Is It Safe To Eat Pickles During Pregnancy?

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Are you craving for that big jar of pickle? Is your pregnancy making you reach out for those delicious and tangy mango pieces more often?

If you have been experiencing a sudden increase in the urge to eat pickles, maybe your body is trying to tell you something. Worried whether it is okay eating pickles while pregnant? Read on to know all about it.

Is It Safe To Eat Pickles During Pregnancy?

Pickle is one of the most craved foods during pregnancy. Most women want to eat pickles throughout their pregnancy, while some may only have cravings in certain months. If you think you are having an excessive craving for pickle suddenly, you are most likely not the only one. Eating small amounts of pickle or pickle juice is alright, as long as you don’t have any reaction to it (1).

Pickles have very less nutritional value. One ounce of pickle contains no amount of protein, fat or cholesterol and less than one gram of carbohydrates. This is less than 0.1 percent of the amount of carbohydrates you should ideally have on a daily basis while you are pregnant. Pickle juice does contain high amounts of vitamin C and sodium. It also contains very small amounts of potassium.

As long as you are not overdoing it, eating pickles will not harm you or your unborn baby. In fact, eating pickles in moderation may actually do you some good while you are pregnant.

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Helps Maintain Proper Balance Of Electrolytes In Your Body

Potassium and sodium are the two main electrolytes in your body. These are minerals that help in conducting electrical transmissions in your body. When you are pregnant, your body starts retaining more amount of fluid. During these months, your baby’s needs from your body also increase. This causes an increase in your body’s need of electrolyte. Pickle juice contains some amount of potassium and a good amount of sodium. Eating pickles during pregnancy in moderation can help you meet these growing needs.

Risk To Your Unborn Baby And You From Excess Sodium Content In Pickles

Pickles contain a very high amount of sodium. This can negate any benefits that eating pickles may have during pregnancy. The high quantity of sodium can actually be very dangerous for both your unborn baby and you if taken regularly over a period of time.

When you eat too much sodium it can make you feel dehydrated. An overdose of sodium can also lead to high blood pressure. When you are pregnant, you are the only source of nutrition for your baby. High levels of sodium in your body will also have a negative impact on your unborn baby’s growth and development. The American Journal of Physiology – Renal Physiology’s August 2011 issue states that too much sodium can affect the development of your unborn baby’s kidneys. It can also increase your baby’s risk of getting high blood pressure in later years.

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During your pregnancy, the many changes happening inside your body can lead to an increase in your blood pressure. This can cause a very dangerous condition known as gestational hypertension, also known as GH. Gestational hypertension can cause a spike in your blood pressure, can cause seizures, cause damage to the kidneys and also damage your blood vessels. It can also lead to swelling in the brain, cause a loss in protein and affect the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your baby.

In case of GH, a low sodium diet can sometimes help alleviate the conditions. In severe cases, the baby may need to be delivered immediately. This can be risky for your unborn baby, if the delivery is too premature. It can also risk baby’s chances of survival. A high intake of sodium can often turn a mild case of GH into a severe one. It is highly recommended to keep sodium intake limited as suggested by your doctor.

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Having a little pickle is alright, as long as you are not overdoing it and it is not turning into a regular habit. Speak to your doctor about how much and how frequently you can have pickles if you really crave for it. A good way to negate any damaging effects is by diluting the pickle with water and then having it.

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