Is Your Baby A Calm Baby? Take This Quiz And Find Out

Is Your Baby A Calm Baby Take This Quiz And Find Out

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While talking to your baby, you must have often mumbled in a cutesy voice – ‘who’s a good baby?’ And while you always give the answer to that on your own, you still want to know for sure if your baby is indeed ‘good.’ Well, with our little quiz, you can find out once and for all!

Word of caution before we begin: There is no single definition of what a ‘good’ baby is. The nature of your little one depends on the traits they exhibit. So don’t just think your baby is a cracked egg if you get a low score. Remember, this is a fun quiz, and babies will be babies and you should always love them no matter what.

Now let’s start!

Choose your answer as you go to get scores!

1. Which of these places does your baby like to sleep in?

a) In the basinet/cot/crib
b) Right next to you
c) Both A and B
d) None of the above

Answer: Both A and B! You clearly know where your baby likes to sleep as they have let you know their preferences by choosing that one comfy spot!

2. How does your baby let you know they’re hungry?

a) By crying
b) By throwing things
c) By pooping
d) By spitting

Answer: By crying! Crying is one of the favorite ways of babies to show that they need yummy in their tummy! Some of the other things they do to indicate hunger are sucking their fist, acting restless, etc.

3. If your baby is uncomfortable or in pain, they…

a) Lie quietly
b) Act jolly
c) Play
d) Cry out to you for help

Answer: Cry out to you for help! Your baby is quite good at communicating how they feel. Your baby is new to all kinds of sensations and may cry out at having experienced something they have never known to let you know that they are feeling it.

4. What does your baby do when they are scared?

a) Gets startled
b) Bawls
c) Farts
d) All of the above

Answer: All of the above. Babies experience fear just as adults do, they just don’t know what they are dealing with. So if you see any of these signs, rush to soothe them.

5. To get their snooze mode on, your baby needs…

a) No help at all
b) Needs help sometimes
c) Mostly needs help
d) Always needs help

Answer: Whatever you choose is right! During the first year of their lives, babies may need some extra help to fall asleep and stay asleep. But after that, they will find their pattern and stick to it.

So how well did your baby do on the good-meter? Check your scores below to know!

If you got 5/5: Congratulations! Your baby is a ‘good’ baby through and through!

If you got 4/5: Your toddler is nearly perfect and probably has a halo on their head!

If you got 3/5: Your little one is not like others. They’ve got quite a personality, but they are still good!

If you got 2/5: Your baby is unique and has very special and uncommon traits. More reason to love them!

If you got 1/5: Screw this quiz! You know your baby is an angel, and you don’t need anyone telling you that!

Most parents expect their babies to behave a certain way to give them the adage of ‘good’. They expect their toddlers to be calm and easy-going with healthy eating habits by default. But that’s not right. All babies are different and equally good, even if they are a little hard on you at the beginning. So, dial down the pressure and enjoy parenthood to the fullest!

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