Is Vanilla Extract Safe During Pregnancy?

Vanilla Extract During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a time of changes, uncontrollable hunger pangs and weird food cravings. It is also the time when you salivate at the sight, smell, or even the thought of tasty food. You need to pamper your taste buds all the time.

Vanilla extract is a delicious additive to any food, and while you may be craving for it, you should probably consider reading our post below. Here, we look at the safety of using vanilla extract during pregnancy.

What Is Vanilla Extract?

As the name suggests, vanilla extract is the extract of vanilla beans. The solution contains a compound called Vanillin. Vanilla beans undergo the process of percolation with alcohol (mostly ethyl alcohol) and water to prepare the pure vanilla extract. Percolation is a process in which a solution or liquid is filtered through a porous medium. Thus, vanilla extract contains a small amount of alcohol.

Is Vanilla Extract Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes it is safe for pregnant women! Typically, the amount of vanilla extract you consume is what affects you and your baby’s health during pregnancy. However, if you regulate the amount of vanilla extract in your diet or in food, you should be able to enjoy a happy and healthy pregnancy. Remember to add only a little extract to the food, as it is rather concentrated and larger amounts of the extract may lead to complications and problems during pregnancy. However, prevention is the more lucrative option, so ensure that you regulate the amount of vanilla extract you consume.

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Health Benefits Of Vanilla Extract During Pregnancy:

Vanilla extract has many health benefits apart from its yummy taste, some of which include:

1. Antioxidant:

Vanilla Extract contains Vanillic-Acid and Vanillin that act as antioxidants for the body. Our body produces free radicals and other toxic materials that are harmful. Antioxidants help remove these toxic wastes from the body. Therefore, it is readily used as a food supplement or medicine. Some studies suggest that unprocessed vanilla has up to 90% of antioxidants depending upon the concentration of the extract.

2. Anti-Inflammatory Properties:

The vanillin present in Vanilla extract provides the typical smell to Vanilla extract. Also, vanilla extract has anti-inflammatory properties and help protect the liver and another type of inflammation in the body.

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3. Lowers Cholesterol:

If you are facing cholesterol problems, then consuming vanilla extract will be a good idea. According to a study published in 2013 in the “Indian Journal of Experimental Biology”, vanilla extract lowers cholesterol levels in the body. The experiment was conducted on rats. They were fed with food containing higher levels of fat. But, when they ate food containing Vanilla Extract, their blood cholesterol levels exhibited a steep decline.

Is Vanilla Extract Harmful During Pregnancy:

While vanilla has many health benefits of consuming vanilla extract during pregnancy, some of the harmful side-effects of vanilla extract typically include:

  • If you are pregnant, don’t consume large amounts of vanilla extract because it causes allergy.
  • Also, ensure that you pick vanilla extract made of pure vanilla beans. Mexican vanilla extract is made with coumarin, which is harmful to health and is also banned in the United States. Mexican vanilla extract looks, smells, and tastes just like ordinarily available vanilla extract, but it can lead to complications for pregnant women, like blood thinning.

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Did you eat food prepared with vanilla extract or add it to your milkshake during pregnancy? How much vanilla extract did you consume? Did you experience any health benefits or suffer from any allergies while taking vanilla extract during pregnancy? Please share your story with us. Fellow moms would love to hear more from you. So, leave your comments in the section below.

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