10 Different Types Of Kiss On The Forehead, With Meanings

There are many different types of kisses, including happy, sorrowful, friendly, protecting, naughty, and passionate kisses. Similarly, if someone you like gives you a kiss on the forehead, it could symbolize many things, leaving you unsure of how to react or respond. Though we typically understand why someone kisses us or what they mean when they do, we are occasionally left wondering if the forehead kiss was a sign of protectiveness or a lack of interest in physical proximity. A persistent over-thinker may spend hours or even days trying to figure out what this kiss means. If you’re wondering about the same thing, stop overthinking and read this post as we explain some of the meanings of a forehead kiss.

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In Arabic culture, kissing someone on the forehead symbolizes remorse and acknowledgement of a mistake on their behalf.
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What A Kiss On The Forehead Could Possibly Mean

Every kiss has a certain feeling attached to it. What does a kiss on the forehead mean? Here are some of the possible feelings attached to a forehead kiss.

  1. They show affection to you: If you have started seeing someone and they plant a kiss on your forehead at the end of a date, it could mean that they like or adore you, but are probably too nervous about kissing you on your cheek or lips. So, they kiss your forehead instead. A kiss on the forehead could also mean that they don’t feel chemistry with you and are just trying to conclude a date in a friendly way.
They show affection to you with a kiss on the forehead

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  1. They think about you: If your partner lovingly kisses on your forehead the moment you meet, it could mean that your partner was thinking about you. Your partner might have been fondly remembering you or worried about you and probably even waiting to see you.
  1. They care for you: Your partner may pull you in for a warm embrace or hug and plant a kiss on your forehead and gently caress your hair when you are upset or if you share some bad news. In another scenario, your partner may kiss you on your forehead and snuggle up with you in bed. In both scenarios, it means your partner cares for you.
A kiss on your forehead shows they care for you

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  1. They respect you: Your partner may not express it aloud, but a forehead kiss could mean that the partner respects you. They may plant a tender kiss on your forehead when you share the good news of your promotion or sign a new contract. It is a message to convey that they feel proud of you and your achievements.
  1. They feel committed to you: When your partner kisses you adoringly on the forehead in front of others, it shows your partner is serious about the relationship. They are conveying the message that they share a deeper connection with you, are deeply involved, and considering a long-term relationship with you.
A kiss on the forehead shows they are committed to you

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  1. They appreciate your company: A forehead kiss indicates that your partner is happy with you and an expression of how much they appreciate you. A kiss on the forehead is the easiest way to let you know that they have deep feelings for you and that they would never want to lose you.
  1. They want to make you feel special: They may kiss their friends and family on the cheek all the time but kissing the forehead is rare. This is because it is reserved for you. For instance, you two are watching a movie, and suddenly you get a sweet kiss on your forehead. It means they have strong feelings for you and want you to know that you are special to them.
They kiss you to make you feel special

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  1. They do it because you like it: If you like receiving forehead kisses and they know it, they may do it more often to showcase their endearment and deep fondness for you. It is to see that prized smile on your face. It is to let you know how much they wish to see you happy.
  1. There is a lack of attraction: While a forehead kiss signifies something positive, it may also convey something unpleasant. If you seek a kiss on the lips and your partner gives a forehead kiss, it may mean your partner is not attracted to you and may have lost interest.

This is no reason to panic or think it’s your fault. Your partner’s lack of interest in intimacy could be due to stress or some other problem bothering them.

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Although it is considered a romantic gesture these days, anthropologists think kissing may have evolved from the feeding rituals of animal mothers and their young ones, in which the moms chew and break down food before feeding it directly to their offspring with their mouths.
  1. There is tension in the relationship: If you had argued with your partner and if your partner continues to kiss you on your forehead, it may mean that the fight is not resolved. Although things may appear normal on the exterior, your partner may still be resenting you and avoiding intimacy.
A kiss on forehead may show tension in the relationship

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a forehead kiss mean love?

A forehead kiss does not just mean love. It could be affection, friendship, caring, protection, and more. However, for some, it could indicate platonic love, while for others, it can be an act of intimacy and romance. Remember that if your partner chooses to kiss you on your forehead, it shows that they are comfortable with you.

2. How do you initiate a forehead kiss?

Kissing on the forehead can be a small gesture but deeply meaningful. You can begin with eye contact as it allows some mutual acknowledgment. Stare into your partner’s eyes to get as close as possible. Depending on your comfort level, you may hold their shoulders, hands, or head and can also convey a message. Give a simple light kiss instead of putting all your weight on their forehead. It can be as simple as not expecting a response in return.

3. Is it appropriate to kiss someone on the forehead in public?

In some cultures or contexts, a forehead kiss is seen as a gesture of affection, comfort, or respect that can be appropriate in public. However, it is important to consider the comfort level and boundaries of the person you intend to kiss on the forehead. It’s always best to be mindful of the other person’s feelings and respect their boundaries.

4. What are the benefits of a forehead kiss?

A forehead kiss is often considered an intimate and affectionate gesture. It can convey feelings of love, care, and comfort between two individuals. Additionally, it can provide a sense of security and let you know that you are not alone in facing challenges or difficulties. The act of receiving a forehead kiss can have a calming effect on the recipient. It can help reduce stress, anxiety, or tension, as it creates a sense of warmth and reassurance.

5. What is the difference between a forehead kiss and a peck on the cheek?

A forehead kiss is when someone gently presses their lips against the forehead of another person. It is often seen as a tender and caring gesture that conveys love, affection, and protection. A peck on the cheek refers to a brief and light kiss planted on the cheek of another person. It is commonly a friendly or platonic gesture, often used as a form of greeting, farewell, or to express fondness and camaraderie.

6. What is the proper way to give a forehead kiss?

Ensure that the person you want to kiss is comfortable with physical affection. Stand or sit at a comfortable distance from the person. Face them directly, with your bodies facing each other. Make eye contact to establish a connection and show your sincerity. Slowly lean forward, tilting your head slightly. Once your foreheads touch, keep the pressure gentle and tender. Avoid applying too much force or pressing too hard, as it may be uncomfortable for the other person. A forehead kiss is usually a brief gesture, lasting just a few seconds.

A kiss on the forehead may have different indications depending on the place, timing, and mood. For example, your partner may have been missing you or worrying about you when you met, and a forehead kiss may show deep feelings of concern and an urge to be with you. On the other hand, it may also reveal some tension building up in your relationship that has sent intimacy to a back seat. Try to understand the situation before overthinking and jumping to conclusions, which may not be conducive to the relationship.

Infographic: Different Types Of Kiss On The Forehead

A kiss on the forehead means he is not interested in a fling or a sexual relationship, but he cares, respects, and values you. Apart from this, a forehead kiss might have other hidden meanings, as this infographic explains.

a forehead kiss what could it mean (infographic)

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Key Pointers

  • A kiss can have so many different meanings.
  • A kiss on the forehead usually means that they care about you and are affectionate towards you.
  • Sometimes, just a kiss on the forehead might also mean that they are not attracted to you.
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