120 Invented Or Made-Up Names For Girls And Boys

Every child is unique and deserves a unique name. If you are looking for invented or made-up baby names, this post is for you. The latest trend among new parents is to invent a unique name for the apple of their eyes. While some parents merge their names and make up a memorable name, others alter the spelling. Some of them bring variations to the common names, while others change the pronunciation to give it a modern twist. If you are also planning to invent a unique name for your little one, you could draw inspiration from this list of interesting yet meaningful baby names.

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Invented Or Made-Up Baby Names

1. Auburn

It is a unique reddish-brown color. Parents who like special or rare colors name their children after it.

2. Ace

In Latin, “Ace” means “unity” or “one.” If your handsome boy completes your family, you can name him “Ace.”

3. Aven

“Aven” can also be spelled as “Eaven ” and is a mountain flower from the Rose family.

protip_icon Did you know?
The name Aven comes from the name Aoibheann. It means beautiful and pleasant.

4. Brevin

The name “Brevin” doesn’t have a meaning but is a variant of “Kevin” and “Devin.”

5. Brixton

It refers to “Brox’s town in England.” “Brixton” is known to have originated from the word “Brixistane,” which means “the stone of Brixi (a Saxon lord).”

6. Bryden

It has been derived from an English surname “Braden,” which means “a dweller near the broad valley.” A few other variations can be “Brayden,” “Bradon,” and “Braydon,.” You can even use “Brydie” or “Bryder-man” as nicknames.

7. Bryson

“Bryson” is an invented name with no specific meaning but has a Celtic-sound and the suffix -son, making it unique.

8. Calton

“Calton” is a hybrid of the names of the famous Survivor duo “Colton” and “Caleb.” It is a unique choice for a boy.

9. Charleston

Some new parents name their children after place names. “Charleston” is a city in South Carolina and also refers to the “Town of King Charles.”

protip_icon Trivia
Charleston has British origins. It also means “free peasant’s settlement.”

10. Crispin

The name seems to have been derived from “Crispinus,” which refers to “curly hair.” It is also an old Roman family surname.

11. Cruz

In Portuguese and Spanish, “Cruz” is a derivative of “cross,” a Christian symbol. It is a surname and is now being used as a first name.

12. Cyler

The invented boy name “Cyler” probably originated from a Dutch word, “Cuyler,” which refers to the “people’s victory.”

13. Dax

“Dax” is a made-up name and refers to “a leader” or “a celebrity” in French.

protip_icon Quick fact
Dax is also a town in southwest France.

14. Declan

It refers to “a man of prayer.” It is a traditional Irish term that has become popular in the last few years.

15. Ebenezer

A few parents like to name their children after their favorite characters from novels or movies. “Ebenezer” is a character from the book ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens and also means “stone of help,” in Hebrew.

16. Garrett

It is an English name derived from ther German-origin name, “Gerard” or “Gerald.” “Garrett” refers to “strong with the spear” or “ruler with the spear.”

17. Graylen

“Graylen” is a unique name for a son. Itt refers to “miracle” and is of African origin.

18. Harper

It is a unisex name, originally a surname for a person who earned money by playing the harp.

19. Ike

“Ike” is a short form of the name “Isaac.” It sounds modern and cool.

20. Jaspin

It sounds like a character name. In Indonesia, “Jaspin” refers to “handsome” or “noble.”

21. Judson

“Judson” means “son of Judd” and is of English origin.

protip_icon Trivia
American historian and writer Margaret Atwood Judson, also the founding member of the American Historical Association, is a notable name bearer.

22. Kai

“Kai” is a rare name, and the word has different meanings in different languages. For instance, in Japanese, “Kai” refers to “snow,” while in Hawaiian, it refers to “sea.” In Maori and Navajo, “Kai” refers to “food” and “willow tree,” respectively. Parents can choose the name for their son if its meaning has some personal connection.

23. Kale

“Kale” is a simple, short, and sweet name invented for a boy. It is also a variant of “Cale.”

24. Kayden

It is American-origin name that refers to “a fighter.”

25. Kellan

It has its origin in Irish and means slender. “Kellan” also refers to the “descendant of the bright-headed one.”

26. Kesden

The name “Kesden” sounds unique and modern. It is an invented name and doesn’t have any references.

27. Kingston

Singers Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani named their children after their favorite places. They named their sons “Kingston” and “Zuma.”

28. Kole

The name “Kole” can also be spelled as “Cole.” It refers to the “victory of the people” in Slavic.

29. Kyan

“Kyan” can also be spelled as “Cian” or “Kian.” It is a stylish name that may not have any meaning in English. But in Persian, it refers to “king.”

30. Lathan

It is a variant of the common name, “Nathan.”

31. Leland

It is an English-origin name that refers to a “fallow.” “Leland” also has its roots among Irish and Scottish people, and it is close to the terms “McLelland” and “McClellan.”

32. Lysander

“Lysander” is a blend of two names, “Lysis” and “Andros,” meaning “freedom” and “man,” respectively.

33. Marvel

The French-origin name refers to “admire” and “wonder.” If you think your baby boy is extraordinarily wonderful, “Marvel” could be an appropriate made-up name for him.

34. Maverick

It’s an American-origin name, which refers to “wildly independent.” “Maverick” is commonly named after boys but can be used for a girl too.

35. Maxton

The name “Maxton” means “from Maccus’ Town.” It is also a blend of two popular names, “Max” and “Braxton.”

36. Nellary

The invented name “Nellary” is a variant of “Hillary.”

37. Nestor

It has its origin in Greek and refers to “homecoming.” Also, “Nestor” in Spanish means “wise.”

38. Ode Mountain

Photographer Ethan DeLorenzo and actress Jena Malone have named their boy “Ode Mountain.” They have not disclosed the inspiration behind the chosen name, but it is quite unique.

39. Omari

It is of Hebrew origin and refers to the “chief” or “speaker.” “Omari” is also derived from a famous name “Omar,” and another variation could be “Omri.” The name also has different meanings in different languages. In Swahili, it means “God is exalted,” and in Arabic, it means “flourishing.”

40. Oz

In Hebrew, “Oz” refers to “strength.” It is a unique name for a baby boy who is his parent’s strength.

41. Paxon

The name “Paxon” doesn’t have a meaning but is a name of a fun-loving town, Paxon Chute, in Keith Cartlidge’s novel that goes with the same name.

42. Psalm

“Psalm” refers to a religious hymn and is a unique name for a boy.

43. Reign

We have known about the unique names of Kardashian’s children. Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian named their son “Reign.” It sounds like a wild and specially invented name.

44. Remy

It has its origin in German and French. It is a derivative of “Remedius,” which means “remedy for a problem.” It is also derived from “Remigus,” which is a Latin name.

45. Riggan

The English-origin name is known to be derived from Norse regn and refers to a “wise man.” A few variations of “Riggan” are “Regan” and “Regin.”

46. Rocco

It is an Italian name of German origin. “Rocco” refers to rest.

47. Slash

Model Amber Rose and her partner Alexander Edwards named their baby boy “Slash.” It could possibly be after the Guns N’ Roses guitarist.

48. Taden

The made-up name “Taden” has several variations, including “Tadan,” “Tashan,” “Tadhgan,” and “Tayden.”

49. Tadeo

It is an invented name that doesn’t have a specific meaning, and its variations can be “Todd” or “Teddy.”

50. Taven

It is a popular character in the Mortal Kombat, a video game series. “Taven” has its origin in Latin.

51. Tevin

The American-origin invented baby boy name “Tevin” refers to “handsome.”

52. Theoden

It is a fictional character in the novel The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkein. “Theoden” refers to the “king” or the “leader.”

53. Varian

It is a French-origin name and refers to “variable.” In Latin, it means “fidde.”

54. Wilder

It is a fancy name menaing “wild animal” or “close to nature.” “Wilder” is a suitable invented name for a boy whose parents think he is a blessed gift of nature.

55. Wrenlow

It is a made-up name for a British boy and is a variation of “Wren.”

56. X Æ A-12

Elon Musk and Grimes chose “X Æ A-12” for their son. According to them, X is the unknown variable, Æ is the eleven spelling of Ai (Artificial intelligence or love), and A-12 is the precursor to their favorite aircraft SR-17.

57. Zabe

It is a modern made-up name and has its origin in Iran and Persia. “Zabe” is a reduced form of the name “Elizabeth” and suitable for a baby boy.

58. Zee

It is a Hebrew name derived from “Ezekiel.” This unique, invented baby boy name refers to “God’s strength.”

59. Zell

The Hebrew-origin name “Zell” refers to “peace” and “wise.”

60. Zayden

It is or Arabic origin and refers to “bountiful” or “increase.” Some of the variations of “Zayden” are “Zayd,” “Zidan,” and “Zaydan.”

61. Aniya

“Aniya” is a lovely invented name for a girl. It is a variant of “Aaliya,” “Anja,” and “Anya.”

62. Amara

It has its origin in Latin, Greek, and German and refers to “bitter or eternal”.

63. Amya

It comes from “Amaya” and has different meanings. In Arabic, it means “soft,” and in Basque, it means “the end.” “Amaya” in Japanese means “night rain.”

64. Blaise

The Latin origin name refers to the “one who lisps or stammers.” Another variation of “Blaise” is “Blaze,” which refers to ‘fire.’ A few other variations include “Blasia,” “Blasé,” and “Blais.”

65. Brylie

It is a made-up name for a girl and is similar to popular names such as “Kylie” and “Rylie.”

66. Cersei

“Cersei” is a pretty name for a girl. It has its origins in Greek and refers to a “bird.”

67. Clia

It is a Greek-origin name that refers to “praise.” The modern word “Clia” is catchy and means “little flower.”

68. Crimson

The English-origin invented baby girl name refers to the “beautiful dark red color.”

69. Coco

It is an invented name that sounds quirky and modern. Also, parents who have “Coco” in their names can go for it as Courtney Cox did for her daughter.

70. Curie

It is a French name that refers to “a stable hand.” It is a lovely name for a girl.

71. Dalise

It is a unique made-up name of Latin-origin for a baby girl and refers to “delight” or “pleasure.” “Dalise” can be alternately spelled as “Delicia.”

72. Devony

The name has its origin in Irish and refers to “dark-haired.” It is a unique invented name for a little girl.

73. Djuna

The invented name “Djuna” is an exotic name for a girl. “Djuna Barnes,” a novelist, got the name from her father.

74. Elisana

The invented baby name “Elisana” refers to “God’s promise of grace.”

75. Ezria

The Hebrew-origin name refers to “help.” It is an uncommon name suitable for a girl.

76. Fawn

The English-origin name refers to “a young deer.”

77. Fyra

“Fyra” is derived from the Dutch word “fier” meaning “pride.”

78. Garcelle

It is a French name that means “little spear.” The actress Garcelle Beauvais popularized this famous name.

79. Gravity

Parents can name their children after nature and its phenomenon too, just like models Lucky Blue Smith and Stormi Bree did by calling their daughter “Gravity.”

80. Hestia

The Greek-origin name “Hestia” refers to “heart or fireside.”

81. Hilkiah

“Hilkiah” a Biblical name meaning “God is my portion.”

82. Honesti

It is a derivative of the English word “honesty,” which means “truthfulness.”

83. Jenaya

It is an English-origin name based on an ancient word “Janai,” meaning “God has answered.” Some of its variations include “Jane” and “Jean.”

84. Jyn

“Jyn” has its origin in English and refers to the “gift of God.”

85. Kelis

It is a unique name for a baby girl and refers to “a beautiful gift.”

86. Kinsley

The English-origin name “Kinsley” is a classic name that refers to “the royal victory,” or “the king’s meadow.”

87. Idalia

The Spanish-origin name refers to the “Sun” and is a beautiful invented name for a baby girl.

88. Imari

The made-up African-American name for a girl, “Imari” refers to “faithful, strong, or resolute.”

89. Jonet

It is a variation of the famous name, “Janet.” “Jonet” is a unique invented name that rhymes with “Monet” and is also a feminine variation of “Johny.”

90. Laniakea

In Hawaiian, “Laniakea” refers to “immense heaven or open skies” If you are looking for an exclusive name, this can be an ideal choice.

91. Lovelle

It is a lovely name of French origin and refers to the “wolf cub.”

92. Maxon

It is an invented name meaning “the son of Max.” “Maxon” sounds simple and is a special name for a boy.

93. Maisie

It is a Scottish pet form of Margaret and is derived from the Greek word “maragon,” meaning “a pearl.”

94. Merise

The Latin-origin name means “of the sea.” It is a distinctive name invented by parents for a little girl.

95. Million

It is a Hawaiian-origin name that refers to “God’s gift.”

96. Navy

As already mentioned, some parents like to name their children after colors. If you think blue or violet are common, you can choose “Navy.” It is a name chosen by Jason Aldean and Brittany.

97. Nim

It is a modern invented name for a girl inspired by the children’s book Nim’s Island.

98. Noalie

“Noalie” is a unique made-up name and a variation of “Noah” and “Natalie.” Another variant of the name is “Rosalie.”

99. Ozma

It has its origins in Scandinavian and means “protection from God.”

100. Paizlee

The English-origin name means “unique” or “smart.” “Paizlee” in itself is a uniquely made-up name for a girl.

101. Paloma

It is a derivative of a Latin name “Palambus,” which refers to the symbol of peace, “dove.”

102. Raddix

In Latin, “Radix” refers to “root.” Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden have named their daughter “Raddix.”

103. Romina

Rome is a unique name for Christians, mostly French, Italians, and Romanian. “Romina” means “gift from God” or “land of Christians” in a feminine way.

104. Samanda

It is a blend of two famous names, “Samantha” and “Amanda.” “Samanda” is an uncommon name and is also known to be a feminine form of “Samuel,” which refers to “God.”

105. Sayyora

It is a unique invented name that has an Uzbek origin. “Sayyora” is known to be a derivative of “Sayyar,” which refers to “constantly moving.”

106. Selene

It is the name of a female deity from Greek mythology. She was an ancient lunar deity. “Selene” is an uncommon and unique name for a baby girl.

107. Shoshana

In Hebrew, “Shoshana” refers to “rose” or “lily.”

108. Sophiel

It has its origin in Greek and French and refers to “wisdom.” “Sophiel” is a modern unique name and is a variant of “Sophia” and “Sophie.”

109. Stevie

“Stevie” has its origin in Greek and refers to “crown.” It is an appropriate invented name for a girl.

110. Stormi

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner have named their daughter “Stormi” but have not given any explanation. It is an invented name, which sounds unique.

111. Talia

“Talia” is a Hebrew name, meaning “Dew of Heaven.” The variants of this name include “Taliah” and “Taaliah.”

112. Tessadora

It is a Greek mythological name that sounds classic and has a short form, “Dora.”

113. Tinley

It is a sweet-sounding name invented for a girl.

114. Tippi

It is a name derived from the Swedish word “Tapusa,” which refers to “sweetheart.”

115. Versailles

The French-origin name “Versailles” means “the light of her father’s life.” It is a beautiful made-up name for a girl.

116. Veruca

“Veruca” has its origin in Latin and refers to “Wart.” It is a made-up character’s name for a little girl in the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

117. Ysanne

“Ysanne” in Hebrew and French word meaning “grace.”

118. Zavya

It has its origin in Arabic and refers to “a beautiful angel.” The variations of “Zavya” include “Zaviya” and “Zoya.”

119. Zuri

“Zuri” is a variant of the popular name “Zoe.” It is an African-origin name meaning “beautiful.” Some of its variants are “Zuenna” and “Zoro.”

120. Zyra

It rhymes with Myra and has its origin in Arabic and African. In African, “Zyra” refers to ‘the one,’ and in Arabic, it means “a guest.”

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any benefits to using made-up baby names?

It gives parents the liberty to create a name with their chosen alphabet and has the meaning of their preference. Also, made-up baby names stand out and generate intrigue in the minds of people who hear them for the first time.

2. Are there any risks associated with using made-up baby names?

If the name is too complicated to pronounce or spell, there will be mistakes in the documentation and other forms of written communication. Also, the name must be thoroughly researched, or it will be disappointing to know that such a name exists in another language.

3. What impact do made-up baby names have on a child’s self-esteem?

Imagine being the only ‘Veruca’ in the entire school. A made-up meaningful name can make a child happy and confident for being different from the crowd. It also makes them feel special knowing that their parents put in so much effort and thought to create a new name for them.

Do you want to make heads turn every time you call your baby? Then this list of invented or made-up baby names is perfect for you! Many believe that names should reflect the personality of the person and have a positive quality since they stay with you forever. This collection of unique yet meaningful names may help you tick these boxes to give a name that will make your baby stand out. So go ahead and pick one that your baby will love when they grow up and proudly show it off.

Infographic: Made-up Baby Names For Your Little Ones

Nowadays, it’s popular among parents to give their babies a hybrid of their names or just a made-up one that is cool and unique. At times, these names don’t even have a meaning. So, let’s hop on this trend with some extraordinary names given in the infographic below. Pick one for your baby if you like it.

cool and unreal invented baby names (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version

A made-up name is unique and makes you stand out from the crowd. Rather than choosing an old-fashioned title, here are some unusual baby names.

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