Is Roblox Safe For Kids? Safety Measures And Precautions

Is Roblox Safe For Kids? Safety Measures And Precautions

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Mobile phone usage among children has increased drastically, leading to growing concerns among parents. And while the Internet is an ocean of knowledge, it can be harmful if misused (1). Online platforms can mislead children, and thus, parents should monitor their children’s activities online.

Roblox is one such video game platform that has made parents anxious lately. What is Roblox? And is Roblox safe for kids? What precautions should parents take? Read on to find the answers to all your questions.

What Is Roblox?

Roblox is a trending online video game platform that allows one to create their own games and share them with other users. It also allows one to play games created by other users and interact with each other on the platform.

Although it is a free-gaming platform, it also features a virtual in-game currency called Robux, which can be bought with real money (2). You could also receive a fixed monthly quota of Robux by getting a Premium membership.

Robux can be used to purchase new clothes, accessories, gear, and in-game content and gain access to user-created games for a more immersive experience.

The online gaming platform boasts more than 150 million active monthly users as of 2020 (2). Children who are above 13 years and have a Premium membership can make money by charging for access to the games they create, selling rare game items, and exchanging their Robux with real money from the company (3).

Is Roblox Safe For Kids?

The free multiplayer and open communication platform can cause distress to some parents, as the user-generated format can expose children to predatory behavior, sexually explicit user forums, inappropriate advertisements, and site pop-ups (3). Advertisements and other gamers cajoling your child to buy certain items using Robux can be annoying too.

Careful monitoring of these red alerts, apt changes in privacy settings, and other safety measures can make the use of Roblox safe for children. Helping kids understand how to play safely is the key. After all, as parents, we are decision makers, and therefore, we need to choose what is suitable for our children wisely.

What Age Groups Can Play Roblox?

No age restrictions exist for creating an account on Roblox. Anyone, irrespective of their age, can play, create, and chat with other users. Roblox prudently monitors the content shared on its platform and filters the chats of children below 13 years (4).

What Are The Risks Associated With Roblox?

Parents need to take the necessary precautions to eliminate the risks related to Roblox for children. Some of the common risks associated with this leading game include the following.

  • Third-party chat apps not affiliated with Roblox could ask young children to send personal pictures or send sexual content to children.
  • Predators can initiate chats and ask children to move to another app or site and share personal stuff.
  • Condo games may expose children to inappropriate content, such as graphic images and obscene language.

How Can Parents Manage The Risks Associated With Roblox?

Parents can take a few steps to control and check the activities of children to ensure their safety (5) (6) (7).

  1. Add parental controls to make Roblox safe for your child by checking out Roblox’s official website for all the guidance.
  2. Provide the correct age of your child while creating their account.
  3. Create a separate parental login to monitor your child’s interactions.
  4. Limit the number and types of games they can play.
  5. Limit or disable who can chat with them, send them messages, follow them in the games, or invite them to play.
  6. View their game and chat histories from related sections.
  7. Complete a two-step verification, which allows you to receive a code via email whenever your child logs in from a new device.
  8. You could also set a four-digit PIN to lock the account settings.

Other Safety Measures To Apply

Parents can take the following standard measures while allowing young children to use Roblox or any similar platform.

  1. Remind children about who they can chat with and how not to indulge in any interactions with strangers.
  2. Warn them to never accept private messages or requests from unknown accounts and people.
  3. Warn them to never give away personal information to anyone.
  4. Warn them to never move to a different platform if asked by any stranger or unknown online friend.
  5. Make children play online games in an open family area, such as the living room.
  6. Never allow children to play multi-user games behind closed doors.
  7. Always supervise your children’s online activities and actions.
  8. Prevent children from making changes to account settings by setting PIN codes to their accounts.
  9. Maintain a healthy and open conversation to ensure that your child discusses anything and everything with you.
  10. Check periodically what your children are doing on the platform to identify any potential threat.
  11. Teach them about online safety.

When all safety measures are taken correctly, Roblox is a safe game platform for children. The bottom line is to always check what your child is into and maintain a healthy open relationship with them. You should be the child’s first person with whom they can share and discuss any problem freely.


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