Kitchen Safety For Kids - Rules And Tips You Need To Know

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Don’t you love it when your child follows you around the house? Be it when you are lounging in front of the TV or cooking, kids follow elders. However, there is a possibility that you might focus on your work more than your child! This can result in your child getting harmed or creating a mishap when he is unattended.

It is very important that you keep your little ones away from the kitchen. But in situations where it is impossible to stop them, you must ensure some safety standards are in place. Teaching toddlers and young children kitchen safety Basics is very important, especially when they are using knife, heavy dishes, gas stove etc. Children can be playful wherever they are and therefore the surroundings are to be made child-friendly.

Kitchen Safety Rules For Kids

1. General Safety Checks:

Even when your kids are too small to walk, it is necessary to keep the kitchen on a safety mode. You can do the below mentioned things to keep it harmless:

  • Be it your kitchen platform or furniture piece make sure there are no sharp edges anywhere by using corner guards.
  • Remember that there should not be any spices or knives at a level that is within your kid’s reach. These can cause serious harm and also prove to be toxic.
  • Ensure that the kitchen floor is cleaned and there are no food particles or spills.
  • All the electricity plugs in the kitchen should have a safety plug. This will ensure that your kid cannot put his hand in it even by mistake.
  • Plastic bags or garbage cans should be kept in locked cupboards.
  • Crockery items or brittle things should be stored on higher shelves only.

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2. Safety Checks For Utensils And Appliances:

It is not possible to keep all the utensils or appliances behind in a locked space. However, you can surely arrange it in such a way that it does not make your kid vulnerable to it.

  • When some general appliances like toasters, blenders are not in use you should unplug them and store them away from your kid’s reach.
  • Heavy utensils as well hot utensils should always be on the back end of the platform. This will ensure that your child does not pull them or try to touch them.
  • Make sure you always lock your refrigerator as children are always curious to peep in. They might try grabbing things from the fridge which may be harmful for them or topple over, hurting them.

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3. Safety Checks For Stove:

A stove or a burner is one of the most dangerous appliances in the kitchen. Ensure that enough precaution is taken to use them when you want to ensure kitchen safety for kids.

  • Check for any leakages from your gas cylinders or even gas burners. Ensure they are always in good working condition.
  • The knobs of the stove should be covered when not in use so that your child is not inclined to play with it.
  • Make use of gas burners which are on the back instead of the front ones.
  • When you have an oven at home make sure that you unplug when not in use. At the same time take care while removing hot utensils from it.
  • Keep the room ventilated and make use of exhaust fan or chimney to avoid suffocation.
  • Handles of the utensils in which you cook should be firm and have a good grip. When the utensils are on the stove make sure that the handles are moved towards the back so that your kid does not attempt to touch it.

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When your child is in the kitchen it is a risky affair and requires proper attention and alertness. Ensure you follow these health and safety rules in the kitchen for kids and stay alert. It is always recommended you do not let your kid enter the kitchen space, especially when you are not around.

Do you know some new and interesting kitchen safety tips for kids? Please do share them with us. Simultaneously share your experiences and suggestions, if any with us by commenting below.

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