200 Kumbh Rashi Or Aquarius Baby Names For Boys And Girls

You may start looking for names for your little one as soon as your due date is revealed. It is an Aquarius baby if you are giving birth anywhere between January 21 and February 20. So this list of Khumbh Rashi names for boys and girls can help you search for unique ones.

The Kumbh Rashi, similar to the Aquarius zodiac sign from Western astrology, stands at the 11th number of Vedic astrology’s zodiac signs. It has a water-bearer as its symbol. Vedic astrology suggests that people with this sign should have their names begin with “G,” “S,” or “Sh” sounds.

Read on for a collection of common Kumbh Rashi names with meanings.

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100 Kumbh Rashi Or Aquarius Names For Boys

1. Gagan

The name Gagan refers to the sky or the “heaven above.”

2. Gahan

The name Gahan means profound. It also refers to someone who has a personality with a “lot of depth.”

3. Garvik

The name Garvik means pride or elegance.

4. Garvit

The name Garvit means to be proud of something or someone.

5. Gaurang

It is one of the many names of Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu, and also Lord Shiva. Gaurang refers to someone with a fair complexion.

protip_icon Did you know?
Gaurank meaning ‘happiness or excitement’ is another variant of the name Gaurang.

6. Gaurav

The name Gaurav means honor, dignity, pride, or respect.

7. Gaurik

Gaurik is one of the many names of Lord Ganesha. The name means “mountain-born.”

8. Gaurish

Another name for Lord Shiva, Gaurish means “husband of Goddess Parvati.” Gaurish also means “a fair one.”

9. Gautham

Another name for Lord Buddha, Gautham, means one who abolishes darkness. Gautam also refers to the name of one of the seven sages or rishis.

10. Gian

The name Gian means “one who has exalted divine wisdom or knowledge.”

11. Girik

Another name for Lord Shiva, Girik, means “an inhabitant or lord of the mountains.”

12. Girvan

The name Girvan means “language of God.”

13. Guhan

A unique name, Guhan is another name for Lord Murugan.

14. Gunav

The name Gunav refers to an honorable and righteous person with a good character.

15. Guneet

The name Guneet means “one who is meritorious for his virtues, righteousness, honor, and great qualities.”

16. Saarth

The name Saarth has its origin in the Mahabharata and refers to the charioteer of Arjuna (one of the five Pandavas).

17. Sachin

An epithet of Lord Shiva, Sachin refers to a pure and noble individual. Sachin is also one of the many names of Lord Indra.

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Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar is a famous bearer of this name.

18. Sachit

Sachit means to be conscious. Sachit also means joyful.

19. Saharsh

The name Saharsh refers to a happy and joyful individual.

20. Sahil

Sahil, Khumbh Rashi baby name for boy

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The name Sahil means coastline or sea-shore.

21. Sahishnu

One of the many names of Lord Vishnu, Sahishnu, means “one who calmly endures duality.”

22. Saish

Saish refers to a “baby with the blessings of Sai Baba.”

23. Sajith

Another name for Lord Ganesha, Sajith means “one who is superior in victory.”

24. Saket

A unique name, Saket is one of the many names of Lord Krishna.

25. Saksham

The name Saksham refers to a capable and skillful individual.

26. Samarth

One of the many names of Lord Krishna, Samarth, means someone powerful. Samarth also means multi-tasking.

27. Samarvir

The name Samarvir means “one who is the hero of the war or a battle.” Samarvir also means a trustworthy companion.

28. Samavart

One of the many names of Lord Vishnu, Samavart means “one who effectively whirls the wheel of samsara.”

29. Sameer

One of the many names of Lord Shiva, Sameer, means a good friend and companion. Sameer also means fragrance or breeze of the early morning.

30. Samved

Samved refers to Samaveda, which is one of the Vedas. Samved also refers to an individual who is holistic in his action as well as speech.

31. Samyak

The name Samyak means “enough.”

32. Sanay

Sanay refers to something “everlasting” or someone who “lasts forever.”

33. Sanchit

The name Sanchit refers to someone who stays calm and collected.

34. Sandeep

The name Sandeep means someone brilliant. Sandeep also means “a lighted lamp.”

35. Saneesh

Saneesh means the Sun or something that “gives light to life.”

36. Sanjay

Sanjay means triumphant. It was also the name of King Dhritarashtra’s charioteer in Mahabharata.

37. Sanjith

Sanjith means someone who is always victorious. It also means “someone who is a winner from all four directions.”

38. Santosh

Santosh means to be satisfied. Santosh also means happy.

39. Saransh

Saransh means to be precise. Saransh also means a summary or in short.

40. Sarth

Sarth is indicative of the Autumn season. Sarth also means complete and meaningful.

41. Sathvik

Another name for Lord Shiva, Sathvik, means calm and composed. Sathvik also means virtuous.

42. Satish

The name Satish means happiness. Satish also means “ruler or lord of hundreds.”

43. Shaivya

The name Shaivya means something auspicious. Shaivya also refers to a follower of Lord Shiva.

44. Sharav

Sharav means something pure. Sharav also means innocent.

45. Sharvesh

Another name for Lord Shiva, Sharvesh means “Lord of everything or everyone.”

46. Sharvil

It is another name for Lord Krishna. Sharvil also has its origin in the word “Sharv,” which means “sacred to Lord Shiva.”

47. Sharvin

Sharvin means “God of love.” Some of the other meanings of Sharvin include “victory” and “best archer.”

48. Shashank

A unique name for baby boys under the Kumbha Rashi, Shashank refers to the Moon.

49. Shashvata

A unique name, Shashvata refers to one of the many names of Lord Rama.

50. Shaunak

Shaunak means wise or intelligent. Shaunak also refers to “a great sage and teacher.”

51. Shaurya

The name Shaurya means powerful or brave.

52. Shayan

The name Shayan refers to “a person who is worthy and deserves good things in life.” Some of the other meanings of the name Shayan include, wise, well-mannered, and courteous.

53. Shidh

Shidh, a pious Khumbh Rashi name

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A unique name, Shidh is one of the many names of Lord Krishna.

54. Shinoy

The name Shinoy means one who makes peace or a peacemaker.

55. Shivaksh

Shivaksh refers to the three-eyed Lord Shiva.

56. Shivam

Another name for Lord Shiva, Shivam means fortunate. Shivam also means auspicious.

57. Shivank

The name Shivank means “mark of Lord Shiva.”

58. Shivansh

The name Shivansh means a portion or part of Lord Shiva.

59. Shiven

One of the many names of Lord Shiva, Shiven means “one who maintains the balance between life and death.”

60. Shivesh/Shivish

Shivesh means “Lord Shiva’s disciple” or “Lord Shiva’s very own.”

61. Shlok

A name with a religious origin, Shlok means “hymns or verse of praise for the Almighty Lord.”

62. Shresht

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Shresht means the foremost or the ultimate. Shresht also means the best.

63. Shrey

The name Shrey means marvelous. Shrey also means to give credit.

64. Shreyank

Shreyank refers to who has got fame and popularity in life.

65. Shreyansh

The name Shreyansh means “a lucky or a fortunate individual who can give fame to others.”

66. Shreyas

The name Shreyas means lucky or fortunate. Shreyas also means excellent, superior, or auspicious.

67. Shrida

Another name for Lord Kuber, Shrida means to bring wealth or fortune. Shrida also means something auspicious.

68. Shrihan

One of the many names of Lord Vishnu, Shrihan means handsome.

69. Shrish

It is another name for Lord Vishnu. Shrish also means “Lord of wealth.”

70. Shrithik

Shrithik is one of the many names of Lord Shiva.

71. Shriyam

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Shriyam means “he who is the embodiment of God.”

72. Shriyan/Sriyan

A unique name, Shriyan or Sriyan is one of the several names of Lord Vishnu.

73. Shuban

Another name for Lord Ganesha, Shuban means brilliant and auspicious.

74. Siddharth

It is another name for Lord Buddha. Siddharth also means successful or one who has reached his goal.

75. Siddhik

One of the many names of Lord Ganesha, Siddhik means supernatural power.

76. Sinan

A unique name, Sinan means “one who is as sharp as the tip of the spear.”

77. Soham

The name Soham means “God is present in every soul and every individual.”

78. Somit

Somit derives from “Samit,” a Sanskrit word meaning “someone who has got everything.”

79. Sourish

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Sourish means the “God of the Devas.” Sourish also means “the greatest of those who bestow good.”

80. Spandan

Spandan refers to the sound of heartbeats.

81. Sparsh

Sparsh refers to the feeling of touch.

82. Sravan

Sravan derives its name from the name of a star. Sravan also means a dutiful and respectful love (after a character in Ramayana).

83. Srijith

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Srijith means “one who has won over Goddess Lakshmi.”

84. Stavya

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Stavya refers to an individual, who is loved and praised by everyone.

85. Suchit

One of the many names of Lord Brahma, Suchit means a sensible person or one who has a sound mind. Suchit also means focussed.

86. Suhanth

A unique name, Suhanth refers to Lord Murugan.

87. Suhas

The name Suhas means “a beautiful smile.”

88. Sujan

The name Sujan means someone honest, virtuous, and kind. Sujan also means wise or intelligent.

89. Sumantu

The name Sumantu refers to “the person to whom Atharva Veda was assigned.”

90. Sumit

The name Sumit refers to an individual with a beautiful and good physique. Sumit also means “a good friend.”

91. Sunil

Sunil also means a dark blue gemstone

Image: Shutterstock

The name Sunil refers to a dark blue gemstone or a sapphire.

92. Suraj

The name Suraj refers to the bright and illuminating Sun. Suraj also means “he who is a good king.”

93. Suryansh

Suryansh means “a part of the Sun.”

94. Sutirth

It is another name for Lord Shiva. Sutirth also means a revered person or a teacher.

95. Svanik

The name Svanik refers to someone handsome.

96. Svar

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Svar means the “world of Gods (the Sun, heaven, the sky, the planets, and the constellations).”

97. Swaksh

A name for baby boys under Kumbha Rashi, Swaksh is one of the many names of Lord Vishnu.

98. Swapnil

The name Swapnil means something dreamy or “having seen something in a dream.”

99. Swaransh

The name Swaransh refers to “quarter of a tone in music.”

100. Swarit

The name Swarit means “towards heaven.”

100 Kumbh Rashi Or Aquarius Names For Girls

1. Gaganadipika

The name Gagandipika means “lamp of the sky.”

2. Gahana

The name Gahana means impassable. Gahana also means ornaments or jewelry.

protip_icon Did you know?
Aria is another popular baby name choice for Aquarius babies. Having its roots in Greek and Hebrew, this name refers to ‘a lioness’. The name also means ‘air’ in Italian.

3. Gajalakshmi

One of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi, Gajalakshmi means “as graceful as an elephant.”

4. Gamya

A unique name, Gamya means destiny. Gamya also refers to someone nice and beautiful.

5. Gangika

A unique name, Gangika is another name for river Ganga.

6. Ganishkha

A unique name, Ganishkha is one of the many names of Goddess Parvati.

7. Gannika

The name Gannika means “the jasmine blossom.” Gannika also means something valuable.

8. Garima

The name Garima means pride and honor. Garima also means prowess.

9. Gaurangi

One of the many names of Radha (Lord Krishna’s beloved), Gaurangi means one who gives or spreads happiness. Gaurangi also means fair-complexion.

10. Gautami

Another name for the Godavari River, Gautami means “one who removes darkness and spreads enlightenment.”

11. Geeta

The name Geeta has a religious origin, deriving its name from “Bhagvad Gita,” the sacred book of the Hindus.

12. Ghasna

A unique name, Ghasna refers to someone “as gentle and pure as a flower blossom.”

13. Ginni

A beautiful name, Ginni refers to a gold coin.

14. Girisha

One of the many names of Goddess Parvati, Girisha means “Goddess of the mountains.”

15. Gitika

A unique and beautiful Khumb Rashi baby girl name, Gitika means “a small song.”

16. Gitisha

A unique name, Gitisha refers to “seven notes of a song.”

17. Gorma

A beautiful baby girl name, Gorma is another name for Goddess Parvati.

18. Grahati

Grahati is one of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi.

19. Greeshmita

A unique name, Greeshmita refers to a warm and affable person.

20. Grishma

Grishma refers to the summer season. Grishma also means warmth.

21. Griva

The name Griva means “a woman or a girl who has a beautiful and melodious singing voice.”

22. Gungun

The name Gungun refers to a “soft, gentle, and tender woman.”

23. Saahana

The name Saahana refers to a type of raag (melody). Saahana also means patience.

24. Saanvi/Sanvi

One of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi, Saanvi/Sanvi means “one who will be followed.”

25. Sadhana

The name Sadhana means fulfillment. Sadhana also means to practice something with dedication for a long time.

26. Sagarika

The name Sagarika means “a woman born from the ocean.”

27. Saisha

The name Saisha refers to the truth of life. Saisha also means “with great desire and wish.”

28. Sakshi

The name Sakshi means evidence. Sakshi also means “one who is a witness.”

29. Samantha

The name Samantha means equality. Samantha also means “God has heard your prayer.”

30. Samanvita

Another name for Goddess Durga, Samanvita means “one who possesses all good qualities.”

31. Samira

The name Samira means something enchanting. Samira also means “early morning fragrance.”

32. Samriddhi

The name Samriddhi means prosperity or “one who has everything.”

33. Samyuktha

Samyuktha, a powerful Khumbh Rashi girl name

Image: Shutterstock

The name Samyuktha is one of the many names of Goddess Durga.

34. Sanaita

The name Sanaita means “she who is reborn for us.”

35. Sandhya

A beautiful name, Sandhya means twilight or dusk.

36. Sanjana

The name Sanjana refers to one who has a gentle and mild temperament.

37. Sanmaya

The name Sanmaya means “to remove obstacles.” Sanmaya also means equal.

38. Sanskriti

The name Sanskriti means culture and civilization. Sanskriti also means “perfection.”

39. Sarika

It is one of the many names of Goddess Durga. Sarika also means melodious and it even refers to the Cuckoo bird.

40. Sarvika

Sarvika means universal. It also means complete.

41. Sasvika

The name Sasvika means victory or success.

42. Satya

It means truth. Satya also is one of the many names of Goddess Sita and Goddess Durga.

43. Savi

It is another name for Goddess Lakshmi and the Sun.

44. Sayali

A unique name, Sayali refers to a small and beautiful white flower with a nice fragrance.

45. Sejal

The name Sejal means “pure flowing water of the river.”

46. Shaaravi

The name Shaaravi means innocence. Shaaravi also means purity.

47. Shachi

Shachi is the name of Lord Indra’s wife. Shachi also means elegance, wisdom, and kindness.

48. Shaista

The name Shaista refers to “a well-mannered, disciplined, and polite individual.”

49. Shaivi

The name Shaivi means auspicious or “one who brings prosperity.”

50. Shalini

The name Shalini means modesty.

51. Shambhavi

It is one of the many names of Goddess Parvati.

52. Shanaya

The name Shanaya refers to the “first rays of the Sun.” Shanaya also means distinguished.

53. Sharanya

The name Sharanya means peace. Sharanya also means to surrender.

54. Sharika

It is one of the many names of Goddess Durga.

55. Sharmistha

Sharmistha is the name of King Yayati’s wife. Sharmistha also means wise and beautiful.

56. Sharvi

The name Sharvi refers to someone pious or divine.

57. Shatakshi

It is another name for Goddess Parvati and Goddess Durga. Shatakshi, means “one with a hundred eyes.”

58. Shipra

The name Shipra refers to the holy river that flows through Ujjain.

59. Shivakshi

The name Shivakshi means the “third eye of Lord Shiva.”

60. Shivani

It is another name for Goddess Parvati and Goddess Durga.

61. Shivanshi

A beautiful girl name, Shivanshi means “a part of Lord Shiva.”

62. Shivatmika

One of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi, Shivatmika means “soul of Lord Shiva.”

63. Shivika

A unique name, Shivika means a palanquin.

64. Shloka

A name with a religious origin, Shloka means a hymn, verse, or a chant sang in praise of God.

65. Shraviya

The name Shraviya means a talented and enthusiastic person. Shraviya also means fearless.

66. Shree

It is one of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati. Shree means sacred and auspicious. Shree also means beauty and power.

67. Shreenika

Another name for Goddess Lakshmi, Shreenika means “lotus in the heart of Lord Vishnu.”

68. Shrestha

The name Shrestha means the ultimate or foremost.

69. Shrika

One of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi, Shrika means “as bright and radiant as the Sun.”

70. Shrina

Another name for Goddess Lakshmi, Shrina means “foresmost” or “the best.”

71. Shristi

The name Shristi means creation. Shristi also means the world or the universe.

72. Shruti

The name Shruti means one who is an expert or has mastered the Vedas. Shruti also means insight.

73. Shrutika

A unique name, Shrutika, is one of the many names of Goddess Sharada.

74. Shubhangi

The name Shubhangi refers to “a beautiful woman.”

75. Shubhika

Shubhika means something sacred

Image: Shutterstock

The name Shubhika means something sacred and auspicious. Shubhika also means “a garland made of flowers.”

76. Shweta

Shweta means white or fair complexion. Shweta also means “one who is as pure as the white color.”

77. Siddhi

The name Siddhi means an accomplishment or an achievement. Siddhi also means perfection.

78. Siddhiksha

One of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi, Siddhiksha refers to a religious ceremony.

79. Simran

The name Simran means a present or gift from God. Simran also means “one who meditates.”

80. Siya

It is another name for Goddess Sita. Siya also refers to a beautiful woman.

81. Siyona

The name Siyona refers to someone elegant and graceful.

82. Skanda

Another name for Lord Murugan, Skanda means “a wise and learned individual.”

83. Smahi

A unique name, Smahi means to progress or excel.

84. Sonika

The name Sonika means golden or “someone as radiant as gold.”

85. Sparsha

The name Sparsha means “sparkling eyes.” It is also used to refer to a gentle and caring person.

86. Spruha

A unique name for Khumb Rashi baby girls, Spruha means desire.

87. Sravani

The name Sravani refers to the full moon day in the Shravan month. Sravani also refers to an individual born in the Shravan month.

88. Sravya

The name Sravya refers to something that sounds pleasing to the ear.

89. Sreeja

The name Sreeja refers to Goddess Lakshmi’s daughter.

90. Srihitha

The name Srihitha refers to “an individual concerned about the well-being of others.”

91. Srinika

Another name for Goddess Lakshmi, Srinika means the “lotus which resides in the heart of Lord Vishnu.”

92. Sriya

Another name for Goddess Lakshmi, Sriya means prosperity or something beautiful.

93. Stuti

One of the many names of Goddess Durga, Stuti means fearless.

94. Sudiksha

One of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi, Sudiksha means good or positive start. Sudiksha also means beautiful.

95. Sugirtha

A unique name, Sugirtha means fortunate or lucky.

96. Sumaira

Sumaira means a brownish-complexioned woman. Sumaira also refers to someone famous or successful.

97. Suman

Suman refers to a beautiful, cheerful, and pleasant individual.

98. Suravi

The name Suravi means the Sun or “one who is comparable to the sun.”

99. Svara

The name Svara refers to the “Goddess of sound.” Svara also means morning.

100. Swati

Swati is one of the many names of Goddess Saraswati. Swati is also the name of a nakshatra or a constellation.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the significance of naming a child based on their Rashi?

In Vedic astrology, rashis or zodiac signs are believed to influence an individual’s personality and life. When a child is named according to their rashi, it is believed that it brings good luck and prosperity in their life.

2. Can non-Hindus use Kumbh Rashi names for their children?

As long as there is no legal restriction on using Kumbh Rashi names for children, non-Hindus are free to use Kumbh Rashi names for their children.

Those born under the Kumbh Rashi are known to value human relationships and are creative, focussed, and spontaneous individuals. They are quite likely to grow into successful and pleasant individuals. From our Khumbh Rashi names for boys and girls, you may choose names of Gods and Goddesses, such as Gaurish, Shriyam, or Srijith for boys, and Gajalakshmi, Girisha, Saanvi, Samanvita, or Sarika for girls to seek eternal blessings of the Almighty. Guhan, Saket, Shashvata, Shidh, and Sriyan can make some unique names for your little prince, while Gitisha, Smahi, or Spruha can be stylish options for your princess.

Infographic: Kumbh Rashi Or Aquarius Names For Boys And Girls

Do you believe in the stars and sun signs? If yes, you may have thought about naming your baby after their birth sign that would align with their personality and aura. So, here is a list of Kumbh Rashi names if yours is an Aquarius baby. Dive in and find the perfect one.

names for babies born in the kumbh rashi (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • The Kumch or Aquarius zodiac is assigned to those born between January 21 and February 20.
  • The symbol of the Kumbh Rashi is a pot, and that of Aquarius is a water-bearer.
  • According to Vedic astrology, the names should begin with the letters ‘Sh,’ ‘S,’ and ‘G.’
Khumbh Rashi names for boys and girls_illustration

Image: Dall·E/MomJunction Design Team

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