Is It Safe To Take Ambien During Pregnancy?

Ambien During Pregnancy

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Are you an insomniac? While insomnia is a common problem during pregnancy, you may be compelled to take a few medicines to fall asleep. There are many a worries that can cause stress during your pregnancy, and considering taking a medicine like Ambien should not be one of them. Here is a breakdown whether consuming Ambien during pregnancy is advisable or not.

What Is Ambien?

Ambien is approved by FDA and is known to be suitable for treating insomnia. While the drug works slightly differently it makes you feel a little sleepy. You will feel drowsier and relaxed after taking this medicine.

Effects of the medicine generally wear off by the end of the night therefore the upside of this drug is that there are no after effects the next morning.

Though it may sound like the perfect sleep pill to take, it is imperitive that you have a detailed discussion with your doctor.

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What Causes Insomnia in Pregnancy:

Blame it on your fluctuating hormones if you are not able to sleep through the night.

  • Apart from this, you must also consider your family history of insomnia and other factors like anxiety that may be affecting your sleep patterns.
  • It is essential that you understand the core problem so that you can address it effectively.
  • Alternatives that you can try to improve your sleep are massage, acupuncture, yoga or aromatherapy. Natural solutions shall potentially diminish your discomforts with time.

However, insomnia is just a temporary problem and you shall be sleeping peacefully once you deliver.

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Ambien and Pregnancy:

Ambien is known as the “C category pregnancy” medicine, which means the following:

  • This drug has not been studied on pregnant women.
  • Studies that have been conducted on animals have been known to create birth defects or other problems.
  • The medicine can be used in a pregnant woman only in case the benefits justify the risks.

Ambien does cross your placenta. Being a sedative, it might affect the vision of your baby developing inside you. Other problems that you might encounter in your baby are late development of speech. Studies also suggest that infants, who are born to mothers taking sedatives, tend to become alcohol or drug addicts.

Is ambien safe during pregnancy? Well, the decision of consuming Ambein should be taken jointly by you and your doctor. Many would want to avoid medication of any types to avoid any complications. Since complete information about probable risks involved while taking this medicine have not been confirmed, many choose to deal with insomnia than invite any new problems.

Ambien During Pregnancy – Doses and Strengths:

Ambien is available in different doses.

  • For oral administration it is available in 5 mg and 10 mg strengths.
  • The 5 mg tablets are film coated and pink in color.
  • The 10 mg tablets are film coated and white in color.

The doses and whether at all you should be taking it in pregnancy shall be determined by your doctor. You must not try any medication without consulting with your medical practitioner.

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Allergic Reactions:

Though cases of severe allergic reactions are not known, it is important you seek immediate medical help, in case you experience any of the following:

Pregnancy is the time when you need to take extra care of yourself for the well being of the little one developing inside. Though it is rather difficult to find yourself staying awake for nights together, do ensure you are in no way compromising with the health of your little one.

You can enjoy reading your favorite author or spend time with your hobbies if you find it difficult to sleep through the night during pregnancy.

Did you take Ambien in pregnancy? Or share with us what you did to treat insomnia in pregnancy. Share your experiences and guide those looking for help.

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