Is Bottled Water Safe During Pregnancy?

Is Bottled Water Safe During Pregnancy

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Do you know that besides increasing your nutritional intake you also need to drink more water during your pregnancy? Are you contemplating switching to drinking bottled water to safeguard your unborn baby from the threat of water-borne diseases? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post is a good idea!

During your pregnancy, you need to be careful about the hygiene of everything you consume including water. But not sure is bottled water safe during pregnancy? Read on to know more!

Is Drinking Bottled Water While Pregnant Safe?

Women need to increase their intake of water during pregnancy. Water helps to keep the body hydrated and aids the proper growth of the baby. Hence, it is essential to emphasize the importance of drinking water regularly.

But it is also important to take great care of the quality of the water you are consuming. Drinking water from plastic water bottles can cause great harm to pregnant women. You may think drinking water packed in plastic water bottles is a safe bet while on the go. But do you know that a harmful organic compound named BPA is a component of these plastic bottles? Exposure to BPA during the pregnancy phase can lead to various health complications including miscarriage. (1)

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Harmful Effects Of BPA:

The organic compound BPA, present in most of the plastic water bottles can harm both the mother and her baby in the womb. The bottles comprise of Bisphenol A, a carbon-based synthetic compound that causes numerous health issues. It may cause the following health problems in pregnant women:

  • BPA exposure may increase the risk of miscarriage.
  • BPA adversely affects the intrauterine growth of the fetus.
  • Increases the chances of the mother suffering from type 2 Diabetes.

Initial animal studies also suggest that BPA exposure during pregnancy can lead to 70-100% loss of nerve synapses in the spine and hippocampus part of the brain due to the blocking of the normal estrogen and androgen activity. Cognitive decline, depression, and schizophrenia are some of the conditions that accompany a similar loss of nerve synapses.

Why Is Tap Water Considered Better Than Bottled Water?

Most of the gynecologists suggest their patients to consume purified tap water rather than drinking bottled water. Here are some of the reasons to prefer tap water against bottled water:

  • The purity of bottled water and its source is ambiguous.
  • Bottled water can also contain dissolved chemicals that leach into the water with the passage of time and cause harmful diseases.
  • Contamination of water can occur during the bottling process.

Besides the health concerns related to the quality of water, its plastic bottles also increase environmental pollution.

How To Prevent BPA Exposure?

A pregnant woman should choose packaged drinking water which is BPA free. Some of the reputed companies take great care in manufacturing BPA-free packaged drinking water for their customers. Try to choose bottled water from such reputed manufacturers and avoid BPA exposure to enjoy a safe pregnancy.

Drinking purified and toxin-free water enhances the health of a pregnant woman. It is extremely important for the mother to choose the best quality drinking water, to stay fit and safeguard the growth of the little one in her womb. If your municipal board is strict about the safety of drinking water in your area, you can go ahead and drink filtered tap water without worrying about water-borne diseases.

Have you been drinking bottled water during pregnancy? Did you face any health issues due to BPA exposure? Share your experiences with other moms here!

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