Truth Always Prevails: Johnson's Contains No Harmful Chemicals, Only 100% Gentle Care

In a time where resources and information are abundant, it can become quite difficult to separate the truth from lie. With so many unsubstantiated pieces of sensational news hitting our screens and mobile phones, a lot of us end up becoming unwitting victims of fake or sensational news.

The most obvious way this impacts our daily life is the way we make our decisions. What product to buy, which vegetable to eat – all of these minute, everyday decisions are taken keeping these floating pieces of news in mind. These decisions might seem small, but they impact our daily lives. They even determine what we put on and inside our body.

These decisions become even more important when they impact the lives of our children. That’s right, as parents, we endeavor to provide our children the best of everything. But in doing so, we sometimes fall prey to baseless rumors and end up depriving them of certain products and amenities that might ensure a joyful and comfortable experience for them.

Today, we have decided to empower you with real information about one such misinformed rumor – the Johnson’s Shampoo and Talc scare.

The Truth: Johnson’s Baby Adheres To Its Promise Of Gentle And Safe Care

Before diving into the misguided rumor, we would like to make you, our readers, aware of the little research we did on Johnson’s manufacturing and safety processes. We wanted to confirm the truth ourselves, before making any claims and what we found, only reinforced our belief in this reliable baby care giant.

It’s no coincidence that we have generations of Johnson’s babies. The baby care brand has been around for over 125 years, and over that period, it has made strides in researching and developing the best and safest products for its little customers. They have helped advance 90% of research in baby care science in the world.

That research has helped them develop an insight into the needs of developing babies and helped them formulate unique products such as the “No More Tears” Shampoo, which prioritizes the safety and comfort of their young consumers. They only use the most essential ingredients in their products. They also made it a point to share all the ingredients at the back of the product to ensure 100% transparency.

Johnson’s uses the highest IFRA (International Fragrance Association) certified fragrances to avoid the risk of triggering allergies. Only the safest and mildest fragrances are used for your little one’s developing olfactory senses. And their intense screening process doesn’t stop at that. The products also have to pass through stringent 5-level safety processes and clear 4 skin allergen and irritation tests before they can make it to the market. All of this proves that Johnson’s have remained committed to their promise of providing gentle and safe care to your precious young one.

The Truth: There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Johnson’s Shampoo and Talcum Powder

A few months back, there was a news article which said that certain regulatory authority had suspected that Johnson’s shampoo contained formaldehyde, a carcinogen. This claim was found to be erroneous when the Central Drugs Laboratory conducted independent tests and found that none of the samples had any trace of formaldehyde.

Johnson’s have always strived to use only the most essential ingredients in their products. Their products don’t contain any formaldehyde, asbestos, parabens and definitely no harmful chemicals. They have also made their products as pure as possible visibly by steering clear from using any dyes. Even the shampoo is formulated with the special “No More Tears” formula to give gentle cleansing care to your baby’s scalp without causing any irritation to his eyes.

There have also been some claims which have contested the safety of the famous and trusted Johnson’s talc. These claims have tried to draw a non-existing connection between cancer and Johnson’s talcum powder. However, these claims have never gotten the support of science.

Essentially, talcum powder is nothing but the softest form of Talc, that is the softest mineral on earth. It is an inert material that doesn’t react with your skin but only helps in wicking moisture off of it. It is even present in many of the foods that we consume daily, such as rice, chewing gum, etc.

Like other minerals, Talc is found in various mines and is mined. However, the talc used by Johnson’s is pharmaceutical grade, and it is pure and only after it passes their stringent testing processes and meets their purity requirements, does it get approved by them.

As for the claims about Johnson’s talcum powder containing asbestos, nothing could be farther from the truth. Independent labs and universities, which include esteemed ones such as FDA, have confirmed that asbestos is not present in Johnson’s talc. Multiple important and independent agencies have also concluded that Johnson’s talc is absolutely safe. Considering the lengths the brand goes to ensure the safety of its products, this is not surprising.

Both these products have been formulated after years of research and development. And time and again, they have passed all the tests with flying colors. Having earned their “Clinically Proven Mild” badge, you can be assured that the only thing they do offer your precious one is the promise of gentle, nurturing care.

So, put your trust in gentle care for your child. Put your trust in Johnson’s. Choose Gentle for your baby, Choose Johnson’s!