Is It Safe To Eat Salmon During Pregnancy?

salmon during pregnancy

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The subject of whether to eat or avoid fish becomes extremely controversial when you are pregnant. While you may have enjoyed eating fish for your entire life, once you become pregnant, there are certain dos and don’ts to be followed.

Fortunately, the salmon fish is included in the must have list of seafood during pregnancy. According to various health agencies and food experts, pregnant women should not have more than 12 ounces of seafood per week.

However, just like any other food that you take during pregnancy, and even otherwise, it is important that you take the salmon in proper proportion. Having excess salmon may create more harm than benefits.

Advantages of Consuming Salmon During Pregnancy:

Salmon is considered a fish which has a lot of health benefits. Many a times, it is specially recommended for a pregnant woman or a breastfeeding mom. Following are its advantages:

1. Excellent Source Of Omega 3:

Salmon fish contains high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids. These help in enhancing the neurological as well as the visual development in your unborn baby.

2. Full of Proteins And Vitamins:

Salmon contains high amounts of proteins, zinc, iron and vitamin B. These are very important for your baby’s muscle and overall development

3. Prevents Premature Delivery:

The proper amount of salmon fish during pregnancy ensures that you do not face preterm delivery or preeclampsia.

4. Healthy For Heart:

Consumption of salmon is beneficial for your overall health as well. It reduces the risk of stroke and ensures consistent blood pressure.

5. Rich Source Of DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid):

Salmon contains good amount of DHA. It not only helps in enhancing the brain power in your infant but also reduces the chances of your contracting postpartum depression.

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Why You Should Not Consume Excess Quantity Of Salmon?

While salmon is surely good for you even while you are pregnant, having it in excess can lead to certain side effects too:

1. Mercury Present In Salmon Can Be Harmful:

Although salmon fish contains the lowest levels of mercury it might prove to be harmful. During pregnancy, mercury is considered as a toxin for growing babies and can hamper the growth of their brain adversely.

2. Might Contain PCB (Polychlorinated biphenyls):

Apart from risk from mercury present in the fish, sometimes it is feared that the fish might contain PCB. It is a hazardous chemical found in fish which are caught from contaminated and polluted lakes or rivers.

It can pose serious threat to the health of a developing baby and can become a cause for cancer too. Thus you should not consume salmon in excess of the prescribed proportions as it may become harmful to your unborn baby.

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Advice For Consuming Salmon During Pregnancy:

It is important that you choose a better quality of salmon and cook it well. Follow the below mentioned steps so that salmon is not harmful:

1. Go The Organic Way:

You should always prefer the organically raised salmon. This will help avoid the PCB present in it.

2. Remove Its Skin And Cook Well:

When you are unable to locate an organically prepared salmon, you should not take risk and always eat it after scaling its skin. Once you remove its skin cook it for longer time till the meat becomes dark.

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3. Avoid Raw Fish Completely:

Make sure you never consume raw fish but smoke it well. It is often found that raw fish can contain harmful parasites and bacteria which can affect your health adversely

4. Buy or Eat At Trusted Places Only:

Avoid taking any risks during pregnancy. See to it that when you buy your salmon or eat at a restaurant, it is a genuine and a trustworthy place.

Thus it is considered safe eating salmon during pregnancy, provided you follow the guidelines and eat in specified proportions.

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We hope this information will help you when you want to consume seafood during pregnancy. Do you know any other benefits of salmon or better ways of cooking it? If yes, do share with us.

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