Is It Safe To Get A Chemical Peel During Pregnancy?

Chemical Peel During Pregnancy

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Everybody wants to look beautiful and attractive. Looking good is a great way to boost your confidence. It helps you face the world with poise and conviction.

But when you are pregnant, things are a little different. It is not just about you anymore. It is also about your unborn baby.

Chemical peels are a popular beauty care option for many women. It is a great way to experience instant skin rejuvenation. It can also help reduce blemishes, wrinkles, and sun damage. Chemical peels can also eliminate precancerous skin growths (1)! One can use chemical peels on the face and also on the rest of the body. But are they suitable when you are pregnant?

If you are considering getting a chemical peel while pregnant, hold on! According to the Oregon Science and Health University, chemical peels are not suitable for pregnant women (2)!

Why Are Chemical Peels Unsafe During Pregnancy?

Apart from the fact that it can make you look like a million dollars, chemical peels can cause a number of unpleasant side effects. Some strong chemical peels can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin enter your bloodstream and harm the baby in your womb too!

Here are some harmful effects of a chemical peel:

1. May Worsen Pigmentation:

During pregnancy, it is common to experience skin pigmentation (3). You can thank all those ramped up hormones for your skin issues. A chemical peel can make the condition worse and cause the pigments to become even darker.

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2. Ineffective In Many Cases:

One of the major reasons for staying away from chemical peels during pregnancy and lactation is that the peels just don’t work wonders on your skin thanks to all the hormones in your body! The peels may give temporary relief from problems such as pigmentation and acne, but as these problems are a result of pregnancy hormones, they come recur pretty quickly (4). That is some good money down the drain!

3. Can Cause Miscarriage:

Some chemical peels require general anesthesia, which is not safe during pregnancy and can even cause a miscarriage (5).

4. May Trigger Herpes:

Some women can also experience an outbreak of viral infections, like herpes after opting for a chemical peel (6).

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5. Other Risks:

Some other risks synonymous with the use of chemical peels include:

  • Temporary redness of the skin.
  • Scarring.
  • In a rare case, it can adversely affect the heart, liver and kidney.

So, chemical peels look like a complete no-no for a pregnant woman! Don’t lose heart. Some chemical peels are safe for use during pregnancy!

Types Of Chemical Peels:

Chemical peels come in a variety of forms. Some are strong and unsafe during pregnancy while you can give others a try.

1. Safe Chemical Peels During Pregnancy:

Light chemical peels are safe during pregnancy. These include alpha hydroxy acids, like glycolic, lactic and fruit acids. You can safely opt for these peels and give your skin a makeover. The acid in these peels stay active for no more than five minutes and does not cause any harm to you or your precious baby.

2. Chemical Peels To Avoid During Pregnancy:

Deeper peels like phenol peels are strictly off limits for pregnant women. You should also avoid peels that contain salicylic acid. These strong chemicals can permeate your skin and adversely affect your unborn baby. The procedure to apply these peels requires anesthesia and many months for recovery. If you need a deep peel, opt for the procedure only after your baby’s first birthday.

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If you can, hold off going for a chemical peel until you give birth. Even if you are opting for a lighter peel, don’t forget to discuss it with your doctor first.

Have you tried a chemical peel during pregnancy? Did you experience any side effects? Do share your experience with us!

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