Is It Safe To Take Betnesol Injection During Pregnancy?

betnesol injection during pregnancy

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All medications have side effects during pregnancy. When it comes to stronger variants such as antibiotics and steroids, there is no reason why you should take them, unless otherwise prescribed or administered by your doctor.

While you are pregnant, the safety has to be doubled up for the little baby growing inside your womb. A lot depends on what you consume either in the form of food sources or medications.

Betnesol Injection During Pregnancy:

There has been a constant question about the use of Betamethasone or Betnesol injection in pregnancy. Unless there are specific conditions or reasons why you should be taking them, betnesol is never safe to use while pregnant. It is important to understand what this medication is and why it is administered during pregnancy.

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What Is Betnesol?

Betamethasone or betnesol is a corticosteroid that is used in treating several medical conditions related to the functioning of hypothalamus.

  • When the body fails to produce enough hormones related to adrenaline gland, corticosteroids are administered to help stimulate the same.
  • Betnesol may be also used in treating inflammatory conditions such as psoriasis, itching, flaking and eczema.
  • It is also used to treat certain autoimmune diseases as an immunosuppressant.

When Is injection Betnesol In Pregnancy Used?

Betnesol injection is usually administered to treat the following pregnancy related complications:

1. Premature Labor:

Betnesol will be administered by your doctor when there are chances of you going into a premature labor.

  • The lungs of your unborn baby will not be developed fully until 32 to 35 weeks, and any birth before the completion of this period means formation of underdeveloped lungs.
  • Betnesol injection will help to produce surfactant in your baby’s lungs, enabling them to inflate without sticking together.
  • Betnesol will be usually given before 24 hours of the anticipated preterm labor.

2. Infant Lung Development:

Betnesol is also used effectively in coalition with other drugs.

  • This is done to improve the lung development of underdeveloped babies in the post natal care after delivery.
  • The use of corticosteroids like betsenol has been proved to reduce the risk of intracranial hemorrhaging and other post natal threats to the pre-term babies.

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3. Fetal Fibronection Test (FFT):

Betnesol is used in select cases when you have fibroids that interfere with your pregnancy, leading to either a potential miscarriage or preterm labor.

  • This is more common in the cases of twins and multiples.
  • You will be given the test based on the urgency that calls for the administering of Betnesol.

Betnesol Injection During Pregnancy Dose:

Let your doctor take the call here. A generic amount of dosage allowed is not known.

  • Betnesol will be given with great care after monitoring the individual case history, after weighing the pros and cons of your condition in pregnancy.
  • Do not use betnesol on your own will as this is a strong corticosteroid.
  • All the special medications in the form of antibiotics and steroids should be administered by your doctor.
  • If you happen to suffer with other inflammatory conditions like dry skin, psoriasis or eczema during pregnancy, make sure you do NOT use any topical creams without prior consent from your doctor. Trace amounts of betnesol are found in most of these creams.

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Usage of corticosteroids is very select and limited to treating rare medical conditions as listed above during pregnancy. Should you have any questions, it is advisable to have a detailed discussion about the use of betnesol. If you are about to go into a potential pre-term labor, ask for all other viable options other than betnesol to understand the urgency of using the steroid.

Your gynecologist should be able to help you with active information on the progress of your growing baby and your overall health status.

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