Is It Safe To Eat Banana During Pregnancy?

Banana During Pregnancy

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Giving birth to a new life is one of the exquisite experiences in this world. The power of giving birth is a nature’s wonder in itself and it is women who are bestowed upon with this miraculous gift of nurturing a life in their bodies! It is due to this fact that a woman, when she knows she’s pregnant, may become over-conscious of her diet and exercise routine.

Fruits and veggies naturally aid in the healthy growth of the fetus. Banana is one such fruit women should consider. You might still be doubtful about taking banana during pregnancy. You would be wondering if the fruit would really be good for your baby. Is banana good during pregnancy, you ask. Relax and read on, we say!

The other names of bananas are ‘Mawz‘ in Arabic, ‘Kela‘ in Hindi, ‘Arati Pandu‘ in Telugu, ‘Valaipalam‘ in Tamil, ‘Baale Hannu‘ in Kannada, ‘Ethapazham‘ in Malayalam, ‘Kella / Kela‘ in Punjabi, ‘Kele / Kel‘ in Marathi, ‘Keda‘ in Gujarati, ‘Kollaa‘ in Bengali and ‘Kodolii‘ in Oriya.

14 Health Benefits Of Banana During Pregnancy:

A rich source of calcium, potassium and many other essential nutrients, banana is great fruit to consume without much worry. So, all you ladies out there who are expecting and would-be mothers in a few months, check out some of the benefits of this amazing and delicious fruit called banana for you and your developing baby.

1. Rich In Folic Acid:

Folic acid is essential for the development of nerves, brain, spinal cord of your growing foetus.

  • Its deficiency can cause premature births or child born with a disability.
  • Banana contains Folic acid which can be easily absorbed by your developing baby from your body.

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2. Reduces Anemia:

One of the common prenatal issues is anemia, which may result in complications during later stages of pregnancy and even during childbirth.

  • This can be overcome by regular intake of diet rich in iron and iron rich fruits and vegetables.
  • Banana is one of the great sources of iron which every woman should consume. Doing so will accelerate iron in body, by producing haemoglobin and reducing anemic symptoms.

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3. Fights Constipation:

Constipation becomes all the more problematic for a pregnant lady, who struggle for a regulated gastrointestinal symptom while pregnant.

  • To naturally reduce constipation, stomach bloating and ensure smooth bowel movement without taking supplements, ladies should increase the intake of banana in their diet.
  • This is essential as banana contains fibres which enable smooth bowel movement and easy movement of stools from your body.

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4. Good Source Of Calcium:

It is common knowledge that calcium is essential for the development of bones and skeleton system in children as well as adults.

  • This miraculous fruit called banana is a rich source of calcium.
  • Thus, it is a must for healthy bone development of your growing child and therefore you should regularly consume it.

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5. Boosts Blood Cell Growth:

Bananas during pregnancy provide a good source of vitamin B6.

  • Vitamin B6 acts as a neurotransmitter.
  • It also boosts up the growth of RBCs, i.e., Red Blood Cells in your body.

6. Great Antioxidant:

Vitamin C is also present in this amazing fruit.

  • Vitamin C is a good antioxidant which fights the ageing process.
  • In addition to this, it also boosts your immune system and therefore is great for your baby.

7. Protein For Bodybuilding:

Protein is often associated with growth and bananas are a rich source of protein as well.

  • Vegetarians should increase their protein intake by regularly consuming bananas (along with chickpeas and pulses).
  • Having a banana is a best pre-exercise snack, as you should never exercise on an empty stomach.

8. Reduces Nausea:

Feeling puke-ish in the morning? It happens to most expecting mothers.

  • This is mostly seen during the first trimester of pregnancy, i.e. the first three months.
  • It is sometimes observed that if banana is regularly consumed in the early stages of pregnancy, it helps in reducing the morning sickness or the nauseous feeling many women experience during this period.

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9. Blood Pressure Stabiliser:

Blood pressure fluctuation is a yet another issue of concern in pregnant women. Maintaining blood pressure naturally through a healthy diet is the best way to curb unnecessary tension and anxiety.

  • Since banana is a rich source of Potassium therefore it helps in maintaining blood pressure of the expecting mother during the course of pregnancy.
  • Also, potassium helps in reducing those muscle cramps and leg pains during pregnancy.

10. Energy Booster:

Nothing can beat banana in providing instant energy! Banana combined with a glass of milk is considered as a full meal.

  • A banana contains all the 3 natural sugars viz. glucose, fructose and sucrose which act as an energy source for all age groups.
  • Thus, it is extremely necessary for pregnant women to eat bananas daily for energy requirements.

11. Stops Hunger Pangs:

Banana is full of the good kind of carbs! It is very filling substitute, so choose it over a bag of chips or chocolates.

  • You can eat banana to stop binging between meals, as it acts as a full meal in itself.
  • Thus, it reduces those hunger pangs that you might feel after every few hours.

12. Maintains Blood Sugar And Cholesterol Level:

It is very important to maintain right levels of blood sugar and cholesterol during pregnancy.

  • This is especially crucial if you have pregnancy diabetes.
  • Banana can help you avoid this problem, if you consume it regularly during your pregnancy.

13. Natural Stress Buster:

Not many people know this quality of this fruit that it’s a natural stress buster!

  • Yes, the banana kept in your fruit basket can help you reduce anxiety and stress.
  • So what are you waiting for? Just pick up one, relish its taste and reduce your stress.

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14. Good For Breastfeeding Moms:

Mother’s milk is rich in antibodies that fight against many diseases and your baby gets this strength from you. Mother’s milk is also rich in many other nutrients.

  • Thus, if you are a breastfeeding mother it is all the more important for you to take care of your diet. Your diet should not miss out on any essential mineral.
  • Your pre- and post-natal diet should be rich in energy, as this is the time when your body needs more energy (especially during last trimester of pregnancy and post that). Banana gives you that.

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7 Yummy Ways To Enjoy Banana During Pregnancy:

You can eat banana the way you like it! Here are some quick tips on how you can eat your banana.

1. Banana With Milk:

Having banana each morning with a glass of milk is a way for a healthy and energetic start of the day.

  • Make sure the milk you use is well-pasteurized.
  • If you are lactose intolerant, opt for soy or almond milk.

2. Banana Shake:

Those of you who look out for some yummy goodness, go for banana shake which is easy to prepare and is a treat for your taste buds as well.

  • Add some walnuts and almonds if you’d like.
  • This shake can be consumed during snack time or during in-between meals.

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3. Banana Smoothie With Honey:

Banana smoothie in various flavors make excellent snacking and breakfast beverage.

  • You can relish it anywhere and anytime.
  • And it is so simple to make – all you need is a blender!

4. Banana Fries:

Banana fries are a great substitute to potato fries.

  • Those of you who do not want to add on to the extra calories and ever increasing weight during pregnancy can go for baked banana fries.
  • You can add a dash of pepper if you do not like the sweet taste!

5. Banana Chips:

Banana chips are one of the well-known delicacies of Southern India. These chips are also light in stomach.

  • You can carry a packet to their workplace and munch them whenever you feel hungry.
  • You can also make your own if you have an oven in your kitchen.

6. Green Bananas:

Since banana is rich in nutrients, eating banana during pregnancy is a boon.

  • If you want to gorge on something low in calorie and with absolutely no fat, green bananas can be a good inclusion in your diet.
  • You can have them boiled as well.

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7. Raw Banana Curry:

This is a famous south Indian dish which is consumed with rice and chapatis.

  • So if your taste buds are tired of eating banana as a fruit, then why not try it as a vegetable this time!
  • So give a different taste to your palate and relish banana curry which is not only tasty but at the same time healthy and nourishing.

Bananas And Allergy:

With so many health benefits of this fruit you surely cannot miss out the consumption of banana. However, there are many females who are allergic to this fruit.

  • If you belong to this group, do consult your doctor before starting banana in your diet when you are expecting.
  • Try to choose organic bananas, so that you and your unborn baby can be safe from complications caused by chemicals and pesticides.

But, for the rest, do enjoy a healthy meal of banana with milk or in a fruit salad everyday and stay healthy. This way, your little one will also get the many amazing banana benefits during pregnancy. There, does that make you happy and content? Great!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Red Banana Good During Pregnancy?

Yes, red bananas have nutritional values similar to an yellow banana, but they are richer in carotene and vitamin C. A medium red banana contains 110 calories.They are also high in fiber, giving a boost to your digestive health during pregnancy.

Select ripe bananas as they are good during pregnancy and even beyond during your lactation days.

How Many Bananas Can You Eat A Day While Pregnant?

European researchers suggest two to three bananas a day will ensure that you maintain your potassium level during pregnancy, reduce the risk of blood clots in brain and strokes.

If you have any other interesting banana recipe please share it with other expectant moms in the section below.

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