I Was Worried My Child Wasn't Growing As Per Her Age. Here's What Helped Me

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For a long time, my husband and I struggled to conceive. Every time it seemed like we were pregnant, a trip to the doctor would prove that we were not. When I did finally conceive, I was ecstatic. At last, I could hold and love an angel of my own. However, in the seventh month of my pregnancy, I suddenly went into labor. Lying on that delivery table, I prayed that no matter what happened to me, my baby needed to be born healthy. And God was kind enough to grant me this wish. Although small and underweight, my baby had no other physical deformities. After two weeks in the hospital, I was finally allowed to take her home. Before leaving the hospital, the doctor warned me that I needed to ensure she had a healthy diet full of nutrients, calcium, and protein so that she was able to meet all her health milestones.

When I admitted her into playschool, I noticed that she was more petite and shorter than other kids her age. This began to worry me. Is my child stunted? Will she grow to average height? Will she meet all her cognitive milestones? – These were just a few questions that ran through my mind. My worries did not ease when month after month, she did not gain any weight or height. On top of that, she was also a fussy eater who did not like to drink milk or eat green vegetables. This made my job as a mother twice as hard.

Whenever I took my child to a playground, I often had other mothers ask me how old she is. When I did tell them her age, they were often shocked and expected her to be younger than she was as a result of her stature. This further worried me, and I would spend countless sleepless nights thinking about her growth. On one such sleepless night, I stumbled upon the Grow Right Initiative. This initiative gave me practical ways which could help my little one meet her physical, mental, and emotional milestones. I began watching the videos available online and also read up on the formulation of the drink. This drink is full of growth nutrients such as calcium and B complex. It also contains Immuno-nutrients that will help strengthen your little one’s immunity. I decided that night itself I was going to try the drink out on my Zara.

The next day I went out on a whim and purchased a packet of chocolate PediaSure. I began mixing it in milk and giving it to my little angel. She called this ‘chocolate milk’ and would get so excited every time I gave it to her as it was also tasty. This meant that she was now drinking two tall glasses of milk every day. When I informed my husband and mother-in-law about this improvement, they were beyond shocked. Having Zara, drink not one, but two glasses of milk every day was a miracle in our house. I also began implementing some of the changes mentioned in the videos. I started reading food labels before purchasing any product and tried to cut out trans fats as much as possible. This made a big difference in my life. Even though Zara still had a rather small appetite, I was rest assured that whatever little she did consume was full of essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

After only six months of making these changes, I noticed that Zara had grown an inch. On my next routine visit to the doctor, I was also informed that she had put on nearly three kgs. of weight. Zara began falling sick less often, as well. In fact, by the time she had joined nursery, she was as tall as her other classmates. Seeing my little one grow was such an emotional experience for me. For the longest time, my greatest fear was that Zara would be stunted and underweight. Having those fears finally evaporate, it put me at so much ease and allowed me to unwind. If you are a mom facing similar issues with their little one, then I am here to empathize with you fully. Being a mom is never easy, but is always worth it. PediaSure was something that helped me. I would urge all you super mommies to try it out. You can purchase a packet of this miracle maker here.