Is It Safe To Move Furniture During Pregnancy?

Is It Safe To Move Furniture During Pregnancy

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Are you planning to move things around your house while pregnant? Are you preparing for a renovation or change in furniture? Do you think this might require you to move furniture during your pregnancy?

You may also need to move furniture in a regular setup. Is it alright for you to move furniture while you are pregnant? Read on to know if moving furniture while pregnant can harm your baby or you or is it absolutely safe.

Is It Safe To Move Furniture While Pregnant?

There are no safe limits that can be medically recommended for you to move around furniture while you are pregnant. According to some medical experts, it is okay for you to move around a little bit of furniture during your first trimester. Some medical experts, on the other hand, will absolutely ask you to stay off from moving any kind of furniture throughout your pregnancy.

It may not always be possible for you to avoid situations where you need to move some furniture around. Understanding some concerns and how you can best avoid any mishap is the best step in such a situation.

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Things To Consider Before Moving Furniture While Pregnant:

Every pregnancy is unique and different women will react to their pregnancy in different ways. For some women, it may be alright to move furniture while they are pregnant, while for some it may be completely off limits. Here are a few things you should be aware of before you move furniture during your pregnancy:

Point 1 – Consider Your Medical Condition And The Health Of Your Pregnancy:

Take into consideration details like your medical health and the way your pregnancy is progressing. In case you developed any complications during your pregnancy you need to first speak to your doctor about it. Back ache and back related problems are quite common during pregnancy. Avoid moving furniture if you are already suffering from back problems. You should refrain from moving any furniture if you have any type of back problems, a weakened cervix, any history of a preterm labor or have been told about a possibility of a preterm labor. Before moving furniture when pregnant, you first need to get a thorough checkup done by your doctor.

Point 2 – Understanding How Much Is Okay And When To Stop:

You may be perfectly healthy and your pregnancy may be progressing smoothly, but there are limits when it comes to moving furniture during pregnancy. You should entirely avoid moving any furniture during your third trimester. It is recommended you stop moving furniture from as early as your second trimester to avoid any complications. A little pushing and shoving at the furniture is okay as long as you are not getting out of breath or stressed. This is only alright if the furniture is not heavy.

You should absolutely not lift any heavy objects or any type of furniture while you are pregnant. If your pregnancy has no complications, you may lift things that are near 50 pounds in weight till the 20th week of your pregnancy. Till your 30th week of pregnancy if all is well, it is considered safe for you to pick up things that weigh not more than 50 pounds.

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Point 3 – How Can I Lift Things While I Am Pregnant?

When you are pregnant, your body finds it difficult to maintain balance. Your center of gravity changes and lifting things incorrectly can hurt both you and your baby. It also increases your chances of a fall, so you need to be extra cautious. Remember to squat down to pick up things instead of bending. Once you have picked up something, stand back gently. The pressure should fall on your legs and not on your back. Try and hold on to some support while squatting down or getting up. This will keep you safe against a fall.

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It is not recommended for you to move furniture while you are pregnant. Try and ask your partner or other family members or friends to help. You can also enlist the help of professionals. In situations where it is absolutely unavoidable, keep the above tips in mind. Stop moving furniture completely in case of any exhaustion or discomfort and speak to your doctor about it.

What are your thoughts on this article on is it safe to move furniture while pregnant? Please share them by commenting below.

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