21 Secret Ways To Keep A Girl Interested In You

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How do you keep a girl interested in you? You may have put on your best behavior and gotten the girl of your dreams. But if you don’t keep up the efforts, your relationship may lose its spark. Often it may happen that what started as the best and most beautiful relationship of your life begins to fall apart with time. This can be because you have started to take things for granted. Be it dating, a few months into a relationship, or marriage, it takes diligent efforts to keep your lady-love happy. This post provides you with some ideas to ensure her love for you doesn’t fade with time.

21 Ways To Keep A Girl Interested In You

1. Don’t become complacent

You have dressed up well and presented yourself very well while courting her, but now that she is yours, you meet her in your running shorts or track pants. Letting yourself grow shabby could make her feel that you are taking her for granted. Just because she is yours now, it does not mean you have to stop looking good. Dress well and present yourself properly when you are with her so that she knows you are the same handsome man she fell in love with.

2. Take control

Make sure you pick things she likes to do

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When you go on a date, make sure you do some planning. Don’t leave all the decisions to her. A girl will stay interested in you if she knows you can take control of the situation and plan a nice evening for her. Also, make sure you pick things she likes to do. For instance, don’t take her to a baseball game if she doesn’t like the sport.

Quick tip
Avoid picking an activity you don’t enjoy because, eventually, you will get bored, and she will feel disappointed. So, plan something that both of you would love to do. If not anything, go explore a new restaurant together.

3. Be mysterious

A girl loves to discover new things about you slowly; hopefully, good things! Don’t spend your first date blurting out your whole bio-data to her. If there is nothing left to find out, it’s likely she will soon get bored.

4. Be a gentleman

Just because you have been dating her for a while does not mean the girl doesn’t like to be pampered. Open doors for her, pull out the chair, pick up the bill; woman loves a courteous man. Good manners help create a lasting positive impression on your loved one.

5. Don’t be a ‘Yes’ man

As much as she wants you to agree on certain things, a girl likes to be challenged sometimes. This does not mean you have to defy or argue about everything, but she does enjoy a healthy debate or different perspective. You need to challenge her sometimes and not constantly say ‘yes ma’am’ to everything she says. This also shows that you have a strong personality and points of view that you truly believe in.

6. Understand when she needs support

Be her pillar to fall back on, and she will always treasure you.

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Contrary to the above point, understand when she needs a shoulder to cry on or help with a decision. Sometimes all she needs is a listening ear, without any judgment or a different point of view. Be her pillar to fall back on, and she will always treasure you.

Quick tip
When she is ranting about something, and you are unsure what to do, offer her some words of empathy. For instance, if she is worried, tell her not to overthink and remind her that she is capable enough to sort out the problem. Your assurance will surely boost her confidence.

7. Don’t stop flirting

Whether you have been together for a while now or even married with kids, never stop flirting with her. Keep the compliments coming randomly as surprises. Get her flowers on the way back from work, call or text her sweet messages in the middle of the day, or plan and ask her out on a date as you would before. The “I love you, I miss you” should never stop. The ideas are endless.

8. Appreciate her

Compliment her achievements, whether at work or something she has cooked, even if it is something she does on a regular basis. Don’t take things she does for granted. Appreciate every little thing when required because she would love it. If you don’t show her how much you appreciate her efforts and hard work, she will lose interest in doing them and also in you.

9. Make her your priority

This can often be tricky because you may want to hang out with the guys instead of going to an opera with her. However, whenever possible, make her your priority. Don’t choose to work late on her birthday or be late for a date because you were catching up with an old friend on the phone. This also goes for long-term decisions like a job transfer. Make her feel she is part of your decisions, and you are trying to work things in ways that work the best for her.

10. Maintain physical contact

Maintain physical contact.

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This does not mean you have to jump into bed every time you meet her. Hold hands, move her hair from her face, or even hug her from behind when she is cooking alone. These gestures show you care, and she will find these enticing enough to remain interested in you.

11. Talk about your relationship

Every relationship will have problems, and you must not brush them under the carpet. Take responsibility and have a conversation to iron out the differences. Also, if you are looking for something more out of her and she does not seem to be thinking alike, make sure you communicate your intentions clearly so you are on the same page.A girl always likes a guy who can talk about his feelings.

Do remember
Some confrontations can be difficult. But remember, the more you ignore a problem, the bigger it will get. Therefore, resolve the differences promptly and avoid resentment.

12. Make alone-time for both of you

Maybe you share the same group of friends, or maybe you have children now but always make some time for just the two of you. Take her away from the regular people and routine and show her how much you like to spend time with her alone.

13. Continue on your life goals

Continue to develop yourself as a person, be it hobbies or your life’s ambitions. Don’t be laid back and lazy about your interests. As much as she likes to be your priority, she also wants her man to be standing on his own feet and becoming a strong personality. Your successes will keep her impressed with you.

14. Be kind to everyone around

Be kind to everyone around

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We hear several stories about men who may pull out chairs for their women but are rude to a waiter at the restaurant. This can really put her off. Be kind to everyone since it is a quality every woman loves. They feel you are not only trying to impress her but are genuinely a nice and kind person.

15. Fulfill her physical needs

Don’t be selfish and only think of what gives you pleasure. Even in bed, make sure she receives as much pleasure as you do. Do things that will turn her on and not just what you enjoy. Intimacy is an important factor to keep your girl interested in you.

16. Give her space

Showing her you are interested in her does not mean you have to suffocate her constantly. Every person needs their personal space to do their own thing. Don’t constantly question her whereabouts or ask to be a part of everything she does. Remember, distance makes the heart grow fonder.

17. Be adventurous and exciting

It’s going to get quite boring soon if all you do is sit on the couch together and watch TV or go to the same restaurant each weekend. Outdoor activities are always fun and exciting. Plan and try new things together. Go on a hike, take a roller-coaster ride, or romance at night on the beach. You must think of ways to make your relationship adventurous so that she stays interested in you for the long run.

18. Have great conversations

Keep a girl interested in you

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Romance and intimate talks are all good, but a woman likes to have interesting conversations as well. Talk about world affairs, politics, sports, spirituality, childhood, party ideas, your dreams, and even funny experiences. Not only will she be impressed by your know-how, but she will be challenged to match your conversation skills.

Quick tip
If you feel a conversation is heading towards an argument, change the topic right away. The purpose of a conversation is to know each other better and have a good time together. So, leave the debate for another day.

19. Take up activities together

Share some hobbies or activities together. Whether it is a sport or going to the gym together, doing an activity together is a great way to bond and challenge each other in a healthy way. This can be a great emotional turn-on for the woman.

20. Be genuinely interested in her

Don’t just date her for her looks. Remember, the attraction will be short-lived, and she will soon lose interest in you, and not to mention, may even get hurt in the process. Pursue her only if you are genuinely interested in her and not because you only enjoy the chase.

21. Don’t be hasty

This is very important if you have just started dating or are still figuring out where both of you want to go with your friendship. Don’t be hasty in taking things forward at a quick pace. Spend time learning more about each other’s personalities. Focus on developing a bond and nurturing it. When you take things slowly and steadily forward, it is bound to keep the girl interested in you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes a girl lose interest in a guy?

A girl could lose interest in a guy when she notices disloyalty or changing behavior in him or when he suddenly becomes overly possessive, judgemental, or too involved in her life.

2. How to keep a girl interested in you in a long-distance relationship?

Keeping your partner interested while in a long-distance relationship could be difficult. However, you may keep the spark alive in your relationship by keeping her posted about your whereabouts, asking deep questions, sharing your pictures, romantic songs, and letters, or sending a surprise gift or care package.

3. How do I keep a girl interested while texting?

Texting a girl is a great way to keep in touch and take your relationship to the next level, provided you do it the right way. Sharing exciting stories, popping thoughtful questions, starting fun conversations on a topic, or sharing a voice note, pictures, and videos are some ways of keeping your girl interested over a text.

Knowing how to keep a girl interested in you can help ensure the spark in the relationship is not lost. Be a gentleman, be mysterious, understand her needs, support her, appreciate her, and make her your priority to win a woman’s heart. Talking about your relationship, being kind to the people around you, and giving her space and alone time are other things she will appreciate. Further, achieving your life goals together, spending quality time together, and having great conversations can deepen your relationship.

Infographic: Everyday Things You Can Do To Keep Her Interested

Love is not only about the big gestures. It is also about the little things, and these are the things that matter the most. In addition to the secret ways we have mentioned above, we present an infographic with a list of things you can do for her in your everyday life, which, in turn, will help her appreciate you and keep her interested.

low key tips to help keep her interested [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • It is not uncommon for couples to fall out of love, and therefore many men look for tips to keep their women interested in them.
  • Most often, men begin taking their partners for granted, and that may be a reason for a relationship to fall apart.
  • Supporting your girl when she needs it, appreciating her, being loyal to her, and loving her with all your heart are some of the many ways to keep a girl interested in you.

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