Is It Safe To Take Hydrocodone During Pregnancy?

Hydrocodone During Pregnancy

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Do you have surging pains across your body? Do you feel the need to take a painkiller? Life changes when you become pregnant. Undoubtedly, it’s a blissful journey. But it is also those 9 months of life when you are extra cautious about your lifestyle. It is common knowledge that you should be careful while taking medicines during pregnancy.

Careful evaluation of the benefits and risk factors are highly essential, so that you do not end up harming the little life developing inside you. Drug abuse can put at risk yours as well as your baby’s health. If you are considering taking hydrocodone while pregnant, you must seek the approval of your doctor.

Hydrocodone is prescribed to relieve the patient from pain. But the medicine has side effects too. Food And Drug Administration (FDA) rates this as a C category medicine. It means that studies conducted on animals showed harmful effects on the foetus of those animals. However, not much study has been conducted on humans for a definitive conclusion.

Hydrocodone In Pregnancy And Beyond

Since it is always better to take an informed decision, here we shall take a look at some of the probable effects of hydrocodone in pregnancy and beyond:

The Composition Of Hydrocodone:

Hydrocodone products contain ibuprofen and acetaminophen. These two components make it essential to weigh the risks associated with usual or higher doses of this medicine. Acetaminophen has been used all through pregnancy for curing fever and treating mild pain. The major concern rises from the fact that it is known to cause birth defects. Most of the doctors suggest it is better to avoid such medication during pregnancy.

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Side Effects Of Hydrocodone During Pregnancy

The National Institutes of Health suggests babies who are born to mothers taking hydrocodone will be addicted to the drug. Hydrocodone is similar to codeine that causes drowsiness, mood swings and mental clouding.

Hydrocodone in pregnancy can increase the chances of anxiety and unexplained fear. Another side effect of hydrocodone in pregnancy can be constipation. Hydrocodone is also known to cause respiratory depression in pregnant mothers. The problem might be heightened further if you are sensitive to the drug.

These symptoms get pronounced in pregnancy as you anticipate the birth of your child. The symptoms are also accompanied with hormonal imbalances and lifestyle changes. Hydrocodone passes through the breast milk as well. In case you stop taking it altogether, your baby may exhibit certain withdrawal symptoms as well.

Symptoms Of Hydrocodone During Pregnancy

Some of the symptoms include vomiting, sleepiness and crying. Respiratory problem is a strong symptom in mothers to be who take hydrocodone. The label on the drug also suggests that it reduces the cough reflex. Cough reflex is important because it is necessary to produce cough to remove foreign materials out of the body. Else they will enter the lungs.

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Vital Considerations

Doses around 4 mg or higher are known to cause liver toxicity in pregnant mothers. It is particularly common in the first trimesters. Significant liver toxicity can be life threatening. The chances of the baby surviving till the 25th week become weak.

Hydrocodone toxicity of the foetus is another concern that cannot be overlooked. However, when used carefully under medical supervision, it is not known to cause any birth defects.

Also, hydrocodone is a narcotic drug. There are chances of you getting addicted to it. Before taking the drug, you must seek your doctor’s advice. He will consider your individual condition and suggest if you should consume the drug or not.

We hope the article has helped you learn about the negative effects of hydrocodone. You can browse the website for related articles. Or write in the comment box below to seek information on topics related to pregnancy. Our writers will come up with well-researched articles.

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