17 Interesting Gift Ideas For Every Mom-To-Be To Make Her Feel Special

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Picking out the perfect gift for our pregnant friend can be quite a struggle for most of us. You don’t want to give them something that they already have, which rules out a ton of stuff. And if you are looking for something exclusively for the mommy, because let’s face it, they need to feel special too, it can be tricky to find the perfect gift. Continue reading the article as we list down 17 interesting gift ideas for every budget.

1. Infused Water Bottle

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Some of us don’t fancy the bland taste of water. Hence the infused water bottle. This is a great gift or any mom-to-be who is looking to add some water to their water.

2. Drink-More-Water Bottle

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It’s important to drink enough water during and after pregnancy. But once the baby comes, it will be hard to drink enough water with the erratic sleep schedule and diaper duties. With this water bottle, they will be offered friendly reminders to drink enough water every time they take a sip.

3. Diary

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Not everyone is a diary person. But pregnancy is filled with big, small, silly, and breathtaking events (plus the mood swings). And what better way to document these events than in a diary?

4. Fairy Lights

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Fairy lights can be the perfect companion for good old naps. Struggling to set the mood of the bedroom to a cozy atmosphere? Fairy lights can do the trick. And it would make a great add on in every expectant mommy’s bedroom.

5. Diaper Bag Backpack

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Diaper bags are essential for any mom. But with a backpack, the mommy can stay hands-free. Choose a backpack that has enough room to hold all the necessities, plus soft and comfortable straps that are easy on the shoulders.

6. Insulated Mug

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With this insulated mug, you can make sure that the new mommy gets to drink her morning cup of tea or coffee warm without it getting cold for several hours. And believe us when we say it’s going to be one precious gift as they will be slugging down several cups of those.

7. Polaroid Camera

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What better way to capture the various phases of the baby bump and newborn moments than with this thoughtful gift?

8. Pregnancy Pillow

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Pregnancy pillows offer the perfect support and comfort for the growing baby bump. With this preggo pillow, sleep will never feel better.

9. Jacket/Blazer/Trench Coat

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Dressing up in layers is a great way to style one’s maternity fashion. And with the classic trench coats, one can never go wrong.

10. Maternity Robe

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Luxurious maternity robes are the epitome of comfort. Imagine an expectant mum spending their lazy afternoon wearing a cozy maternity robe watching their favorite rom-com.

11. Eye Mask

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This gift will make the perfect travel accessory and will also let them shut off the daylight during the much needed afternoon naps.

12. Soft And Comfy Bedding

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Sleep is something new parents struggle with during the initial days after welcoming their bundle of joy. And nothing invites sleep more than clean, soft, and comfy sheets and blankets.

13. Indoor Plants

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While we suggest going out and getting some sun is the best way to feel rejuvenated, having a little bit of green in their own space is something nobody can say no to. Gift some indoor plants that will add a touch of color to the living room while also purifying the air.

14. Electric Kettle

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Once there is a baby in the house, new mommy will be surviving on tea days on end. With an electric kettle, they will be able to brew innumerable cups of hot tea in a jiffy.

15. Nanny Camera

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A nanny cam is especially handy for working parents who want to keep an eye on the caregiver’s interactions with their baby by having an in-home surveillance device.

16. Room Diffuser

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Room diffusers are great to elevate the mood and reduce our stress levels. With this room diffuser, your pregnant friend will be able to relax even in the middle of chaos.

17. Leggings

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As pregnancy progresses, the good old jeans won’t fit them anymore. Leggings, on the other hand, will fit in all the right places and still give their skin room to breathe.

We hope you found what you were looking for from our list. Do you have any more gift ideas in mind? We would love to know.

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