Is It Normal To Dream During The First Trimester?

Dream During The First Trimester

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Are your pregnant and losing sleep because of peculiar dreams disturbing you at night? Do you spend most of your waking time deciphering your dreams, ever since you got pregnant?

Studies indicate that dreaming makes us smarter and creative. Others say that dreaming helps ease painful memories (1). Whatever be the reason, we cannot stop dreaming. However, when you are pregnant, dreams take on a whole new meaning. For many women, vivid dreams are the first indicator of their pregnancy!

What sets first-trimester dreams apart from the regular ones is how real they feel! Read on to discover the mysterious meaning of your first-trimester dreams!

First-Trimester Dreams And Their Interpretation:

If you too have been looking for hidden meanings of your dreams, look no further. Here are some common pregnancy dreams and their possible meaning:

1. Dreaming About Giving Birth:

Most women report dreaming about giving birth to babies that look fully grown up!

What Can It Mean?

There are several interpretations to this common first-trimester dream. If you are a first-time mom, you may just be anxious about the whole birthing process. On the other hand, this may indicate that you are nervous about looking after a fragile newborn. If you are working, this dream may be a reflection of your fear of losing out on your baby’s childhood.

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2. Dreaming About Buildings:

Another common theme is buildings. Many women in their first trimester of pregnancy dream of skyscrapers!

What Can It Mean?

Most of the dreams involve things being made or created. It can have a connection with the fact that the baby is growing or ‘being made’ in your womb.

3. Dreaming About Driving:

Many women dream about driving while pregnant. In their dreams, women see themselves driving all kinds of vehicles – cars, trucks, and buses.

What Can It Mean?

If you dream about driving a vehicle that is out of control, it may be because you feel, in your heart of hearts, that your life is not in your control anymore.

4. Dreaming About Water:

It is the most common dream women experience during the first trimester. From seeing a fish bowl, to stormy oceans – pregnant women talk about water related dreams all the time.

What Can It Mean?

Life begins in water each time a woman conceives a baby. Not just that! The stress on drinking water can also be why you see ‘watery’ dreams all the time!

5. Dreaming About Your Partner Cheating:

Pregnant women often dream about their husbands or partners cheating on them.

What Can It Mean?

During pregnancy, it is normal for you to feel conscious about your growing body. You may not show it, but you maybe subconsciously wondering if your husband still finds you attractive. Your dream may arise from your need for reassurance.

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How To Prevent Such Weird Dreams During First Trimester?

Your dreams are beyond your control. However, you can control your life. Here are some tips to help you deal with weird dreams during pregnancy first trimester:

1. Understand Them:

When you wake up from a disturbing dream, analyze it. Once you know why you had that particular dream, you can work to rectify the situation. If you repeatedly dream about giving birth to a grown baby, ask why. If you are working and already suffering from guilt pangs for not giving your baby enough time, try to work it out. Tell yourself that thousands of working women around the world go on to enjoy motherhood fully.

2. Talk To Someone:

Discuss issues that may be bothering you with your partner, your doctor, or even a counselor. If you are feeling insecure about your appearance, tell your spouse. He needs to be by your side on this important journey to parenthood.

3. Find Your Inner Zen:

Pregnancy is the time for big changes. Calm your nerves with meditation. If that is not your cup of tea, try something that will help you find inner peace and strength.

4. Eat Well:

People who eat well, sleep well (2). The better you sleep, the better are your chances of staying stress-free. Without stress, you are less likely to have disturbing thoughts and dreams.

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5. Watch Your Vitamin B6 Intake:

You need a regular dose of Vitamin B6 during pregnancy. Too much of it can cause lucid dreams (3). So try to meet your Vitamin B6 needs through your diet and avoid those supplements.

Do not worry. Dreams are just that – dreams. During pregnancy, your body is changing and so is your mind. You are bound to be jittery as pregnancy is an overwhelming experience. The dreams are just a reflection of your anxiety. The best way to beat these dreams is to embrace the new you. Love and trust yourself, the rest of the world will follow suit!

Have you experienced vivid or crazy dreams during early pregnancy? What was the most common theme? Tell us!

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