101 Funny Jokes For Toddlers And Preschoolers

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Making toddlers laugh could seem difficult as they do not understand things yet. However, our list of jokes for toddlers can help you tickle their funny bone. You may start with making silly faces or funny noises. Then introduce science, animals, colors, and sports to them in the form of jokes.

Here are some interesting jokes for little kids to make them laugh. And, keep a camera handy to capture their innocent smiling faces.

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100+ Jokes For Toddlers And Preschoolers

These jokes for kids are sure to elicit laughter in the room. Add some funny expressions and thrilling sounds and make your narration even better. These also act as perfect jokes for 4 year olds and 5 year olds and will land well with them.

1. What dessert do ghosts eat after dinner?

I scream!

A ghost's favorite dessert I scream!

Image: Shutterstock

2. What will you call a sleeping and snoring dinosaur?


3. Where does the cow go to have fun?


4. What would you call a train that has a cold?

A-choo-choo train!

5. Why was 6 afraid of 7?

Because seven eight nine!

6. Why did the banana need medication?

It wasn’t peeling well!

7. Why did the librarian ban clocks in the library?

Because they tick every time!

8. Name a tree that fits your hand?

A palm tree!

9. What do you get if hot water is poured down a rabbit hole?

Hot cross bunnies.

10. Why is the giraffe the only animal with a long neck?

Because its feet smell

protip_icon Quick tip
You can crack these jokes when you are trying to distract your kid while sneaking vegetables into their meals.

11. What will you name a dancing cow?

A milkshake!

12. What’s the favorite letter of a sea pirate?


13. What is the cloud wearing under his raincoat?


14. What did the volcano say to the other volcano?

“I lava you!”

15. Why is telling jokes about pizza hilarious?

They’re too cheesy.

16. How will you treat a sick lemon?

Give him some Lemon-Aid!

17. What looks brown and sticky?

A stick!

18. Can you spot the difference between zebras and bananas?

Bananas are yellow!

19. Why did the lazy boy cross the street in a hurry?

Because the cow said MOOOOOOOOOOOO

20. What’s the name of the school that teaches ice cream making?

Sundae school

21. What is a bear with no teeth called?

A gummy bear

22. What will you name a sad strawberry?

A blueberry

23. What will you call a fly without wings?

A walk

24. Why did the cookie go to the doctor?

It was crumbled

25. How do the oceans say hello?

They wave

26. What did the tree say to the wind?

“Leaf me alone!”

What did the tree say to the wind?

Image: Shutterstock

27. What did the firefly say to the other firefly?

“You glow, girl!”

28. What will you name a donkey with three legs?

A wonkey

29. What is loud, fast, and crunchy?

A rocket chip!

30. What did the angry cop say to his tummy?

“You’re under a vest!”

protip_icon Point to consider
Use these jokes to lighten your toddler’s mood when they throw tantrums due to poor sleep or a missed nap.

31. Why did the cute teddy bear say no to dessert?

Because he was stuffed

32. What did the science book say to the math book?

“Wow, you’ve got problems!”

33. What did the Dalmatian say to his master after lunch?

That hit the spot!

34. Why did the little kid cross the playground?

To move to the other slide

35. What is the favorite subject of a witch at school?


36. How do you make lemon drop?

Just let it fall.

37. Who is Peppa Pig’s favorite painter?


38. How do piglets express greetings to their grandparents?

With hogs and kisses

39. What types of keys are sweet?


40. What will we call two bananas?


41. Why does peanut butter never disclose its secret?

He’s afraid you’ll spread it.

42. What will you do if peanut butter gets on your doorknob?

Use a door jam

43. What did the little corn say to the mama corn?

Where is pop corn?

44. What did the banana say to the puppy?

Bananas don’t talk

45. What did the duck say when it saw fireworks?

A fire quacker!

46. Which bird is always out of breath?

A puffin!

47. How does a barber travel to work?

He takes shortcuts!

48. How did the pirate buy a cheap flag?

He bought it on Amazon sail.

49. Why do fireflies light at night?

They want little ants to study all night!

50. Why did the teacher go to school with sunglasses?

The students were so bright.

Why did the teacher wear shades? The students were so bright!

Image: IStock

51. What did one math book say to the Algebra book?

We both have problems!

52. Name the instrument that the skeleton plays?

The tromp-bone

53. What type of pants do ghosts wear?


54. What is a zombie’s favorite food?

Brain food

protip_icon Point to consider
When you tell these jokes to your toddler, it can boost their imagination, and they will begin to appreciate the humor.

55. In which bank do vampires save their money?

A blood bank

56. Who keeps the ocean clean?

Mermaid’s refrigerator

57. What did the astronaut say when he accidentally crashed into the moon?

“I’m Apollo-gize.”

58. Why couldn’t orange win the race?

It ran empty on juice.

59. Which dinosaur is the best with vocabulary?

The thesaurus

60. Why do robots never feel scared?

They got nerves of steel.

61. What do you get if you add a pie and a snake?

A pie-thon.

62. Why do porcupines always win the game?

They have the maximum points.

63. Where do elephants pack and store their valuable clothes?

In their trunks!

64. Name the place where the sheep went on vacation with his kids?

The Baaa-hamas

65. What’s a deer standing in the rain called?

The Rain-Deer.

66. What did the paper say softly in the pencil’s ear?

Write on!

67. Why do birds fly?

It’s faster and better than walking

68. When do ducks wake up?

At the quack of dawn

69. Why did the giraffe’s son always get bad grades?

He had his head above in the clouds.

70. How did the flower react after it shared a joke?

I’m just pollen in love with jokes.

71. Why didn’t the koala bear ever find a job?

The interviewer said he was over-koala-fied.

72. Why did the student mistakenly eat all his homework?

The teacher said it was a piece of cake!

73. When you search for something, why is it always discovered in the last place you search?

Because you stop looking once you find it.

74. What is brown and hairy and wears sunglasses?

A coconut on vacation

What's brown, hairy and wears shades A coconut on vacation

Image: IStock

75. What will you call two love birds?


76. How do scientist’s refresh their breath?

With experi-mints!

77. How can you bring the Moon to Earth?

In your dreams

78. What snacks do computers love?

Computer chips!!

79. Why couldn’t scientists ever meet aliens?

Because aliens are shy

80. Why did Jack and Jill fall from the hill?

They were not wearing shoes.

81. What did the apple say to the baby?

Nothing. Apples can’t talk.

82. How can you make an angry octopus laugh?

Just tickle its ten-tickles!

83. What are elves taught in school?

The elf-abet

84. What do you call a dog who masters magic tricks?

A labracadabrador

85. Where do pencils go for vacation?


86. Guess what gets wetter the more it dries.

A towel

87. What will you call a funny mountain?


88. Name a pony’s favorite juice?


89. Where do fish save their money?


90. What will you call an alligator wearing a vest?

An investigator!

A dog's favorite bone: funny bone!

Image: Shutterstock

91. Why did the computer feel cold?

The user left the windows open!

92. What nickname will you give to a monkey at the North Pole?


93. What excuse did the egg give when it was late for breakfast?

I was being scrambled!

94. What would you say to a Bear with no ear?


95. What’s a dog’s favorite toy?

Funny bone!

96. What’s the favorite rock of the cow?

Mooo-n rock

97. Name the scariest plant?


98. Guess the game where you crush candies to level up?

Candy crush

99. Why are elevator jokes considered the best?

Because they make you laugh at many levels

100. What happens when you eat Spinach daily?

You become a Popeye

101. What did the big flower say to the little flower?

Hi, bud!

jokes for toddlers_illustration

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I teach my toddler to tell jokes?

You may help develop your child’s sense of humor by starting with easy-to-understand jokes like kid-friendly riddles or amusing knock-knock jokes. You may use books, toys, or puppets to make the joke visually appealing. Make children talk to you about the hilarious things that happened at home (this may include what they found funny about you or other family members). Encourage your child to tell jokes even if they are not that good initially.

2. Why are jokes important for toddlers?

Laughing together can help you connect and brighten gloomy days. A good sense of humor can make children smarter and healthier. It helps them not to take things too seriously, be spontaneous, and enjoy the playful aspects of life. It can make it easier for children to handle adversities in life as they grow older (1).

3. What are some tips for making jokes funnier for toddlers?

Using funny facial expressions, making elaborate body movements, using a funny vocal tone, and using soft toys or puppets to demonstrate the elements of a joke may make jokes more enjoyable for toddlers.

Laughing with your baby is a good exercise for them to move their facial muscles and give them an excellent bonding time. Toddlers are the easiest to please, and this list of jokes for toddlers can undoubtedly get them to laugh their hearts out. You could also make funny noises and faces while telling jokes, humorous tongue-twisters or short stories to increase fun and laughter. Additionally, you can use these jokes to introduce them to various concepts of animals and plants and tap their intellectual skills.

Infographic: Tickle Your Little One’s Funny Bone

Laughing along with your little ones not only helps you bond with them but also helps you keep your worries at bay. Keep this infographic with you at all times so that you can open it up, share a joke or two with your child(ren), and watch and enjoy as they burst into laughter.

jokes for toddlers and preschoolers (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team


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  1. Encouraging your child’s sense of humor.
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