21 Amazing July Baby Names Perfect For Boys And Girls

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July is the month of peace and freedom. If you are expecting to give birth in July, you might seek names that reflect the same. Keeping this in mind, here is our list of July baby names to help you choose a suitable name for your baby. There are many things you could take inspiration from during July. It could be Independence Day or the activities you enjoy around this time. Our list below considers all such factors and other things associated with July, like celebrity birthdays, astrology signs, and much more. Check out this list to find the right name for your July baby.

July Baby Names For Boys:

1. Julius:

This distinguished name of Roman emperor Julius Caesar is beginning to show signs of revival. Lucy Lawless, the New Zealand actress, used it for one of her kids. Julio, its short form, would make a great pick as a nickname.

2. Julian:

This name has been on the rise since the turn of the 21st century, and has been made famous by Julian Assange of Wikileaks. It’s now at #53 and has been in the top 20 in several European countries. This name has been picked by several celebs including Jerry Seinfeld.

3. Taylor:

Taylor Kinney, born on July 15 is a rage among celeb-stalkers This American actor and model is best known for playing the role of Mason in The Vampire Diaries. Taylor is an English occupational name and is currently at #83 on the popularity list.

4. Aiden:

Aiden, a Gaelic name meaning ‘little fire’, would make a perfect moniker for your summer-born baby. The name has a spectacular success story. It appeared in the top 10 list in 2010 and remained there until 2013. The spelling Aiden is way more popular than the Irish spelling Aidan.

5. Leo:

If your baby is born a Leo, you can name him after this fierce and passionate zodiac sign. Plenty of elements in this name attract parents. Its zodiac reference appeals to New Agers; its leonine associations suggest the strength of character and the ‘o’ ending gives it energy.

6. Lark:

If you can have Lily for girls, then why not Lark for boys? Wondering about its association with July? Larkspur is one of the two birth flowers for the month of July. Since naming your child Larkspur would make him the butt of jokes in the school, you can shorten it to Lark. Lark is also the name of a bird, and honestly, it sounds much cooler than Sparrow or Robin.

7. Carl:

Carl is an American athlete who won nine gold medals in the track and field events. This legendary athlete was born on July 1, 1961. Carl is a German variation of Charles that is still widely used.

8. Tom:

Tom Cruise, the actor of Top Gun, Risky Business, and Mission Impossible was born on July 3. This simple name is on the verge of a revival. Tom Hanks, the versatile actor of Forrest Gump, is also a July baby.

9. Toby:

Toby Keith, the founder of Mad Dog Nashville music label, was born on July 8, 1961. Toby is a diminutive of Tobias and means ‘God is good’. This jaunty July baby boy name shot to fame via actor Toby Maguire. It is expected to rise on the popularity chart.

10. John:

John Jacob Astor, the first multimillionaire in the US was a July baby. The name reigned as the most popular of all the Christian names for 400 years. It holds the 26th rank now, which is not bad for a classic name.

July Baby Names For Girls:

11. Julia:

Julia is the feminine form of Julius. This classic name is currently at #65 in the US and holds the top position in Poland. If you want to give the name an Italian touch, go for Giulia.

12. Juliana:

This feminine form of Julian has been one of the top 200 names since the turn of the millennium. Julianna Agnes, The Good Wife actress, spells her name with two ‘n’s. You can also opt Julianne, the combination of Julie and Anne.

13. Juliet:

If you are a fan of Shakespeare, you are sure to love this name. Juliet is a romantic name for your little girl. The French variation, Juliette, pronounced the same by most of the English speakers, is also on the rise.

14. Jules:

Famous television personality Jules Asner made this name seem not just young and happening but also feminine. Yes, a few decades ago, Jules was off-the-radar as it was reserved only for boys. Wife of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver spells her name Jools. These days, it is more likely heard as a nickname for Julia.

15. Julie:

This all-American, girl-next-door name reached an all-time high #10 in 1971. More than 15,000 little Julies were born in the year. No wonder, there are a lot of mothers and grandmothers named Julie today.

16. July:

The other warm weather months like May, June and August, have been used as baby names, but July is rarely used. You can keep it as a middle name for your baby.

17. Ruby:

Ruby, the birthstone of July, would make a fitting moniker for your daughter. It has outnumbered the other gem names, mainly because of its resume of cultural references. The name has a classic rock support with ‘Ruby Tuesday’ by the Rolling Stones or ‘Ruby, Don’t take Your Love from Me’. Chosen by celebs like Toby Maguire for his daughter, Ruby would make a great choice.

18. America:

If you are an American and want to commemorate your nation’s birth, then go for this unique and patriotic name. This name was given to children of both the genders during the colonial times, but is now used mainly for girls. You can either call her Merica or opt the nickname Amy.

19. Lily:

Lily is one of the two flowers for the month of July. This name has been a popular choice as a floral name for centuries, thanks to its lovely attributes. It has a beautiful sound, cool elegance and is a symbol of innocence and purity.

20. Pamela:

Pamela Anderson, the Baywatch babe, was born on July 1, 1967. The name has a rich and mellifluous literary history. It was a top 25 name from the late 1940s to 60s. Pam would make the sassiest nickname for Pamela.

21. Megan:

Megan Rapinoe is the American soccer mid-fielder and the former member of the US women’s national soccer team. Megan was one of the most popular Welsh names in the US. Megan Fox did her best to up the glam factor of the name.

Now that you’ve read our list of July baby names, we hope you can find the one that resonates with your baby the most. We have also included a few names that include the root word of July in them, making them a spectacular choice for babies born this month. You may also use the vernacular versions of these names for a unique touch. Since we’ve given you many ideas on what to name a baby born in July, we suggest you grab a pen and paper to begin shortlisting some fun names.

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