200+ Best Instagram Captions To Make Your Ex Jealous

You posted beautiful pictures of your partner and announced your love on social media. Also, you dedicated romantic songs to them on Instagram. You may add meaningful instagram captions to make your ex jealous while sharing the news of your breakup or post something new in your life. These captions help you post updates of your life and share them with your friends and followers. Some resort to these activities to taunt their exes, while a few want to share that they have moved on.

We bring you casual crushing and sassy Instagram captions to make your ex jealous if you are looking forward to doing so.

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201 Instagram Captions To Make Your Ex Jealous

Searching for the right captions? Check some exclusive ones here and make your ex jealous of your new lifestyle.

Captions To Make Your Ex Jealous

  1. You might flatter yourself to be Italic, but I’m striking.
  2. Shining like a star in the dark night.
  3. I’ve set myself free.
  4. Letting things go made me stronger.
  5. Life goes on, and the present is much better than the past.
  6. Ask me love or brownie? I prefer the latter!
  7. No more stress, I’m a free soul.
  8. Losing me is your loss.
  9. No relationship = No problems.
  10. I’m too busy enjoying, call me later.
  11. I’m glad I tried. No regrets whatsoever!
  12. Self-date is the best date to post admiration for your strength and beauty.
A woman enjoys a solo date

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  1. I’ve moved on, so don’t stalk me.
  2. Karma will take it from here.
  3. You cannot find a swagger like me ever. I wish you good luck.
  4. Yes, I miss the memories. No, not the person, of course.
  5. I shall not let the flame burn me again.
  6. Sadness flies away on the wings of time.” —Jean de La Fontaine
  7. “Life is too short to waste your time on people who don’t respect, appreciate, and value you.” —Roy T. Bennett
  8. I’m loving being myself and have decided to post happy pics for all those who love me unconditionally.
  9.  It’s okay, that was the wrong person.
  10. I took the bitter pill and now feel fresh.
  11. Happy to be the lone ranger, all again.
  12. I rarely post achievements but this is my perfect life.
  13. I’m over the bad things in my life.
  14. Embracing my single life, sipping my favorite wine.
  15. If you are compromising your life with someone, that’s not life. Quit it.
  16. I left my baggage at the previous counter. Now I feel so light.
  17. You started, I finished.
  18. Post a love message to someone who values you. Dump others.
  19. I’m glad to find that perfect one as I post accomplishments we have achieved together.
  20. I’m excited to meet someone special this weekend and can’t wait to post couple pics together.
  21. Holding hands with the right person.
  22. I never knew my day would be so relaxing with you.
  23. I chose happiness over you, and I’m happy with my decision.
  24. I think I was too good for someone.
  25. I’m back in the dating world.
  26. Bitter memories made me a stronger person, and now I am motivated to post success pics to inspire others.
  27. We are no more partners, we are strangers now.
  28. I post selfies to prioritize the time to love myself.
  29. I realized trusting you was a huge mistake.
  30. We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” —Joseph Campbell
  31. Well, I forgive you.
  32. I’m not taken, I’m having a gala time.
  33. I post pictures better without you.
Instagram captions to make your ex feel jealous

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  1. I wish you good luck in finding someone who can put up with you.
  2. No time to cry over petty things.
  3. Thank God I woke up from a bad dream.
  4. No more stress over losing someone who doesn’t deserve you.
  5. Aah! Lovely to be alone as I post milestones of my solo journey one after another.
  6. Ex-files sealed, self-love unlocked.
  7. Reclaiming my time, my heart, and my happiness.
  8. The best way forward is to become an even better version of yourself.
  9. From ‘we’ to ‘me,’ and I am loving every moment.
  10. Former relationship? I am too busy falling in love with myself.
  11. My heart is a no-access zone for the past.
  12. Single and flourishing, one self-love story at a time.
  13. I parted ways with my past, but I am committed to self-love.
  14. I am too engrossed in loving myself to care if you are reading this.
  15. In the end, self-compassion is the only love that truly matters.
  16. Cheers to my past, present, and future self.
  17. My heart is my own again, and it is in excellent hands.
  18. Here is to the ‘me’ I was meant to be all along.
  19. Self-love: The most essential relationship I’ve ever had.
  20. Exiting the drama, entering a life filled with self-love.
  21. I am not seeking someone to complete me; I am completely alone.
  22. My self-improvement journey: Unscripted, unique, and unstoppable.
  23. Letting go of the past, embracing the present, and building a fantastic future.
  24. Self-love is the new way of life.
  25. I bid farewell to my ex, but I discovered myself, which is the real triumph.

Captions To Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Jealous

Do you feel bad about your ex-boyfriend breaking up with you? Don’t fret. Instead, show off your “moved-on” status with any of these captions and make him feel jealous.

  1. The darker shade of my lipstick shows I moved on.
  2. You lost an angel, dude.
  3. I’m no more sad, I’m awesome instead.
  4. “A girl doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her.” —Marilyn Monroe
  5. “I was raised to become an independent woman, not the victim of anything.” —Kamala Harris
  6. You made me realize that I deserve better.
  7. Thank God, I could never stand up to your low expectations.
  8. “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” —Marilyn Monroe
  9. No more tears and no more wasting my expensive mascara.
Self love is the best love

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  1. I post awards to prove that my heels are higher than someone’s opinions.
  2. You treated me as one among many options. I left you as a random choice.
  3. I am a princess without a prince.
  4. I’m sure I’m better than your next girlfriend. You’ll realize it sooner or later.
  5. Hurt me once, and be ready to die.
  6. I’m glad I’m done with you.
  7. I chose myself over you. No more regrets.
  8. Don’t receive the calls from your past.
  9. Now you’re just somebody that I used to know.” —Gotye
  10. “Sadness flies away on the wings of time.” —Jean de LaFontaine
  11.  “I cannot compromise my respect for your love. You can keep your love, I will keep my respect.” —Amit Kalantri
  12. I realized falling for you was a big mistake.
  13. I’m going on my way happily.
  14. I’ve forgotten my bad past. Time to move on.
  15. I’m cool all alone and not without you.
  16. Elated to post vacation pics after a long time, feeling life the way I should.
Enjoying life with abandon

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  1. In your rearview mirror, you will see me waving goodbye to the past.
  2. Adios, old chapters! Welcoming the dawn of a better narrative.
  3. Who needs an ex when I have got the ‘X’ factor within me?
  4. Turning over a new leaf, and the ink is all mine.
  5. Past? Closed book. Present? Writing my own story.
  6. Yesterday’s news is today’s history.
  7. The rearview mirror is small because where you are going is more significant.
  8. My ex? Simply an extra in my life’s blockbuster.
  9. The past is just a prologue to the present.
  10. Life is a journey, and I have upgraded my itinerary.
  11. Ex-perience taught me that self-pampering is important.
  12. New book, new plot, same leading character: Me.
  13. Endings are only beginnings in disguise.
  14. When one door closes, I paint a hundred more.
  15. Not a broken heart; it is an open heart yearning for its true match.
  16. Farewell past; forward, I go.
  17. Tears for the past? Nah, smiles for the present!
  18. A new start, not a setback.
  19. Cheers to those who walked out and made room for better things.
  20. The journey continues, and I am driving the ship now.
  21. Past relationships? More like nostalgic anecdotes now.
  22. Bidding adieu to yesterday, I say hello to tomorrow.
  23. Learning to forgive, growing to thrive.
  24. Life is too precious to be frozen in the past.
  25. From the ashes of heartbreak, I rise.
  26. Former flame? Now just a flicker in the rearview mirror.
  27. My ex was a lesson, but I am the whole course now.
  28. Healing a broken heart with love and self-discovery.
  29. Living well is the ultimate revenge.
  30. Shattered but not defeated; I’m picking up the pieces.
  31. I am not a plan B; I am a priority.
  32. Reveling in life’s beautiful surprises.
  33. Heartache fades; self-love prevails.
  34. Success, happiness, and living life to the max—the sweetest revenge.
  35. My heart’s evolving, and my spirit’s unbreakable.
  36. The past is the past; now it’s all about the present.
  37. Life’s an adventure, and I’m the fearless explorer.
  38. Ex? A chapter closed. Love? An open-ended story.

Captions To Make Your Ex-Girlfriend Jealous

Did she leave you for someone else? Make her jealous of what she has lost with these interesting captions that do not brag but effectively tease your ex!

  1. “One day they’ll realize they lost a diamond while playing with worthless stones.” —Turcois Ominek
  2. This caption is to post adoration and happiness that I’m feeling better than I was with you.
  3. Living in pain with you made me stronger than ever.
  4. Women or beer? I prefer the latter.
  5. Dudes before anything else.
  6. Forever in awe and love as I post appreciation captions for my beloved.
  7. Don’t waste your effort on someone who doesn’t deserve you.
  8. Craving for me time.
  9. No girlfriend = zero botheration
  10. I let go of my burden to enjoy my life and post updates about my new journey.
  11. Relationship with you had too many conditions. And I had to leave it.
  12. Loving someone shouldn’t have to be losing yourself. Lose them and stay free.
  13. “The heart will break, but broken live on.” —Jodi Thomas
  14. “Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.—The Dalai Lama
  15. I’m happy to be where I am without anyone on my side.
  16. Surprising everyone as I post date pics.. Going on a special date with someone special.
  17. I never made a mistake, in fact I learned from my past.
  18. I’m glad to leave some things behind.
  19. I pray to God to bless you as you need it more.
  20. Bikes. Beers. But no girlfriend.
Bikes and beer

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  1. I quit the depressing world behind and decided to post stories of my new adventures.
  2. I post recognition, for I can see things clearly now!
  3. Prepping for a special dinner date tonight!
  4. She left me.. in peace.
  5. I’m done saving effort and time impressing as I post compliments from someone special.
  6. No more pampering others, time for self-pampering.
  7. She was a meaningful chapter, but now I’m the author of my own story.
  8. In the symphony of life, she played just one note.
  9. Appreciating the past, embracing the present, and eagerly anticipating the future.
  10. Our love was a piece of art, now I am building a gallery of self-affection.
  11. She is a memory, while I am a great work in progress.
  12. Discovering self-love was an unexpected twist in my journey.
  13. Her absence allowed my self-esteem to flourish.
  14. I am the protagonist in my own narrative, and it is a story about self-care.
  15. Our love was a chapter, and I am composing an entire book.
  16. Transitioning from the past to a more loving present.
  17. She was the opening act; the self-love story is the main attraction.
  18. Life’s playlist may have evolved, but I am still dancing to my rhythm.
  19. From heartache to self-care and self-love.
  20. She was a star in my memories, I am now exploring the entire universe.
  21. Crafting my own canvas with the hues of self-appreciation.
  22. Our love may have dimmed, but my self-compassion shines brighter than ever.
  23. Bidding farewell to the last chapter, embracing a new era of self-exploration.
  24. She was a chapter, I am now a novel of unique experiences.
  25. Rediscovering the ‘me’ I had lost in ‘us.’
  26. She was a chapter I will always cherish, but I am the evolving storyline.
  27. Embracing the liberty of self-tolerance and personal growth.
  28. I am not just turning pages; I am crafting a new narrative.
  29. From a love tale to a self-care journey.
  30. Her memory acts as a marker, while I am crafting the forthcoming chapters.
  31. Moving on for the better.
  32. Delving into the inner world and discovering the love I deserve.
  33. Enjoying the new-found freedom.
  34. Better alone than a wrong person.
  35. In the garden, I am the thriving blossom.
  36. Our love story had its era, but self-love is eternal.
  37. “Why are old lovers able to become friends? Two reasons. They never truly loved each other, or they love each other still.” – Whitney Otto
  38. “I thought I still loved you but then I realized I just love the memories of who you used to be.” – Morgan Hanthom
  39. “When someone loves you, there’s nothing they won’t do for you. When they stop loving you, there’s nothing they will.” – Matt Dunn
  40. “Some people don’t realize what they have until it’s gone, but that does not always mean they are supposed to get it back.” – Stephan Labossiere
  41. “We are never ever, ever getting back together.” — Taylor Swift
  42. “All discarded lovers should be given a second chance, but with somebody else.” – Mae West
  43. “Sometimes it takes a heartbreak to shake us awake & help us see we are worth so much more than we’re settling for.” – Mandy Hale
  44. “Usually, a breakup is caused by, or causes, the revelation of one of the parties’ true colors.”― Mokokoma Mokhonoana
  45. “Yes, I made the mistake of falling in love with a man without any feelings. Now it all makes sense.”― Sophie Kinsella
  46. “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” – Alan Watts
  47. “I don’t think much about guys from the past. I’m glad I knew them, but there’s a reason they didn’t make it into my future.” – Lorraine Rosenthal
  48. “I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh, but I never knew looking back on the laughs would make me cry.” – Dr. Seuss

Instagram captions help add context to the video or image you share and convey the details that a follower may not have known otherwise. For instance, you may use Instagram captions to boast and make your ex jealous, knowing how well you are doing after a breakup. You could also declare your relationship status to tease your friends and followers or post awards and achievements. Although making your ex jealous is better than sobbing, do not gloat. Instead, try to come out of the pain with positivity, live life to the fullest, and always try to be a better version of yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Instagram captions work to make my ex jealous?

Using Instagram captions to post the news about the latest things in your life might make your ex jealous of seeing you do better after breaking up with them.

2. Can I use song lyrics as Instagram captions to make my ex jealous?

Yes. You may use lyrics of certain songs that you can relate to as your caption to make your ex jealous.

3. What are some common mistakes to avoid when using Instagram captions to make my ex jealous?

While writing the captions, emphasize your personal growth and progress since the breakup rather than focus on the breakup itself. If you concentrate on the breakup, it may flatter your ex rather than make them feel jealous. Also, do not make allusions to your past relationship in the caption.

4. How do I know if my Instagram captions are successfully making my ex jealous?

If you notice your ex liking your pictures, messaging you frequently, and trying to initiate a conversation, it might indicate them feeling jealous of you moving on successfully.

5. Is there a right time to use Instagram captions to make my ex jealous?

There is no such thing as the right time. You may start using Instagram captions soon after the breakup and create posts whenever you feel like making one.

Instagram captions help add context to the video or image you share and convey the details that a follower may not have known otherwise. For example, you may use Instagram captions to make your ex jealous, knowing how well you are doing in life after a breakup. You could also declare your relationship status to your friends and followers. Although making your ex jealous is better than sobbing, you may come out of the pain, live life to the fullest, and always try to be a better version of yourself.

Infographic: Few More Captions To Make Your Ex Jealous

Moving on from an ex can be difficult, but it also gives you time to focus on yourself and your near and dear ones. Additionally, you must flaunt your well-being and happiness on social media so your friends and followers can be happy for you while your ex can realize what they have lost. Along with the above list, we have also prepared this infographic with a list of additional Instagram captions you may consider.

captions to make your ex envious (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Start doing these things today to make your ex jealous on Instagram! Post pictures of yourself having fun, share your successes, and show off your new look. Watch the video for more interesting tips.

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