101 Preschool Activities & Worksheets For Kids

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It’s fun time for your little ones! If you have a preschool or kindergarten-aged kid at home, you’re going to love it. If you are wondering how to spend time with your niece or nephew without being the boring old aunt, you will want to check this out. Or if you are a kindergarten teacher or a babysitter, then this is for you! Here we list out 101 preschool activities and worksheets for your bambinos that are super easy. What’s more? They are affordable and fun. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

101. Greeting Cards

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Take a blank paper, fold it in half, and let the kids go all out. You can do colorful pictures, personalized, messages, and more.

100. Q-Tip Dabbing

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For this, you are going to need a few Q-tips, watercolor, and a paper to draw. Ask them to create colorful paintings by dabbing the Q-tip with watercolors.

99. Connect The Dots

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Hone your kid’s learning and motor abilities through this activity. Outline a drawing by marking the dots in alphabets or numbers, and ask them to connect it dot to dot.

98. Finger Painting

This is similar to Q-tip dabbing, except instead of Q-tips, it’s your child’s tiny fingers that do the work.

97. Hand Painting

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Ask your child to dip their hand in paint and then place it on their drawing paper. Create colorful palm prints!

96. Sand Treasure Hunt

Ask your kid to immerse their hand in a bucket full of sand to find little treasures. The kid who finds the highest number of treasures in limited time wins.

95. Cotton Roll Painting

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For this, gather some cotton roll, glue, and watercolors. Make a beautiful painting by dabbing the cotton roll in watercolor and gluing it to the drawing sheet.

94. Paper Plate Clocks

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What a fun way to learn time doing arts and crafts! Hand over a paper plate, and two popsicle sticks to your child. Don’t forget to mark the numbers on the plate with a marker.

93. Sponge Dabbing

Grab a sponge, some paint, and a drawing sheet. Let your kid’s imagination run wild.

92. Counting Beans

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Give them different bowls and place a number sticker on the outside of each bowl. Place some beans in every bowl, and teach them about numbers while also having fun.

91. Paper Cutout Rangoli

Draw a rangoli outline mentioning the different colors it has to be filled in with using paper cut-outs.

90. Paper Cutout Kites

Similar to rangoli, let them decorate the kite with paper cut-outs and some sticky gum.

89. Alphabet Stamps

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Teach them the ABCs by handing out alphabet stamps.

88. Garden Treasure Hunt

Teach them about flowers and plants with this treasure hunt game.

87. DIY Sunglasses

Hone their motor skills by creating handheld sunglasses with a straw.

86. Flag Coloring

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Teach them about countries by doing some fun flag coloring activity.

85. Hula Hoop

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Whoever can get it spinning around their waist the longest wins!

84. Fun Kitchen Time

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Teach them about kitchen safety using kitchen set.

83. Alphabet Post-It Wall

Create a post-it wall with upper case alphabets. Let your kid stick the lower case letter to the respective alphabet slot.

82. Soft Play Dough

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Mix some corn starch and a cheap hair conditioner to form this silky dough for a laid back fun time.

81. Rainbow Paints

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Teach them about the light spectrum by coloring rainbows on sheets.

80. Ink Blot Sheets

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Drop a blot of ink or paint on a paper and fold it. Now open it to reveal the pattern.

79. Puffy Paint

Mix glue with shaving cream and pour some food coloring to form pretty candy-colors of puffy paint.

78. Cookie Cutter Paint

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Get some paint and cookie cutters. Let your kid draw fun patterns with it.

77. Flax Seed Fun

Teach them about letters by sticking the flax seeds on the outline of each letter.

76. Floating Letters

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Dump the letters in a tub full of water. Ask them to pick the maximum number of letters with a spatula.

75. Feed The Shark

Make a cardboard cutout of a big shark and tiny fishes with alphabets marked on them. Call out different alphabets each time to insert into the shark’s mouth.

74. Letter Hunt

Hide different letters in a container with sand and let your kids find them.

73. Clay Balls

Make tiny colorful clay balls and randomly place it in 5 bins with 5 different colors. Ask the kids to place each ball in the respective colored bins.

72. Monster Charts

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Teach your kid numbers by counting the monster’s eyes or teeth in this monster chart.

71. Count The Buttons

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Place different buttoned shirts in front, and teach them numbers by counting buttons on each.

70. Coloring Egg Cartons

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Cut out each egg carton piece, paint them, and stick it to the paper to make colorful drawings.

69. Easter Eggs

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Poke a hole on top of the egg to pour it out on a bowl. Now take the eggshell and paint them as you like.

68. Shaving Cream Writing

Spray a good amount of shaving cream over a wax paper and have them practice their writing skills.

67. Sensory Bags

Fill a sandwich bag with hair gel and food coloring. Bow zip it and tape it to your glass door. And let your kids touch and play with it.

66. Bubble Foam

Mix tear-free bubble bath and food coloring in a tub of water. And whip it with a hand mixer. Bring on the toys and let them play.

65. Spoon It Out

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In a big bowl filled with water, throw in as many container lids as you can. Now let your kid spoon out the maximum lids they can.

64. Alphabet Knock Down

Stick letters on a popsicle stick and place it on a pool noodle. Give your kid a ball to knock down the letter you call out.

63. Sponge Ball Letter Game

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Stick a bunch of letters on a wall and ask your kid to hit the target when you call out the letter.

62. Rock painting

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Ask the kids to collect rocks with smooth surfaces from the playground. Now paint alphabets and numbers on them to hone their learning skills.

61. Treasure Map

Draw a treasure map and let your child pave the way by connecting the dots to reach the final treasure.

60. Make A Tower

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Create a tower by using a bunch of paper cups and straws to hone your child’s motor skills.

59. Straw Bridges

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Learn to build bridges using some straws and tape.

58. Robot Hand

Make a hand cutout. Now give some straws, thread, and glue to create an articulated hand like a robot.

57. Dancing Corn

In a mason jar filled with water, put some vinegar and baking soda. Pop in some corn to see them dance due to the chemical reaction between vinegar and baking soda.

56. Pumpkin Volcano

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Carve out the inside of a pumpkin, and cut out the top portion. Add some baking powder and orange food coloring in it. Now pour the vinegar in it and watch the volcano erupt.

55. Self Portraits

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Let the kids draw themselves looking at the mirror. Ask them to focus on facial features like eyebrows and eyelashes.

54. Shapes

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Let your child learn about different shapes by tracing objects from your home.

53. Melted Crayons

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Take old, broken crayons and arrange them in a muffin tin. Pop them in your oven for 10 minutes and wait to let it cool. Now let your kid discover new colors with them.

52. Weather Wheel

Cut out a round sheet of paper and divide it into different sections – rain, cloudy, sunny, storm, thunderstorm, and rainbow. Cut out an arrow and pin it toward the center of the wheel. Have your child rotate it each day by looking out the window.

51. Days Of The Week

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Just like the weather wheel, teach your kid about days by marking 7 days of the week on a wheel.

50. Human Body Worksheet

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Teach them biology by making an outline of the human body. Make cut-outs of different organs like the stomach and brain and ask them to pin it to the right location.

49. Hopscotch

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Improve your kid’s motor skills by creating a hopscotch grid on your terrace or yard using chalk or crayons.

48. Cupcake Liner Fish

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Place the cupcake liner flat on a paper to make the head of the fish and make triangular cutouts for fishtails and stick it together. Draw eyes and mouth on them to create quirky fish drawings.

47. Easter Egg Crafts

Blow a balloon, now stick glued threads all around it overlapping each other. Now pop the balloon using a pin.

46. Bookmarks Fun

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Create fun bookmarks with color paper and crayons.

45. Post-It Number Match

Roll out a sheet depicting different quantities using dots. Now ask your kid to stick the post-it note which has the correct number written over it.

44. Match The Color

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Lay out different vegetables on the table. Now ask your kid to match each to the right color.

43. Faces And Feelings

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Draw emotions like happy, sad, angry on circular cutout to teach them about feelings.

42. Transportation Shape Collage

Make trucks and cars using differently shaped cutouts.

41. World Map Worksheet

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Print out a colorful world map worksheet and set up different flag cut-outs to teach them about places.

40. Fruits And Veggies Fun

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Take two bins marked fruit and vegetable on each. Lay out different fruits and veggie toys to place in the respective bins.

39. Color The Veggies

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In a worksheet, draw the outline of different veggies and ask them to identify and color them.

38. Find My Name

In a sheet, write down the names of as many kids as you can and ask them to find theirs.

37. How Do You Feel Chart

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Create a ‘How Do You Feel Today?’ chart where your kid can mark their feelings every day.

36. Color Sorting Bags

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Strip a piece of colored paper and stick it on each bag. Ask the kid to sort out their toys based on color.

35. Food Groups Worksheet

Teach your kid about different food groups by creating a printable coloring worksheet.

34. Join The-Dots – Letters And Numbers

Teach them about letters and numbers by connecting the dots.

33. DIY Yoga Mat Hopstoch Game

Play hopscotch at home in a yoga mat using strips of duct tape for the hopscotch grid.

32. Play Dough Maths

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Teach your kid numbers and quantities using play dough.

31. Watercolor Pets

Ask your kid to paint a picture of their pet or make up a pet in their mind.

30. Feather Painting

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Ask your kid to paint using feathers.

29. Frooty Fun

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Teach them about identify fruits from a jumble with this worksheet.

28. Matching Games

Match the word to the pictorial representation of it. You could also use real objects for this one.

27. Alphabet Stamps

Make the upper case and lower case alphabet stamps using 1-inch grid paper.

26. Story Cards

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Create a number of cards with pieces of stories written in each. Ask the kids to arrange it in the right sequence to recite the entire story.

25. Outdoor Drawing Activity

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Make the kids sit in a circle on the outdoors and ask them to draw what they see right in front of them.

24. Outdoor Group Poem

Ask them to focus for 30 minutes and write a poem about any random stuff they can come up with.

23. Nature Walk

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Make the kids write or draw about the various things they collected after taking a short walk.

22. Alphabet Walk

Take a stroll outdoors to find as many things as they can that start with a particular letter.

21. Color Walk

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Take a stroll outdoors to find as many things as they can with a given color.

20. Healthy Vs Junk

Divide the sheet into two- healthy and junk. Now ask your kid to pin the right food printout in each column.

19. Palm Print Greetings

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Make greeting cards with patterns created out of your kid’s palm prints.

18. Alphabet Finger Painting

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Finger paint each letter using pebbles, sand or garden soil.

17. Opposites

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Write a list of words on a card and ask the kids to guess the opposite of that. Hot and cold, in and out, big and small, yes and no, and so on.

16. Take A Counting Walk

Decide on something to count, such as birds or car and ask kids to keep count of how many they see.

15. Leap Frog

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Hop and see who can go the farthest.

14. Shapes Worksheet

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Create a fun worksheet for kids to teach them about shapes.

13. Playdough Cutting

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Hand them a pair of kid-approved scissors or knife to cut the play dough. This will improve their fine motor and hand skills.

12. Find The Buttons

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Hide tiny buttons in play dough for them to find. Time the activity.

11. Sensory Bin

In a tin, mix dried beans, kinetic sand, pom poms, cornmeal among others for them to sort out.

10. Balance Beam

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Place a small narrow wooden beam on the floor and make kids walk on it to hone their balance skills.

9. Cutting Salon

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Hand out color papers, hay, and other materials with different textures for them to cut away!

8. Play Dough Family

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Create family members using play dough.

7. Family Tree

Draw a family tree starting from their grandparents and ask them to name each family member.

6. Butterfly Art

Draw butterfly with hot glue and fill in with watercolors.

5. Ocean Sensory Bin

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Create an ocean sensory bin using pebbles, sand, leaves, underwater toys, and a variety of other items.

4. Count The Drops

Hand out a number of coins and a jar with water. Using a pipette, ask them to count the number of water drops they can fit into each coin without spilling out.

3. Painting Pots

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Bring out the artist in your kid by doing some pot painting.

2. Endless Stem Challenge

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Hand out pictures of Eiffel Towel, Empire State Building and many more to recreate them using building blocks.

1. Art On Foil

Ask them to draw different patterns on silver foil using a toothpick. Turn around the foil to see the artwork.

Not only will our list hone your kid’s sensory, motor, and learning skills, we guarantee that they will never have a dull moment with these fun activities and worksheets.

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