23 All-Time Hit Dance Songs For Kids

If your child loves to groove to good music, then here’s our list of popular dance songs for kids. Dancing is beneficial for children as it ignites their creativity and helps develop their motor skills. Also, dancing can act as a relief for a child who struggles to sit still and is a fun way to expend energy.

So, scroll down and choose some of the best children’s dance songs that you and your children can dance to and bond.

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23 Kids Dance Songs

Kids Hip Hop Dance Songs

Want some peppy songs for the little toes? Try these out.

1. Dynamite – BTS

One of the best hip-hop dance songs, Dynamite has a touch of funk and bubble-gum pop. It includes catchy sounds of clapping, snapping, echoing, and horning.

Quick fact
The BTS song (Dynamite) entered the number-one debut list on the Billboard hot 100 charts and retained its spot for over six months.

2. Magic – B.O.B

This is a rock song that can get your children hopping around. The magical theme track may blow your mind as nobody can resist tapping their feet to this super catchy verse.

3. Happy – Pharrell Williams

A happy song, anyone? Pharrell Williams has composed this upbeat number in a style that is evergreen. The lyrics are peppy, and the background score is sure to make your child shake a leg and do the boogies.

Christmas Dance Songs For Kids

Preparing for Christmas Eve? Here are some of the best Christmas tunes for your children to enjoy.

4. 12 Days Of Christmas

Set the holiday spirits high with this fun song that is ideal for both children and adults to enjoy during the festive season.

5. Frosty The Snowman

Who doesn’t enjoy building a snowman? Frosty is a super cute snowman who received life through a magical silk hat. Frosty loves dancing with children. Is your child ready to groove?

Point to consider
This famous track, originally written in 1950 by Walter Jack Rollins and Steve Nelson, has more than eight variations by various artists.

6. Reindeer Hokey Pokey

This is a super fun Christmas song for young children. Reindeer hokey pokey is sure to get your child up and dancing.

Kids Dance Party Songs

Play these kids dance party songs and watch your little stars shine on the dance floor.

7. Party In The USA – Miley Cyrus

An all-out-party number for kids is here. Party in the USA is a song that no one can resist.

8. More Of This – Vetiver

More Of This has become one of the staple tunes for kids’ dance parties due to its catchy lyrics and upbeat music.

9. When Can I See You Again? – Owl City

This song is an up-tempo dance-pop and is perfect for the young ones to tap their feet. The amazing party soundtrack with a retro vibe is sure to rock the dance floor.

Kids Freeze Dance Songs

Want to make dance a lot more interesting for children? Try out this list of freeze dance songs for kids.

10. Freeze Dance

Zumba is a fitness-based dance style that incorporates different elements of exercise. Teach your children easy Zumba moves to get them grooving.

Freeze dance is an engaging song that stops the lyrics in between and makes children freeze at intervals. This is a perfect musical number to get children up, moving, and freezing.

11. Color Freeze Dance

Play the game of musical statues. Your child may fall in love with this break song with upbeat music. They will stand up, try their dance moves, and stop when the music pauses.

12. Snow Man Freeze Song

This is a popular fun freeze song for children. With easy lyrics and catchy tunes, the Snow Man Freeze song is perfect for the winters.

Fun Songs For Kids To Dance To

Sprinkle some laughter and lively twist by playing these funny songs that have varying tempos.

13. Uptown Funk

Uptown Funk is a catchy and compelling song. It is an easy song to dance to while having lots of fun.

14. Black Horse And The Cherry Tree

The Woo Hoo in the song can make your child all excited as they can’t resist dancing to this fun number. The song’s sure to win their hearts.

15. Shake Your Sillies Out

Go bananas with this silly and fun action song. Shake Your Sillies Out is an endearing song for brain breaks and group activities.

Jazz Dance Songs For Kids

Bring out the unique moves of your children by tuning into this sassy jazz playlist.

16. Sleepy Tigers

If your child is fond of jazz-funk, play this catchy and energetic song and watch the cool dance moves of your child.

17. Shake It Up

Shake it Up is a song that you and your child may want to listen to on repeat. Children love songs that have repetitive lines, and this has that. It is a fun pop song to get moving.

18. Calling All The Monsters

Try this energetic dance track to capture your child’s wild dance moves. With this upbeat number, you are sure to make memories of a lifetime with your child.

Tap Dance Songs For Kids

Check out this toe-tapping playlist that is designed to get your little ones to tap their feet.

19. Ten Little Kids

It’s time to clip-clop the shoes. Play the Ten Little Kids song and let your child stomp their feet.

20. Sucker

Here’s a fun song with a pop-rock tune. Sucker will get your child moving. Nobody can resist this upbeat song.

The catchy song, Sucker, also featured the Jonas brother’s spouses, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Sophie Jonas (previously Sophie Turner), and Danielle Jonas.

21. Let’s Be Young

Let’s be young is another catchy and upbeat number, compelling enough to get your child moving.

22. Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen by ABBA is the ultimate anthem for party freaks that takes the dance floor by storm. Can you resist the euphoric beat that just screams, “Hey, it’s time to party?” Don’t you feel an irresistible urge to spin, twirl, and let your inner dancing royalty shine when the lovely lyrics hit? Picture it: the music takes over, the rhythm sweeps you off your feet, and suddenly, you are the star of your own dance extravaganza.

23. The Twist

The Twist is a classic song that’ll make you want to hit the dance floor. Composed by Chubby Checker, it became a sensation in the early 1960s. Have you ever tried twisting your hips and doing the iconic dance move that goes with it? The song’s captivating beat and lively rhythm make it impossible not to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. At what age can kids start dancing?

Kids can start participating in dance classes as early as two or three years old. At this age, they can start with movement and creativity classes emphasizing fun through dance rather than structured technique. As they get older and their coordination and motor skills improve, they can start taking more structured dance classes, such as ballroom dancing, waltz, ballet, jazz, or hip-hop. It’s important to find a dance program appropriate for a child’s age and abilities and to ensure that the teacher is trained and experienced in working with young children.

2. How do I encourage my child to dance?

To encourage your child to dance, make it fun by presenting it playfully and creatively. Find a dance program that is appropriate for their age and interests, with a teacher experienced in working with kids. This will make dance a positive and enjoyable experience for your child.

3. What are some fun and easy-to-follow dance routines for children?

There are several dance routines that are both fun and easy for kids to follow. These include popular dances like the Cha Cha Slide, Baby Shark Dance, The Floss, Hokey Pokey, The Jerk, and The Twist.

An anonymous blogger and mother who goes by the pen name Hispanic Mama reveals how children enjoyed dancing to her thoughtfully curated playlist in one of her dance classes, “I worked on a playlist of songs that were easy for children to “pick up the moves” and have fun. I found some oldies but goodies songs with “catchy” dance routines and very well known in Latin America (i).”

4. How can parents use dance songs to promote physical activity and exercise for their children?

Parents can use dance songs to foster physical activity and exercise in their children by scheduling frequent dance sessions or engaging in dance-along activities. Creating a vibrant and dynamic ambiance can inspire children to engage in body movement and enhance their coordination, helping them enjoy the advantages of active play.

5. How can parents use dance songs to help their children improve their coordination and balance?

Parents can use dance songs to help their children improve coordination and balance. They can help develop the child’s coordination, body control, and spatial awareness by encouraging them to dance to various rhythms and engage in movements like walking, sliding, jumping, twisting, bobbing, and bending. Dancing exercises different muscles, strengthening them and leading to better control.

6. How can parents create a dance party atmosphere in their home for their children?

Parents can make their home feel like a dance party for their children by playing their favorite dance songs on speakers, adding colorful lights for a fun mood, and encouraging everyone to join in and have a great time dancing together.

If your child loves to groove to good music, then these dance songs for kids are a must for their playlists. With their witty lyrics and catchy rhythms, these songs would help relieve your child of stress. Just play these songs during a hectic day or at your next family gathering and pull all your relatives to dance. Show off your moves to your children and let them dance along. You could also have a karaoke session with these songs on weekends and start a family tradition.

Infographic: Children’s Dance Songs

Dancing is a great way to get some physical activity done and also have a fun time. You can also join in with your children in the dance routine and bond with each other while enjoying yourselves. In the below-given infographic, we have prepared a list of songs that children can dance to. Give it a read, and make sure to add the songs to their playlist.

songs for children to dance on (infographic)

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