Is It Safe To Wax During Pregnancy?

Wax During Pregnancy

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A very important aspect of grooming and personal hygiene, for women, is waxing. It is their way of feeling confident while keeping themselves clean. So while most women visit a salon before an important date or event, there are times when the safety of the act of waxing is questioned.

Hair removal becomes a question of worry if you’re expecting. Although there are no evidences to prove if it is unsafe during pregnancy, it is largely considered unsafe. So if you too are facing the dilemma of ‘to wax or not to wax’, here is a post to help you understand the issue better.

Is It Safe To Wax During Pregnancy?

If you are pregnant, by now you already know about all the havoc that hormonal changes in your body are creating. Similarly, the thought that waxing is unsafe also roots from the same source.

  • During pregnancy, your skin becomes way more sensitive than what it used to be. This sensitivity is due the hormonal changes in the body.
  • Due to fluid retention, which is unavoidable during pregnancy, your skin becomes swollen and there is extra blood flowing to your skin. This increased fluid retention makes your hands, legs, face and feet look swollen.
  • This swelling makes your skin more irritable. Further waxing may not only irritate your skin but also result into breakouts. It can even lead to acne and ingrown hair.
  • For people who use home kits, there is the fear of burns too.

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Can I Get Bikini Wax Done?

A lot of women get freaked at the idea of not getting bikini wax done during pregnancy, especially when they near their delivery period. For their comfort, it is important to know that when you go into labor room your midwife or nurse would be least interested about whether you are waxed or not!

  • Pregnancy cause more hair growth especially on tummy, face, underarms and pubic region.
  • Shaving off pubic area may not be a good idea because there in an even more increased blood flow to your pubic area during pregnancy.
  • Bikini waxing exposes you to the risk of tiny blood vessel breakouts or tear. It may even expose you more to the harm of bacterial infections.
  • During pregnancy, your body might be experience more itchy feeling. So bikini wax might leave your pubic region to a higher risk of itching.
  • A lot of hospitals shave off your private areas before delivery, so take it easy.

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Will Waxing During Pregnancy Be Painful?

Not all women necessarily feel increased pain during waxing in pregnancy. However a lot of women do. This totally differs from one person to the other.

  • So if you must get yourself waxed, visit a trusted salon with experienced beautician who would first run a patch test on you.
  • Then she will use the right technique and right kind of wax for you. And even after all this, you are still unsure, consult your doctor.
  • Once you are ready to go into labor, how you look would matter least to you. Trust us when we say that!

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful phases of your life. Like every coin has two sides, this phase too comes with its ups and downs. So take things in your stride and be happy about the bloom that pregnancy brings to your face, rather than fretting about a non-waxed body or body part. You are beautiful the way you are because you are holding the most beautiful creation inside you.

Do share your comments and views on waxing during pregnancy in the comment section below. Tell us what you believe in.

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