Keeping Your Pregnancy A Secret Couldn't Have Been Easier! Here Is How

Pregnancy A Secret

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The indicator on your home pregnancy test kit has confirmed it; congratulations mommy, you are pregnant! You probably have butterflies in your stomach. So, what’s the next thing to do – tell the world right? Well not quite! While many like to spread cheers around, there are many women who like to keep it a secret for the first trimester and break the news once the time is just right. In the meanwhile, there may be a lot of changes in your habits and so to say your general disposition – something that will be under the observation. So how do you conceal your big news from the world, until you are ready to tell?

1. Combating Morning Sickness At Work:

Nausea and morning sickness are the most difficult things to deal with while you are at work. On one hand you are buried under the office load, on the other hand, your body simply doesn’t allow you to work even if you want. Your concerns revolve around what would happen if you don’t meet the deadline for the day – any tales of sickness may make up for a one-day show, but a continuum of sick days will leave everybody panicky. You don’t want them to think there is something seriously wrong with you and start making alternative plans, lest you go on an infinite sick-leave! Chewing some cloves can help keep your nausea in check. If you don’t love the spice, combat the bouts of nausea using peppermints or mouth-fresheners. Sip some ginger ale or sparkling drinks to help you stay up at the workplace.

2. Fib When You Dine Out:

When you dine out with friends or colleagues, there are many things that don’t entice your taste buds (considering a number of foods that put you off during the first trimester), or you simply want to be careful about what you are going to eat (you don’t want heartburn or nausea later). Just tell them that you are on a specific diet for few days to lose pounds drastically. Recourse to fresh fruit or vegetable salad at this stage will make a great order. Citrus foods and drinks will naturally make it to the top of the food list during this period. And if you can’t indeed get few bites, you might want to be excused for ‘being on a fast’ for the day.

3. A Night Out Drinking:

You will need to play charming here. Visit the ladies room, empty the bottle or your glass, and refill the glass with water or a sparkling drink. Another way will be to ask your partner to swap his empty glass with your glass. You will need to figure out though as to who will be in the driver’s seat once you are homebound – you both want to get home sober. If you must stay at the bar for long, switch over between drinks (Light drinks will be useful if you have to draw in couple of sips) in opaque mugs, as you swing from one table to the other emptying the contents. Also bear in mind you don’t leave your alcohol-free glass for someone else to accidentally drink from it and get a ‘revelation’ of plain water sloshing about your tummy. But when someone offers to buy you a drink, tell them you are done with one for the night.

4. Camouflaging Garments:

Draping yourself in loose outfits is the key. At the same time, you don’t want to look like a walking balloon or an old-fashioned simpleton. While designer maternity wear seems trendy, some of them accentuate the bump. You’d rather want to wear loose upper wear; say a kaftan and stretchable leggings. Stay away from jeans that need buttoning up and don’t provide you the comfort of pajamas or linen trousers. It’s always wise to invest in one size up. If winters aren’t in yet, you might want to wear a trendy jacket, big enough to conceal the bump. Scarves and flaring Dupattas too can do the trick. Wearing accessories with prominence will take away the attention from the gradually protruding belly.

5. Avoiding Caffeine:

If your co-workers ask you to join them for a coffee-break, or if you have a coffee invite by friends or neighbors, tell them that you have cut down on the coffee intake for few days. Devise a story around being an insomniac due to heavy coffee consumption. It might be an understandable excuse. But if they still insist to come over for a glass a day’s coffee-indulgence, tell them how bad it could be for their skin or heart or gut…or what science journals talk about in every study on caffeine. Or you could take a cue from the night out drinking fib; you could still hit off to the coffee joint and come out clean without infusing the aroma of coffee.

By the time you are through with these strenuous regimens, it’s likely your body has already begun to make it obvious, and you are in the safe mode of pregnancy. Time to drop that hint!

How did you keep your pregnancy a secret? Write to us! Leave a comment below!

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