Is Applying Kajal To Your Baby’s Eyes Safe?

Kajal To Your Baby’s Eyes

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Have you brought your baby home? Are you planning to follow some traditional Indian rituals like applying kajal to her eyes? Do you wonder is kajal good for baby eyes? Do you know how you can prepare Kajal at home and apply it to your baby’s eyes? If you nodded along in excitement, you might want to read our post. Here we look at whether it is safe to apply kajal for babies or not.

Is Applying Kajal To Your Baby’s Eyes Safe?

Kajal is a very popular eye product in India. As per Indian traditions, babies wear kajal as a protection against the evil eyes of strangers. Kajal has been around in India, since ancient times. The application of kajal keeps the eyes cool and clean. Some cultures believe that applying kajal to a baby’s eyes, make the baby look beautiful and prevent conditions like cataract, conjunctivitis, and blepharitis.

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Even though the application of kajal to a baby’s eyes is a considered good by many families, it is an extremely harmful practice, one that can have severely negative consequences. Here are some effects of applying kajal on your baby’s eyes that can be extremely dangerous: [1]

  • Most kajal available in the market contain a high amount of lead. Lead can lead to various conditions, especially when your baby is exposed to it before the age of six years. Lead poisoning can cause damage to the nervous system. It also leads to behavioral issues, reduced muscle growth, kidney damage, learning disabilities, ADHD, the impairment to language and speech development and a decrease in bone growth. [2]
  • Kajal mainly comprises of Galenaamorphous carbonzincitemagnetite, and minimum. If your baby is constantly exposed to these elements, or over a period, it will create an excessive storage of lead in his body. The excessive amount of lead stored will be extremely harmful to your little one. It can affect his brain and the bone marrow, which can lead to convulsions and a severe form of anemia.
  • Using kajal so early in your baby’s eyes can lead to irritation, watery eyes, itching and eye infections. In severe cases, it can also damage your baby’s vision completely.

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All pediatricians are unanimous in their verdict that applying kajal is not good for your baby’s eyes and other health aspects either. When you wash off the kajal, it can pass through the small opening in your baby’s eyes and nose. Also, there is always the chance that he might rub his eyes and smudge the kajal, making it go into the eyes as well. Apart from these risks, you also have the risk that the kajal may be contaminated or not follow all hygiene norms. You may choose to buy a kajal that says it is a 100 percent natural, but it may not be so.

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How To Make Kajal At Home For Babies:

Applying kajal for baby eyes is not at all advisable, but if you do want to try, here is how to make homemade kajal for babies:

  • Take two empty bowls and place them face down on a firm surface. Place an empty plate over them, with the face down.
  • Place castor oil in a diya and light it. Let it burn for about 20 minutes. Remove the plate carefully using tongs. A black layer of soot will be collected on the inner side of the plate.

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  • Scrape it out using the back of a spoon and store in a dry container. Add a few drops of ghee to form a black paste.

Remember that your baby’s eyes are naturally beautiful and applying kajal can be harmful to them. Do speak to the doctor about it.

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