Is PediaSure Good For Kids?

PediaSure For Kids

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As your kid grows, your thoughts typically center on keeping her healthy and taking special care of her diet. And, if you are one of those health-freak mommies, who want their kids to get all their nutrients without leaving things to chance, or indeed your kid’s fancy, you could consider feeding your little dearie some PediaSure. But, what about its safety concerns? Well, if you are thinking along these lines, or looking for some general information on PediaSure, reading this post may help.

Here, Momjunction has gathered some relevant information about the safety, effectiveness, and nutritional benefit of PediaSure for kids!

What Is PediaSure?

PediaSure is a clinically approved nutritional supplement, which supplies vital nutrients to your kid’s body. A glass of delicious PediaSure shake provides 7g of protein and 25 other essential vitamins and minerals. Even if your kid is lactose intolerant, she can still consume PediaSure.

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Is PediaSure Good For Kids?

PediaSure is something that helps your skinny child gain weight. If your child suffers from a medical condition that restricts her from consuming certain essential nutrients, the pediatrician may recommend PediaSure for your kids. The regular intake of PediaSure boosts your kid’s daily calorie intake, and she gains a healthy body mass. But, talk to your pediatrician before you opt for PediaSure for your kid.

Children above the age of two can safely consume PediaSure to enhance daily calorie intake and attain recommended weight. A 8-ounce serving of PediaSure supplies almost 240 calories, 9 grams of fat, and 7 grams of protein to your kid’s body. If your kid suffers from lactose intolerance she can consume PediaSure, but kids with serious conditions like galactosemia must avoid consuming PediaSure.

Right Age For Your Kid To Drink PediaSure:

PediaSure meets the recommended nutritional intake for children as it comprises all the vital vitamins and minerals. The doctor may recommend PediaSure to your kid, if she is above 2 years.

  • For kids of the age group 2 to 8 years, the daily intake of PediaSure should lie around 1,000 mL.
  • For kids of the age group 9 to 13 years, the daily intake of PediaSure should lie around 1,500 mL.

Remember to consult your child’s pediatrician, before you feed your child PediaSure.

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Benefits Of PediaSure For Kids:

The nutritional shake is available in many flavors, which help your kid acquire vital nutrients and minerals that trigger her growth. Here, we list some of the prime health benefits of PediaSure:

1. Weight Gain:

  • The liquid nutrition supplement helps skinny kids gain weight.
  • When your child suffers from a chronic medical condition or is a picky eater, pediatricians often recommend including PediaSure in her daily diet.
  • It supplies an adequate amount of calories to your child’s body so that she can attain the requisite body weight.

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2. Supplies Calories:

  • The average 18-ounce PediaSure drink provides 240 calories to your kid.
  • The total amount of calories present in the nutritional drink slightly varies upon the choice of flavors.
  • The calories in PediaSure come from the milk soluble and the added sugar, which enhances the flavor of the drink.

3. Supplies Fat:

  • The normal-sized PediaSure shake contains 9 g of fat.
  • The fat in PediaSure comes from the milk.
  • PediaSure drinks also contain 3 g of saturated fat per serving.

4. Supplies Protein:

  • The vital nutrient helps your child to gain energy and attain desirable muscle mass.
  • Each serving of PediaSure contains 7 g of protein.
  • PediaSure also contains essential amino acids, which help in her growth processes.

5. Contains Essential Vitamins and Minerals:

  • The manufacturers have fortified PediaSure with vital vitamins and minerals. Picky eaters can get their essential nutrients from such a drink.
  • A regular-sized PediaSure drink supplies 25 percent of your kid’s recommended calcium intake, 40 percent of recommended intake of vitamin C, and 20 percent of iron recommendation.
  • PediaSure also contains essential minerals like copper and selenium.

Side-Effects Of PediaSure For Children:

The nutritional drink may help your kid gain desirable body weight quickly, but some of the harsh ingredients of the product can also impose negative impacts:

1. Milk Allergy:

  • Galactosemic kids may face difficulty in digesting the milk soluble present in PediaSure.
  • Allergic kids cannot consume PediaSure, as they may experience allergic side-effects like skin rashes, hives, nausea, etc.

2. Hampers Your Kid’s Eating Habits:

  • The inclusion of PediaSure in your kid’s diet regime can disturb her eating pattern.
  • Your child’s dependency on PediaSure can lead to several long-term problems like intense craving for sweetened items and poor eating habits.

3. Unhealthy Ingredients:

  • The calories present in PediaSure mostly come from the sugar. It can degrade your kid’s health condition and can also make her obese.
  • The protein present in PediaSure originates from the soy, milk, and peas isolates and concentrates, which may further hamper the nutritional intake of your kid.
  • Manufacturers use artificial flavors to prepare the PediaSure powder, which again is unhealthy for children.
  • Sugar, highly processed protein, artificial flavorings, and GMO oils make PediaSure an unhealthy choice for your kid.

A Word Of Caution:

Now that you know all about PediaSure, here are some important pointers:

  • Always follow the dosage suggested by your kid’s pediatrician.
  • If your kid suffers from milk allergies like galactosemia or chronic lactose intolerance, avoid giving her PediaSure.
  • The high-calorie beverage makes your kid feel less hungry for other food and meals. It can upset your kid’s eating routine.
  • When your kid faces difficulty gaining a healthy body weight, you can also think of adding high-calorie foods in her diet, which may help in weight gain. Some calorie-rich foods typically include peanut butter, sandwiches, pancakes, butter, waffles, and oatmeal.

Did your kid consume PediaSure during her childhood? Or Do you have a little one at home who relishes her PediaSure shake every day? Tell us about your opinions about PediaSure below. Leave a comment for fellow mommies here. We would love to hear from you.

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