Is It Safe To Eat Jamun During Pregnancy?

Jamun During Pregnancy

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Yes, it is safe to eat Jamun during pregnancy.

Many pregnant women crave to eat Jamun (black plum), as the fruit is tangy and sweet! Apart from its taste, Jamuns offer many health benefits to pregnant women. However, is it safe for pregnant women and does it have any side effects? If you can relate to the situation, or are craving to eat Jamun fruit during pregnancy, you should consider reading our post. Here, we talk about how safe it is to consume black plum during pregnancy, and whether it has any health benefits.

What Is A Jamun?

Jamun, Black plum or Jambul, is a sweet fruit native to India. The fruit belongs to Myrtaceae family. You will findJamuns in bluish or deep purple color with an oblong shape. Jamun is full of nutrients that collectively offer you several health benefits during pregnancy (1).

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Is It Safe To Eat Jamun During Pregnancy?

Even though you may find lots of sources recommending not to eating Jamun during pregnancy as it can stain your unborn baby’s small skin with small dark patches, there is no clinical version to support it. So, it is safe to eat black plums during pregnancy in appropriate amounts to ensure a healthy pregnancy. High antioxidant content and nutrients in the fruit protect your fetus and promotes fetal growth and development substantially (2).

8 Health Benefits Of Eating Jamun During Pregnancy

High nutritional content in Black Plum provides you several health benefits while expecting. Find below prominent health benefits of Jamun during pregnancy.

1. Strengthens Bones:

Jamun contains high amounts calcium, vitamin C, iron, and potassium that help in strengthening your bones and improving immunity while expecting. Also, nutrients in the fruit aid in appropriate growth and development of your unborn baby (3).

2. Promotes Digestion:

Black plum is popular as a traditional, effective remedy to cure diarrhea and stomach ulcers. So, eating Jamuns while expecting will help you get rid of digestive disorders, ulcers, and constipation and promote smooth digestion effectively (4).

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3. Regulates Diabetes:

Jamun is popular for its low glycemic index that makes it a healthy food to regulate blood sugar levels while expecting. Anti-diabetic effects of the Black plum help lower you blood glucose levels by 30% as well as minimize the risks of development of secondary complications of diabetes (5).

4. Prevents Cancer:

Several medical studies reveal that Jamun possesses chemoprotective and radioprotective properties that aid in inhibiting the growth of radiation-induced free radicals that cause deadly cancer. So, eating appropriate amounts of black plum in pregnancy helps protect you from the risk of development of cancer (6).

5. Treats Infections:

Several different parts of Jamun plant, such as leaves, seeds, and bark, are highly effective in treating harmful bacterial infections. Black plum plant stores compounds, such as oxalic acid, malic acid, tannins, and gallic acid, and provides you antibacterial, antimalarial, and gastro-protective benefits during pregnancy keeping several harmful infections at bay (7).

6. Good Oral Health:

Antibacterial properties of Jamun are highly effective in treating several oral health issues. So, eating some Black plum fruit during pregnancy protects you from harmful dental problems and promotes your oral health substantially (8).

7. Prevents Anemia:

Jamun contains high amounts of iron and vitamin C, that help in boosting your hemoglobin count substantially during pregnancy. So consumption of the fruit prevents the risk of anemia and its harmful effects, such as fatigue, while expecting (9).

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8. Keeps Your Heart Healthy:

Black Plums are rich in potassium such as 100 grams serving of the fruit provides you 55 mg of potassium. Potassium content of Black Plums regulates your blood pressure effectively and prevents the risk of heart attack effectively. Also, nutrients, such as ellagic acid, anthocyanidins, and anthocyanins, in Black Plums provide your anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits which prevent the oxidation of cholesterol promoting healthy heart during pregnancy (10).

Did you enjoy having Jamun during pregnancy? How did you benefit from it? Tell us below.

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