Is It Safe To Carry A Toddler While You're Pregnant?

Carrying Toddler While Pregnant

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Congratulations mommy, you are pregnant again! And your 2-year-old is pleading for you to pick him up. But, as you are pregnant, can it be dangerous for your unborn baby? It is quite easy to avoid lifting a bag of groceries while expecting, but turning your toddler down is another matter entirely.

Today we talk about how safe is carrying toddler while pregnant, its risk factors, what measures should you follow. Scroll down to learn all about picking up toddler while pregnant, and keep him happy during your pregnancy.

Is It Safe To Carry Your Toddler While Pregnant?

Yes! But only if your toddler weighs less than 30 lbs, and only during the initial phases of pregnancy. It is safe for pregnant females to lift and carry up to 30lbs, and most toddlers weigh around 30 lbs. Usually, until the fourth or fifth month of your pregnancy it is safe and comfortable for you to pick up and carry your toddler. And once you enter in your third trimester of pregnancy, you must avoid lifting weight and your toddler to ensure your safety and the safety of your unborn baby (1).

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Risks Of Carrying Toddler While Pregnant:

Even though it is safe to carry your toddler in the initial phase of your pregnancy, there are certain risk factors that may affect your health adversely. Here, we list some common risk factors of carrying a toddler while pregnant.

1. Risk Of Joint Pain And Inflammation:

When you are pregnant, your body naturally increases the production of relaxin nearly ten times its normal level. The increased formation of relaxin, also popular as joint loosening hormone, may make you experience pain and inflammation in your joints when you attempt to put pressure on your joints during pregnancy. So, picking up and carrying your toddler during pregnancy increases the risk of pain and inflammation in your joints making it highly uncomfortable and unsafe for you while you are expecting (2).

2. Risk Of Fall:

In the pregnancy, the volume of your belly increases significantly thereby shifting your body’s center of gravity. The shifted center of gravity exerts a greater amount of pressure on your lower back than normal when you attempt to pick up weight during pregnancy, and makes your more vulnerable to falls. So, carrying a toddler while pregnant may subject you to hazardous falls and injuries (3).

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3. Risk Of Bleeding And Miscarriage:

Excessive pressure on your back and risk of falling may affect your unborn baby adversely. Falls during pregnancy can lead to bleeding, which if continuous can lead to complications and miscarriage. So, carrying your toddler may put your pregnancy in danger (4).

Safe Techniques To Carry Your Toddler During Pregnancy:

In the initial phase of your pregnancy, you can lift and carry your toddler. However, you need to follow safety measures. Following proper lifting techniques can prevent the risk of falls and injuries. Here, we list some safe techniques to carry your toddler while you are expecting.

  • Bend from your knees while picking up your dear toddler.
  • Straighten your knees and maintain your back straight when lifting toddler while pregnant. Use your legs and their support to lift your kid.
  • Avoid making jerky or sudden movements while you are lifting your toddler, since sudden jerky movements increase the risk of fall.
  • Move slowly since increased flow of blood during pregnancy may make you feel lightheaded or dizzy as you stand up all of a sudden (5).

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Did you carry your sweet toddler while expecting? What safety measures did you follow when lifting toddlers while pregnant? Share them with other moms-to-be. Leave a comment below.

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