Is It Safe To Cut Your Hair While You're Pregnant?

Hair Cut While You're Pregnant

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Are you pregnant and experiencing hair fall woes? Or are you planning to get a haircut to metamorphose into a yummy mummy? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post is a must.

While you are pregnant, there are many myths and superstitions that make the rounds of some well-meaning conversation and advice directed at you. One such advice you may have heard is to avoid a haircut during your pregnancy. If you would like to know whether is it safe to cut your hair while pregnant, read on!

Don’t Cut Your Hair While You Are Pregnant: Myth Or Truth?

You must have heard it from an elder in the family, or even a well-meaning friend, that cutting your hair while pregnant is a strict no-no. It is one of the most common and oldest superstitions related to pregnancy.

Superstition: The fundamental concept behind this age-old superstition is that your hair helps keep you protected from the harsh cold. As per popular belief, your hair is your life force, and cutting it means giving away a part of your vital energy. The force is so potent that you could shorten your lifespan or even call upon some evil force or disease if you cut your hair. In fact, you should cut, wash or dry your hair only on special days. A hair cut is strictly avoidable during pregnancy.

Fact: When you are pregnant, your body releases a host of hormones, and most of them are in a constant flux or elevated state. The hormonal changes in your body cause a lot of changes you see in the volume and texture of your hair during pregnancy. You may notice your tresses grow from silky to dry or begin to thin and fall. Cutting hair while pregnant can help control your frizzy mane menace and make your hair look bouncier and healthier. As it is not an invasive procedure, it does not harm you or your baby in any way. However, if you are using some other styling products like sprays, colors and all, for your mane makeover it may cause some side effects. It is a good idea to check with your doctor before using them on your locks.

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Safety Precautions For Getting A Mane Makeover During Pregnancy:

While cutting hair during pregnancy will not cause any harm to you or your unborn baby, here are a few tips you should keep in mind while heading to the salon:

1. Avoid The Use Of Chemicals:

Avoid using hair colors and sprays or opting for hair treatments while you are pregnant. The opinion of health experts on the safety of the above is diverse. Therefore, it is a wise decision to stay away from them during this delicate phase when your health and your baby’s development are at stake. While the chemicals in hair dye may not penetrate your skin and enter your bloodstream to reach your baby, its fumes can surely cause some harm. You may also suffer from an allergic reaction due to exposure to these harsh chemicals. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid using the same while you are expecting or nursing your baby.

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2. Avoid Crowded Salons:

Another reason elders may ask you to stay away from getting a haircut while you are pregnant is that you have to visit crowded and unhygienic salons. Being in a crowded space during your pregnancy can be quite tricky, as you may accidentally end up bumping yourself and getting hurt. If you still want to visit the salon, make sure you take an appointment and book a slot when the salon is relatively empty.

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It is fine to go ahead and get a haircut while you are pregnant, but make sure you keep the safety precautions in mind too.

Hope you liked our post on is it safe to cut your hair while pregnant. Did you cut your hair while you were pregnant? What precautions would you advise other moms-to-be to take? Tell us in the comments box below.

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