200 Latest Karka Rashi Or Cancer Names For Boys And Girls

Naming babies after zodiac signs can add to their personality since each symbol denotes a trait. If you are looking for such names, these Karka Rashi names for boys and girls can help you.

The fourth Vedic zodiac sign, Karka Rashi, corresponds to the Western astrology’s Cancer Zodiac sign. People born with this Rashi represented by a crab should begin their names with “”Ha”” or “”Da”” syllables.

Read on for a list of 200 different Karka Rashi names for your little one, along with their meaning.

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100 Karka Rashi Names For Boys, With Meanings

1. Dakshya

Dakshya, Karka Rashi name for boys

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The name Dakshya means “honesty and intelligence.”

2. Danish

A unique name, Danish, means “a wise and knowledgeable person.” 

3. Darshik

The name Darshik means “one who perceives.”

4. Debanesh

A name with a religious origin, Debanesh is one of the many names of Lord Ganesha. 

5. Deekshant

The name Deekshant means “something granted by God.” 

6. Deepak

The name Deepak means “bright light” or “lamp.” 

7. Deepam

A unique name, Deepam, means “light or ray of hope.” 

8. Deepankar/Dipankar

The name Deepankar/Dipankar means “one who lights a lamp.” The name Deepankar also means “brightness.” 

9. Deepkaran

The name Deepkaran means “Lord of light.” 

10. Deeptanshu

A unique name, Deeptanshu means “the Sun.” 

11. Deevakar/Dibakar

The name Deevakar/Dibakar means “the Sun.” 

12. Denish

The name Denish means “happy.” 

13. Deshak

The name Deshak means “one who guides.” 

14. Devak

A unique name, Devak, means “something divine.” 

15. Devansu/Devanshu

The name Devansu means a “part of God.” 

16. Devarshi

A name with a religious origin, Devarshi, means “guru or teacher of Gods.” 

17. Devarya

A unique name, Devarya, means “divine belief.” 

18. Devish

The name Devish refers to “chief of the Gods.” 

19. Devit

The name Devit means “immortal.” 

20. Devnit

The name Devnit means “something pious and divine.” 

21. Devraj

The name Devraj means “king or Lord of heaven.” 

22. Devroop

The name Devroop means the “shadow of God.” The name Devroop also means “divine.” 

23. Devshankar

The name Devshankar means “something that belongs to Lord Shiva.” 

24. Devvrat

The name Devvrat has its origin in Mahabharata, referring to Bhishma, son of King Shantanu, and Goddess Ganga. 

25. Divyansh

The name Divyansh means “part of God.” 

26. Harit

A unique name, Harit, means “one who cultivates (cultivator).”

27. Hamir

The name Hamir means “a rich and wealthy ruler.” The name Hamir also refers to a “Raag/Raga.” 

28. Hanish

A name of religious origin, Hanish is one of the many names of Lord Shiva. Hanish also means “ambition.” 

29. Hansal

The name Hansal means “swan-like.” 

30. Hansik

A unique name, Hansik, means “the Swan.” 

31. Hansin

The name Hansin means a “universal soul.” 

32. Hansith

The name Hansith means “sweet like honey.” 

33. Hansraj

The name Hansraj means “king of the Swans.” 

34. Hansroop

The name Hansroop refers to an individual with a pure and noble soul. 

35. Hardik

The name Hardik means “to love.” The name Hardik also means “to be affectionate.” 

36. Harendra

Harendra is another name for Lord Shiva. 

37. Haresh

A name with a religious origin, Haresh, is another name for Lord Shiva. 

38. Hargun

A unique name, Hargun means “one blessed with godly qualities or merits.” 

39. Hari

A name with a religious origin, Hari is one of the many names of Lord Vishnu. The name Hari also means “light.” 

40. Haricharan

The name Haricharan means “feet of the Almighty God.” 

41. Harihar

A name with a religious significance, Harihar means “Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu together.” 

42. Harij

A unique name, Harij, means “the horizon.” 

43. Harikaran

The name Harikaran refers to “one who is dear to Lord Indra.” 

44. Harikesh

Harikesh is one of the many names of Lord Vishnu. 

45. Harikishan

A name of religious origin, Harikishan, is another name for Lord Vishnu. 

46. Harin

Harin, Karka Rashi name for boys

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A unique name, Harin means “something pure.” 

47. Hariraj

The name Hariraj refers to the “king of the Lions.” 

48. Harisai

A name with a religious origin, Harisai refers to Lord Sai. 

49. Harisharan

The name Harisharan means “at the protection of Lord Vishnu.” 

50. Harjeet

The name Harjeet means “to be triumphant.” 

51. Harman

The name Harman refers to “one who is loved and adored by everyone.” 

protip_icon Trivia
Harmanpreet Kaur is the captain of the India Women’s National Cricket Team. In 2017, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports presented her with the prestigious Arjuna Award.

52. Harmanjot

The name Harmanjot means “light and radiance of God’s Heart.” 

53. Harnish

A unique name, Harnish means “one who removes darkness and spreads light.” 

54. Hanup

The name Hanup means “sunlight.” 

55. Harpal

The name Harpal refers to “an individual guarded by God.” 

56. Harpit

The name Harpit means “to be successful.” The name Harpit also means “positivity.” 

57. Harsha

The name Harsha means “joy and happiness.” 

58. Harshad

A unique name, Harshad, means “one who gives joy and happiness.” 

59. Harshbir/Harshvir

The name Harshbir/Harshvir means “a jovial, happy, brave person.” 

60. Harshill

The name Harshill means “king of the hills.” Harshill also means “a sweet, jovial and kind-hearted person.” 

61. Harshnil

The name Harshnil means “something sacred.” 

62. Harshraj

A unique name for Karka Rashi boys, Harshraj means “happiness and merriment.” 

63. Harshul

A unique name, Harshul, means a “happy and cheerful person.” 

64. Harshvardhan

The name Harshvardhan means “one who elevates your happiness and joy by several folds.” 

65. Hasmith

The name Hasmith refers to a person who is ever-smiling. 

66. Haswin

A unique name, Haswin, means “one who rides a horse.” 

67. Haswith

A unique name, Haswith, means “joy and happiness.” 

68. Havish

The name Havish means “one who makes offerings to God.” 

69. Heer

A unisex name, Heer, means “powerful.” The name also refers to a diamond. 

70. Heerad

The name Heerad means “something appearing healthy and fresh.” 

71. Hemang

The name Hemang refers to “one with a shining body.” 

72. Hemansh

A unique name, Hemansh, means “a part of gold.” 

73. Hemant

The name Hemant means “benevolence.” The name Hemant also means “full of God’s grace and blessings.” 

74. Hemayu

A unique name, Hemayu, means “an individual with a long life.” 

75. Hemkar

Another name for Lord Shiva, Hemkar, means “king of wealth and riches.” 

76. Hemnath

Another name for Lord Buddha, the name Hemnath means “early winter.” The name also means “gold.” 

77. Hemraj

The name Hemraj means “the Lord of gold.” 

78. Hetaksh

The name Hetaksh means “the existence of love.” 

79. Hetal

A unisex name, the name Hetal, means “a jovial and cheerful person.” 

80. Hetansh

A unique name, Hetansh, refers to the “rising sun.” 

81. Hetant

The name Hetant refers to a person full of compassion and love. 

82. Hetav

The name Haetav means “one who spreads love and happiness.” 

83. Hetvik

A unique name with a religious origin, Hetvik, is another name for Lord Shiva. 

84. Heyan

A unique name, Heyan, means “light of God.” 

85. Heyansh

Heyansh, Karka Rashi name for boys

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A unique name, Heyansh, means “a part of Lord Shiva.” The name Heyansh also means “a part of the heart.” 

86. Hiaan/Hiyan

The name comes from Sanskrit and means “life.” Hiaan/Hiyan is also one of the many names of Lord Vishnu. 

87. Himadri

The name Himadri refers to the mighty Himalayas. The name Himadri also means “snow-capped mountain.” 

88. Himang

The name Himang means “son of the Himalayas.” 

89. Himesh

The name Himesh means “king of the snow.”

90. Himraj

The name Himraj means “king of the Himalayas.” 

91. Hinesh

A name with a religious origin, Hinesh, is another name for Lord Shiva. 

92. Hirak

The name Hirak comes from the word “Hira,” which means “diamond.” 

93. Hiras

The name Hiras means “one who is precious like a diamond.” 

94. Hirav

The name Hirav means “lush greenery on the earth’s surface.” 

95. Hiren

The name Hiren means “Lord of diamonds.” 

96. Hitansh

The name Hitansh means “a well-wisher.” 

97. Hitarth

A unique name, Hitarth, means “a person who thinks positive.” 

98. Hiten

A name of Sanskrit origin, Hiten means “the heart.” 

99. Hitesh

Hitesh means “Lord of happiness and good things.” The name is one of the many names of Lord Venkateswara. 

100. Himanshu

The name Himanshu means “the Moon.” Himanshu also means “cool and radiating light like the moonlight.”

100 Karka Rashi Names For Girls, With Meanings

101. Damini

The name Damini means “to conquer.” 

102. Danika

The name Danika refers to the “morning star.” 

103. Danya

The name Danya means “precious gift/blessings of the God.” 

104. Daisy

The name Daisy has its origin in the name of a flower. 

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105. Darpana

The name Darpana means “a mirror.” 

106. Dayanita

The name Dayanita means “one who has compassion and mercy.” 

107. Debisha

A unique name, Debisha, means “a part of God.”

108. Deebasri

The name Deebasri means “silk.” 

109. Deekshita

The name Deekshita means “to prepare or initiate.” 

110. Deena

A unique name, Deena, means “something divine.” 

111. Deenal

The name Deenal means “a sweet and pretty girl.” 

112. Deepal

A beautiful name, Deepal means “a charming girl.” The name Deepal also means “light.” 

113. Deepana

The name Deepana means “to illuminate.” 

114. Deepashri

The name Deepashri means “light” or “lamp.” 

115. Deepshika

A beautiful name for Karka Rashi girls, Deepshika, means “flame” or “light.” 

116. Deepta

Another name for Goddess Lakshmi, Deepta, means “to shine.” 

117. Deepti

The name Deepti means “the glow of a flame.” The name also means “brilliance” or “brightness.”

118. Deeshna

The name Deeshna means “to offer or to gift something.” 

119. Devangi

The name Devangi means “one who is like a Goddess.” 

120. Devika

The name Devika has a toponymic origin, deriving its name from a river situated in the Himalayas. 

121. Devyani/Devayani

The name Devyani/Devayani means “gracious.” 

122. Deyanika

The name Deyanika means “one who is engrossed in meditation.” 

123. Deyashini

The name Deyashini means “a kind and compassionate person.” 

124. Dia/Diya

The name Dia/Diya refers to a lamp or light from a lamp. 

125. Disha

The name Disha means “direction.” 

126. Divyanka

The name Divyanka means “something divine.” 

127. Divyashree

Beautiful Karka Rashi names for girls

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The name Divyashree means “celestial or pure light.” The name also means “divine.” 

128. Doyel

The name Doyel has its origin from “Doyel,” which is the name of a songbird. 

129. Hadvitha

The name Hadvitha means “God’s gift.” 

130. Hamshika

Hamshika is another name for Goddess Saraswati. The name means “one who has a Swan as her vehicle.” 

131. Haneesha

The name Haneesha means “God’s gift.” 

132. Hansa/Hansaa

The name Hansa/Hansaa means “swan.” 

133. Hansika

A unique name, Hansika, means “a beautiful lady.” The name also refers the swan bird. 

134. Hansuja

A name with a religious origin, Hansuja, is another name for Goddess Lakshmi. 

135. Hanvika

It means “light.” Hanvika is another name for Goddess Saraswati.

136. Hanvitha

A unique name, Hanvitha, means “one who is happy.” 

137. Harali

The name Harali means “after sunset.” 

138. Haramrit

A unique and beautiful name, Haramrit, means “God’s immortalizing nectar.” 

139. Hardini

A unique name, Hardini, means “someone close to the heart.” 

140. Hardipa

The name Hardipa means “lamp of the Almighty.” 

141. Hargeet

A beautiful name for Karka Rashi girls, Hargeet, means “blissful songs of God.” 

142. Harigun

A unique name, Harigun, means the “virtuous God.” 

143. Harika

A name with a religious origin, Harika, is another name for Goddess Parvati. The name Harika also means “beautiful.” 

144. Harinakshi

A beautiful name, Harinakshi means “one who has beautiful deer-like eyes.” 

145. Harini

Another name for Goddess Lakshmi, Harini, means a “deer.” 

146. Harinika

A unique name, Harinika means “Goddess of Vasu.” 

147. Haripriya

Another name for Goddess Lakshmi, Haripriya, means “one who is beloved to Lord Vishnu.” 

148. Hariti

The name Hariti means “the name of a Goddess.” The name Hariti also means “the green color.” 

149. Harmeen

The name Harmeen means “noble.” The name Harmeen also means “peace” or “harmony.” 

150. Harminder

The name Harminder means “the abode of God” or “heaven.” 

151. Harni

The name Harni means “a beautiful flower.” 

152. Harpita

The name Harpita means “a dedicated person.” 

153. Harshala

The name Harshala means “to be happy and delighted.” 

154. Harshi

The name Harshi means “a cheerful person.” 

155. Harshika

Sweet Karka Rashi names for girls

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The name Harshika means “one who is always happy and full of laughter.” 

156. Haruni

It is one of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi. 

157. Harusha

The name Harusha means “to be happy.” 

158. Hashmita

The name Hashmita means “popular.” 

159. Hayati

The name Hayati means “something important” or “vital.” The name Hayati also means “love.” 

160. Heemal

The name Heemal means “snow mountain.” 

161. Heemanika/Himanika

The name Heemanika/Himanika means “she who is fair-complexioned.” 

162. Heena/Hina

The name means “Goddess of the Moon.” It also refers to sweet perfume or fragrance. 

163. Heenita

A unique name, Heenita means “graceful.” 

164. Heerva

A unique name, Heerva, means “blessings.” The name Heerva also refers to “one of the four Vedas.” 

165. Hejal

The name Hejal means “fruit.” 

166. Hela

A unique name, Hela, means “moonlight.” The name also means “hope.” 

167. Hema

A beautiful name, Hema means “dewdrops.” The name also means “golden.” 

168. Hemadrika

A unique name, Hemadrika, means “snow drop.” 

169. Hemalatha

A beautiful name for Karka Rashi girls, Hemalatha, means “one who is like a golden vine.” 

170. Hemali

The name Hemali means “one who brings wealth.” The name also refers to someone who is bright, like gold. 

171. Hemambari

The name Hemambari is the name of a Raga or melody. 

172. Hemangi

A name with an interesting meaning, Hemangi, means “a girl with a golden skin.” 

173. Hemanti

The name Hemanti has its origin from the word Hemant, which means “early winter.” Hemanti, thus, refers to “an individual born in Hemant or early winter.” 

174. Hemavani

A unique name, Hemavali derives its name from the words “Hema,” meaning golden and “vani,” meaning “speech.” The name thus means “someone with a golden voice.”

175. Hemita

A unique name, Hemita, means “one who is covered with gold.” 

176. Henal

A beautiful name, Henal, refers to the “Goddess of wealth and beauty.” 

177. Hethaisini

The name Hethaisini means “to enjoy.” 

178. Heti

A name with a Sanskrit origin, Heti, means “sunrays.” 

179. Hetshree

A beautiful name, Hetshree, means “one who has immense love and devotion towards God.” 

180. Hetu

The name Hetu means “one who vanquishes all vices and evils.” 

181. Hetvi

A unique name for Karka Rashi girls, Hetvi, means “love.” 

182. Hidayati

A unique name, Hidayati, means “a light showing the right path.” 

183. Himagouri

A name of religious origin, Himagouri is another name for Goddess Parvati. 

184. Himaja

A name with a religious origin, Himaja means “daughter of Himalayas.” Himaja is one of the many names of Goddess Parvati. 

185. Himakshi

The name Himakshi means “she who has golden eyes.” 

186. Himani

The name Himani means “something made of gold.” The name Himani is also an epithet of Goddess Parvati. 

187. Himanshi

The name Himanshi means ice or “a part of the snow.” 

188. Hira/Heera

The name Hira/Heera means “diamond.” 

189. Hiranmayi

Another name for Goddess Lakshmi, Hiranmayi, means “like a deer.” The name Hiranmayi also means “a golden girl.” 

190. Hirisha

The name Hirisha means “the bright and shining sun.” 

191. Hishetha

A unique name, Hishetha, means “wonder.” 

192. Hita

A unique name, Hita, means “benevolent.” The name Hita also means “one who wishes the well-being of others.” 

193. Hitakshi

A unique name, Hitakshi, means “the existence of love.” 

194. Hitanshi

The name Hitanshi means love or “a part of love.” The name Hitanshi also means “pure and simple.” 

195. Hiti

The name Hiti means “love and affection.” 

196. Hiya

A unique name, Hiya, means “heart.” The name Hiya also means “a soft and kind-hearted person.” 

197. Homa

A unique name with an interesting meaning, Homa, means “one who is born out of the sacred fire.” 

198. Houmesha

A unique name, Houmesha, means “ray of gold.” 

199. Humisha

A name with a religious origin, Humisha is another name of Goddess Saraswati. 

200. Huvishka

The name Huvishka means “to possess good virtues or qualities.” The name Huvishka also means “a promise.”

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the significance of naming a child based on their Rashi?

Naming a child based on their Rashi, or zodiac sign, is a common practice in Hindu astrology, and it is believed that the name can impact the child’s life, traits, and personality.

2. Can Karka Rashi names be used for children born under other Rashis?

In Indian culture, Karka Rashi names are traditionally used for babies born under this Rashi. But it is not mandatory and is based on parents’ personal preference. Babies born under other Rashis can also have these names if their parents like the name, and its meaning.

3. Are any Karka Rashi names popular in specific regions or cultures?

Names such as Hemant, Hardik, Hema, and Deepti are more popular in North India, and names including Harinika, Hitarth, and Hamshika are more popular in South India. Similarly, names Harjeet, Harpit, Harpal, Haramrit, and Harminder are more popular in Punjab and among families with Punjabi culture.

4. Can Karka Rashi’s name be used as a middle name?

Yes, you may use Kark Rashi’s name as a forename or middle name as you like. However, when given as a middle name or a forename, ensure it suits the surname, has a good meaning, and is easy to pronounce.

If your baby is born under Karka Rashi or Cancer, and you want to give them a name based on their zodiac sign, it will be good to check out the list provided. It has numerous Karka Rashi names for boys and girls to make your search easy. Children born under this Rashi are known for their deep love for their families. They are emotional and comforting. They grow up to be patient, versatile, and adaptable individuals. So, choose names such as Danish, Devak, Hita, or Humisha, and provide your children with a unique identity.

Infographic: Karka Rashi Or Cancer Names

Karka Rashi is the Indian Hindu equivalent of the zodiac sign Cancer and the fourth Vedic zodiac sign. If you believe in giving a name for your little one as per their zodiac sign, check out these Karka-Rashi names in the infographic that follows.

cancer or karka rashi baby names (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Check out this video to discover unique baby names for boys and girls according to the Cancer zodiac sign! Astrology baby name list to help you find the perfect name for your little one.

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