Is Skating Safe During Pregnancy?

Skating During Pregnancy

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Do you love winter sports? Are you game to go ice skating even while you are pregnant? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post is a must!

Prenatal exercises help you stay fit while expecting and can also ease your labor. Do you want to know whether is it safe to ice skate while pregnant or not? If you are clueless and curious go ahead and give this article a read to know all about ice skating while pregnant!

Things To Consider:

Here are the few things your doctor may ask before he gives you the go-ahead to go ice skating.

  • Have You Tried Ice Skating Before?(1)

Even people who have prior experience in ice skating find a safe alternate mode of exercise during pregnancy. So, this is not the time for beginners to test the ice. Do not attempt to learn ice-skating while you are pregnant. In general, pregnancy is not the time to overexert yourself by learning any new sport.

  • What Trimester Are You In?

A moderate form of ice skating may be permissible in the first trimester and early on in the second trimester. However, it entirely depends on how your pregnancy is progressing.

  • Which Type Of Skating Do You Want To Try?

The doctor would not want to put you and the baby in your womb, at risk by giving you a green signal to pursue competitive skating, figure skating or ice skating in a crowded rink.

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Why Ice Skating During Pregnancy Is Dangerous?

Here are some reasons that make ice skating a dangerous sport to try while expecting:

As ice is slippery, it can pose a challenge to your sense of balance. Pregnancy is a period when your center of gravity shifts due to the growing bump. You are prone to losing balance and falling. Ice skating has a high risk of trauma. One slip and fall can cause abdominal injuries which can result in premature separation of the placenta or preterm labor.

Ice skating is more dangerous than snow skiing as it involves a potential risk of falling on hard ice. (2) A fall could even cause injuries to the gradually developing fetus and result in birth defects, poor fetal growth, and even miscarriage.

You may have to travel to places at higher altitudes for ice skating. At a height of more than 6,000 feet, oxygen levels are low. Prolonged poor supply of oxygen may lead to fetal stress and complications during pregnancy(3)

Tips For Ice Skating When Pregnant:

If you have decided to glide on the ice, follow these safety measures:

Wear proper footwear and choose the best pair of ice skates to minimize the risk of injury.

Avoid jumps and spins while ice skating. (4) Abrupt sideway movements can also increase the risk of a fall.

Wear enough protective gear like a helmet and knee pads.

Don’t lean forward in a racing posture as this can strain your lower back.

Don’t overexert yourself and skate only till you feel comfortable.

Now you know that ice skating while pregnant can spell danger for your baby. Hence, it is advisable that you hang your skating boots so that your baby arrives safely into your arms soon. Do not lose heart you can indulge in winter sports once you recover from childbirth!

Did you try ice skating during your pregnancy? Did you suffer from any side effects? Please share your experience and advice with other moms here. Leave a comment in the box given below.

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