Kashmiri 65-Year-Old Gives Birth To Baby Girl, 80-Year-Old Hubby Thanks Allah

Kashmiri 65-Year-Old Gives Birth To Baby Girl, 80-Year-Old Hubby Thanks Allah

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Childbirth is a beautiful process. In fact, one can’t even imagine the significance that birth holds in a couple’s life unless one experiences it oneself. And, the magnitude of the wonderful emotions that a couple feels does not wither despite the circumstances. It does not matter whether the couple faces complications or gives birth prematurely, the feeling is always incredible. One such odd circumstance is giving birth at an older age.

We have often heard discussions about how a woman’s biological clock is ticking and how she will not be able to give birth after a certain age. Many people, in fact, advise women to try for a baby soon after the wedding for the very same reason. But, then women are born warriors and often leave us stumped with their grit and determination, isn’t it? Here, we are going to talk about one such story that will leave you pleasantly surprised.

Hailing from Jammu and Kashmir’s Sailan, a mother just joined the club of the oldest moms across the world. It is at the age of 65 that this mom gave birth to one healthy, little princess. Rings a bell? The much-talked about movie of 2018, Badhai Ho, dealt with a situation pretty similar to this one. While many of us would have thought that this can only happen on the big screen, it is very much the happy reality of this 65-year-old Kashmiri mother. Of course, the 80-year-old father is elated and is grateful to Allah for this beautiful miracle.

grateful to Allah for this beautiful miracle.

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The mom delivered the baby girl at a hospital located in the Jammu and Kashmir’s Poonch district on Boxing day. As per the reports, the couple is already blessed with a 10-year-old son. The 65-year-old was admitted to the hospital soon after she began experiencing labor pains. It was later in the afternoon that she delivered her second child.

Apart from thanking God for the precious gift, the father, Hakim Din, also appealed to the government. He spoke of how the family might need help from the government to feed and raise their child. They even requested for help from the administration for their little princess’ education.

In an interview, a maternity specialist from Kashmir spoke about menopause and pregnancy at an old age. He says that for most women in our country, menopause generally sets in when they hit the 47-years milestone. And, once a woman hits her menopause, it is not possible for her to give birth. He then emphasized how this was a one-in-a-million case.

He then emphasized how this was a one-in-a-million case.

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Generally, women who cross this milestone can only give birth with the help of external processes such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF). So, if what the couple is saying is true, she might officially become the oldest mom in the world who has conceived naturally. The doctors at the district hospital are saying that both the mom and the little girl are doing well.

Over the years, we have observed a steady increase in the number of women who have given birth after the age of 50. After all, pregnancy and motherhood eventually comes down to planned parenthood and making the right lifestyle choices. But, even then, for a woman to give birth after she has hit the age of 60 is pretty rare. So, kudos to this woman!

This news, we are sure, has reinstated your faith in the power of womanhood. So, if you are ever worried about your biological clock ticking, remember about this piece of news. This will definitely reassure you and motivate you to keep trying. So, believe in yourself and keep doing your thing.

Just incorporate some basic lifestyle changes into your life to ensure that you are healthy and thriving. And, when you are ready to have a baby, go for it. Don’t worry, you will soon hear your good news. All the best, ladies!

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