15 Signs You’re In A Karmic Relationship & How To Handle It

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Love is warm and makes you feel fluttery. It comes from a place of absolute acceptance and understanding. Being in love involves facing problems together, communicating effectively, and navigating through life with constant care and support from your special person.

However, there is a different kind of love, one that pushes your buttons and forces you to confront the worst parts of yourself. This relationship with your partner isn’t exactly smooth-sailing but can teach you a lot about yourself and help you grow. If you have this with your partner, you might be in a karmic relationship.

Spiritually, the idea behind such relationships is that your souls bonded before you were ready to meet “the one,” to help each other on your respective paths. This may be either to resolve issues from your past life or to balance out a previous bad experience. Even though these relationships usually help you become the best version of yourself by wiping your slate karmically clean, they are not designed to last long.

What Is A Karmic Relationship And What is Its Purpose?

As you already know, “Karma” refers to the law of cause and effect, meaning that everything you do has a cosmic ripple effect and affects you and the people around you. The highest good rolls out into more good deeds, while negative acts ripple out similar energies. In the 14th and 15th centuries, philosophers and thinkers were convinced that thoughts and feelings were not created by the self but were rather a ripple of the surrounding environmental energies.

A karmic bond is an intense relationship that takes you on a rollercoaster ride, with exhilarating highs and scary lows, leaving both you and your karmic partner out of breath, and often, in deep pain. It is a romantic love born out of driven desires and hardships.

A karmic relationship involves two people in similar soul circles. While you might be together to overcome different unresolved issues, the result is the same for you both — channeling out the negative karma. You have a soul agreement to help each other grow, a contract made in the spiritual realm before your essences took shape on Earth. While it is not necessary for the relationship to end badly, you will always appreciate this person and the important lessons learned in the long run.

15 Signs You Are In A Karmic Relationship

1. It doesn’t last

Karmic relationships must always end. Your soul contract has been completed, and your spiritual terms have been rid of negative energy. While many books and sitcoms romanticize the idea of a tumultuous relationship ending happily, this is seldom true in real life. Be your own empowerment coach as you find a simpler, kinder love. Learn from your previous relationship and embark on a healthier love affair with your true soulmate

2. You have an instant connection

Chemistry usually takes some time to develop. You fall in sync with the other person’s behavioral patterns and understand how their mind works. You recognize habits and learn to predict reactions. However, In karmic relationships, the unique connection is instant and undeniable. You have a good feeling and develop strong ties very quickly. You are convinced that this is a divine union, and your partner is perfect for you. It is love at first sight.

3. You ignore the red flags

The series, BoJack Horseman, gave us a quote that summarizes this sign perfectly, “When you look at someone through rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.” Moreover, this remains a major lesson one could ever learn in life. When you feel like you have found your certain soul mate, you ignore many underlying problems. Even when you are conscious of some deal-breakers or shortcomings, you convince yourself that they don’t matter as much.

4. There’s a lot of drama

The relationship becomes a rollercoaster ride, with constant power struggle. You fight to win instead of facing a problem together. There’s a lack of healthy communication, and disagreements snowball with the addition of past arguments, even after they have been resolved. It becomes increasingly difficult to have honest conversations, and everyday life becomes tainted with shrewd comments and taunts at every nook and corner.

5. You become insecure

With your worst fears laid bare much too fast, too soon, becoming insecure is a natural consequence. This is a root cause of intense jealousy and fear of being left alone that you and your romantic partner may experience. You become possessive and obsessive, and want to spend all your time together and never want to be apart.

6. The relationship feels like destiny

Despite all the energy blockages, you are still convinced this is your soul mate, twin flame, or forever person. The relationship itself becomes your vital life force or energy, and you find it difficult to imagine life without your karmic lover. It feels like you are meant to be, and it becomes very difficult to see yourself clearly until you know what you were meant to learn. A romantic relationship blossoms, and you begin to make long-term plans by altering your previous goals.

7. You spend a lot of time justifying their behavior

Maybe your partner does not respect your friends or your alone time. Maybe they do not get how you really feel. Maybe they seem distant or are quick to anger. All of these remain unresolved issues. Irrespective of the negative karma being generated, you find yourself thinking for them and making excuses for their behavior. You are hell-bent on accepting all their flaws to achieve a fairytale ending.

8. There are repeated patterns

If you tend to have regular break-ups only to patch up within the week, it is a major sign of a karmic bond. You may find yourself having the same arguments over and over with no resolution. An unhealthy pattern is formed, and the relationship grows stagnant. You have complex emotions about the nature of your relationship. You can sense that something is wrong, but you do not know how to fix it or end the vicious circle.

9. You are addicted to the relationship

Karmic relationships can be extremely erratic, volatile, and unpredictable. It is like being on a carousel that never stops turning. Neither of you can come up with a solid exit plan. Even when you have a break-up, you feel like you cannot live without them. It becomes tough to exercise free will and walk away from your karmic dynamic.

10. You become codependent

Addiction to another person, poor mental health, irresponsibility, and underachievement are all telltale signs of a codependent relationship. These kinds of relationships tend to reveal a dark side that you probably did not know you had. Lethargy sets in, you feel the entire world is against you, and you feel it’s not worth making an effort. While even the most harmonious relationships have their share of difficulties, a codependent one makes you feel trapped.

11. They bring out the worst in you

Being in this romantic relationship brings about a deep transformation within you. You fail to recognize yourself in the mirror; all you can see is your ugly insecurities and worst vulnerabilities. Your fear of abandonment or commitment surfaces, and the divine union between you and your partner turns into something hellish. However, you are still unaware and wholly consumed by this relationship, even after the intense passion has dissipated.

12. You don’t feel like yourself anymore

The purpose of this relationship is for it to be a learning experience. Karmic relationships reveal the worst decisions that you may have made. Your soul levels and moods are noticeably different, and not for the better. While you may feel degraded, you will be inspired to be a better, kinder version of yourself. It is essential for you to have close friends or family as a support group at this point as you navigate your negative emotions.

13. You feel exhausted

You feel overburdened and tired, and it is justified. A karmic bond can be hard to endure, and the longer you hold on to it, the more difficult it becomes. You feel down when you are with them, and somehow just as bad without them. It is a rough relationship that leaves you feeling completely drained. The important thing here is to identify the nonverbal cues and figure out what is wrong.

14. The relationship seems toxic

Upon close reflection, you will notice that your initial strong connection has faded, and you have devolved into a toxic relationship. An intimate connection is key and one of the most important ingredients of a healthy relationship. If you have major issues that have become insurmountable lately, then it is easy to say that this karmic connection is not meant to be forever. When this realization sets in, it might be right for you to leave behind the intimate bond for better sense to prevail.

15. You feel incomplete without them

Sometimes, you may feel it’s better to endure the relationship than being without the person you presume is your lifelong partner. This is definitely difficult to overcome and can give you a hard time. However, you must move on to a happier love. The main purpose of a karmic love is to realize your shortcomings and flaws, and learn to better yourself and love others without controlling them.

Stages Of A Karmic Relationship

1. Romantic attraction

Karmic relationships start pretty stereotypically. You meet someone and feel a connection with them instantly. You feel energetic together and want to spend all your time getting to know them. This is the honeymoon phase, where you are giddy with joy, and everything seems fated.

2. Cycle of recurring patterns

You may find yourself making excuses for your partner or dismissing the red flags and simple flaws. You may feel like something is wrong, but you try to ignore any such feelings. If you are observant enough, you might be able to trace patterns from past experiences. But you follow through on them anyway because you take comfort from that which is already familiar and known.

3. Realization of the karmic balance

In this phase, you are faced with an important decision. You may either continue the relationship hoping that you can adjust and that your partner will make the required changes, or you can choose to take it as a learning experience and break away before any real damage is done or before your relationship becomes toxic.

4. Breaking free

Karmic relationships rarely work out in the long run. And thus, it is important to break free from old patterns, to have the loving relationship you deserve.

How To Walk Away From A Karmic Relationship

As you might have gathered, there’s a fine line between a toxic relationship and a karmic relationship. Even two people with the best intentions can wind up succumbing to the worst version of themselves, especially in an intense bond.  As destructive as the karmic cycle may be, it is vital to overcome your karmic debt and break away from the bond instead of settling for a distorted sense of love and self-worth.

If you think the relationship is abusive, be it physically or emotionally, it is advisable to quickly get out of it. Surround yourself with your loved ones and share a safe space with them. You may also feel the need to consult a therapist or a helpful ally to go through the transition of feeling like yourself again or becoming the best version of yourself.

Karmic Relationship VS Twin Flame Relationship

Karmic bonds are intense, passionate flames of desire that will quite possibly burn you and leave you scarred. A twin flame relationship, on the other hand, will be a smaller, kindling fire that you work hard to keep alive. Feed it with open communication and acceptance of flaws, and it will burn a little brighter, bringing you warmth and safety. With the right person, you will grow together, and heal the scars from past experiences or traumas. There will be space for mistakes and personal development, and you will never have to doubt your self-worth.

The distinction between these two is an important one. The purpose of a karmic relationship is to learn important lessons about yourself and wipe out past negative karma so you can be happy and at peace. A twin flame includes connecting with a soul with the same spirit as yours. It is a divine union. It is believed that twin flames have the same source, and when they meet on Earth, they bond forever.

Whether it comes in your life as a romantic or a platonic relationship, a karmic relationship is one you’ll never forget. The lessons you learn from it will make you a better person, improve your other relationships, and you will find yourself reminiscing with grace and gratefulness. At the same time, it is necessary to remember that a karmic relationship is not the only way to initiate self-growth. Don’t romanticize toxicity and endure a relationship for the sake of personal development. Focus on loving yourself and spreading kindness and joy to others!