Is It Safe To Wear A Bra While Breastfeeding?

Bra While Breastfeeding

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Do you have doubts regarding nursing your baby and about the clothes you have to wear? Then this is the right article just for you.

Your breasts will become fuller while you are pregnant, as your body prepares for eventual nursing duty. Most women find that their breast size increase up to 3 cup sizes during breastfeeding.

You should first remember that you need to shop for some comfortable and supportive nursing bras. You also need to know about what to choose and what to avoid, while nursing your newborn without any hassles!

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Wearing Underwire Bra While Breastfeeding – Is It Safe?

Though you might have the habit of wearing underwire bras before you had your baby and might love to wear it while nursing your baby, the answer is NO. There are numerous reasons behind it, such as:

  • Your breasts tend to change a lot while you are nursing or pregnant and would make it tender.
  • The hard and rigid underwire bras tend to mess with the natural changes that your breasts undergo.
  • The hard materials of these bras can pressurize the tender breasts and cause you lot of pain.
  • While breast feeding, your breasts would increase and decrease in size, both the times when the milk is produced and after suckling. Hence wearing an underwire can cause discomfort when your breast is fuller with milk.
  • This in turn would cause blockage in the breast ducts and lead to mastitis, which is not a favorable condition while nursing your baby.

Opting for maternity bras or nursing bras is the best option, as they are made with soft materials and are flexible plus supportive for your breasts.

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When Should You Wear A Nursing Bra While Breastfeeding?

Your body will begin to prepare itself to welcome the newborn while you are pregnant and this is why you tend to outgrow your regular bras while you are in your second trimester or earlier.

  • This is the time where nursing bras or maternity bras are helpful.
  • It is advisable to buy at least 4 bras in both light and dark shades to go well with your all your outfits.
  • Nursing bras are designed to offer excellent support like your underwire brand.
  • You need not worry about the support for your breasts while breastfeeding.

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Why Are Nursing Bras Different Than My Regular Bras?

When you shop for nursing bras, you will find that they are available in an array of styles based on your requirements. Make sure you shop for a nursing bra with the following features, such as:

  • It must have extended eye clips and hooks.
  • The feeding cups must have a detachable style.
  • It should have wider diaphragm to offer enough support.
  • The bras must have soft lining materials to make you comfortable.
  • The inner cups must have a sling to support and to hold the straps in place while nursing your baby.
  • It must not have any underwire support.

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Should I Sleep With A Bra On While Breastfeeding?

This is based on your personal preference as some might wish to wear it to bed to hold the breasts in place. While some women like to sleep without a bra, as it is much comfortable while sleeping.

As the nursing bras arrive in various shapes, sizes and shades, you will have a varied wardrobe and we are sure you will not miss their underwire counterparts! Stay comfortable and enjoy your motherhood!

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We hope this article proves useful while you shop for your new bundle of joy. Moms, do let us know your thoughts on this subject. Post your comments in the section below.

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