Is Botox Safe During Pregnancy?


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Are you worried about fine lines and wrinkles making an appearance around your face? Have you been thinking of getting a Botox treatment, but not sure if opting for Botox while pregnant is safe? Are these doubts adding worry lines on your face? Read on to know is Botox safe during pregnancy or not.

What Is Botox?

Clostridium botulinum helps produce botulinum toxin. The same bacterium causes botulism, which is a bacterial disease (1). Botox is the use of botulinum toxin for cosmetic treatment. The treatment of Botox during pregnancy helps reverse your signs of aging. It relaxes the muscles at the injection site, leading to a smoother skin appearance. The use of Botox is primarily on the face to help you get rid of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. In some cases, doctors may use Botox to treat conditions like Strabismus(2). It also helps treat other conditions like muscle spasms, excessive sweating in the underarm and uncontrolled blinking.

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Is Botox Safe During Pregnancy?

At present, medical data is not enough to prove the effects of Botox on your unborn baby(3). Due to this lack of data, medical experts recommend you stay off Botox treatments while you are pregnant. Scientists have performed tests on animals that show Botox leads to abnormalities in the fetus. Pregnant women have not been a part of similar tests yet. Hence, the results are still inconclusive.

According to many cosmetic doctors after the Botox shot the bacterium passes into your bloodstream, moves inside your body and finally reaches your brain. It can be as soon as within three days of your getting the injection (3). The movement of the bacteria triggers abnormal cell activity at the injection site and throughout the body.

When you are pregnant, there is an increase in the blood flow in your body. In such a situation, the bacterium can spread much faster through your body and to your brain. According to experts, it can be highly dangerous.

The good news is that your body will retain fluids during pregnancy and will naturally fill out those fine lines and crow’s feet that you may be fussing about. The many hormonal changes during pregnancy can also increase your body’s natural oil production. It can make your face glow naturally, making it look younger and healthier. It means you can refrain from undergoing the Botox treatment for the time being.

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Reducing Those Fine Lines Naturally:

Instead of going for the Botox treatment, it is a good idea to try out some natural ways of reducing fine lines. These methods will not harm your unborn baby or you. Check with your doctor first about anything that you may use on your skin especially during your pregnancy.

Here are some tips that can help fight and reduce those stubborn lines:

1. Use A Serum That Is Pregnancy Safe:

There are many products available in the market that you can use safely even while you are pregnant. Ask your doctor to recommend a good one.

2. Follow The CTM Routine:

Always follow the cleansing toning moisturizing (CTM) routine no matter how tired you are. It will help clean away any dirt from your skin and replenish all the lost moisture back to your face.

3. Exfoliate At Night:

Exfoliating opens up your skin’s pores. :If you exfoliate in the morning and head out, it can cause damage to your skin. Exfoliate at night instead and then use a good moisturizer.

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4. Eat Right:

Eat foods that contain vitamin C, E, antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids and minerals. Also, drink plenty of water.

5. Don’t Squint:

Squinting can overwork the muscles around your eyes and cause wrinkles. Use sunglasses or reading glasses so that you do not need to squint.

You may be worrying about those lines, but remember that pregnancy is a time of feeling happy. Enjoy these moments to smile away your worry lines. If you are keen on Botox, seek your doctor’s advice only after weaning your baby.

If you have undergone treatment for Botox during pregnancy, please share your experience with us.

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