2. Bad Habits:

The bad habits of parents such as drinking, smoking and lying can grossly affect the physical and mental health of children. A child who sees his parents following a disciplined lifestyle like healthy eating and regular exercising is more likely to imbibe and practice one himself.

3. Relationship Issues:

Tension and quarrel between husband and wife can mar a child’s physical and mental well-being. The hostile atmosphere at home will suppress the little ones confidence and desires. It not only takes a toll on his equation with his parents but may also lead to his skepticism and distrust towards relationships in general.

4. Temper:

Children are often the victims of their parents’ bad temper. Such children are likely to develop a mercurial temperament.

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Positive Influence Of Parents On Children:

There are various positive parenting styles, which can encourage a child to develop healthy habits and good behavior. The parenting style includes clear and reasonable expectations as well as respectful and supportive interactions.

1. Clear Message:

Parents need to communicate clearly the dos and don’ts to their children. For example: If you want your child to clean up the room, say, “Please clean-up the room” instead of “Don’t make a mess.” A clear communication of praise can provide apt motivation to your child.

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2. Be A Good Role Model:

According to Mac Bledsoe, the author of Parenting with Dignity, being a good role model for the children inspires them to behave better. Instead of using “Do as I say, not as I do” method, imbibe good qualities in yourselves. Remember parents are a child’s first teachers.

3. Understand Your Child:

Gary Smalley, the author of Homes of Honor Parenting Manual, encourages parents to understand their children’s personality type and then tailor their interaction. He insists that parents should appreciate their children with a hug or a ruffle in the hair once they do the task. Non-verbal communication too can enhance the understanding parents share with their young ones.

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The influence of parents lasts a lifetime and impacts a child’s physical, mental, emotional and social behavior. So watch your behavior next time your children are around and try to be their hero.

If you feel you have been a perfect mother to your child, please share your parenting tips here.

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