6 Learning Activities For Your 10 Month Old Baby

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Mommy, your baby is now that much closer to the first birthday. 10 months already, can you believe that?

Your darling has reached a very important milestone of the one year mark. He seems a lot louder and you feel like he is going out of control at times. Your 10 month old has now started asserting himself. He is moving around knocking down things, banging doors, pots and pans. Your baby may even have developed words like “no” and “ah”.

At this stage, you find yourself running around him and worrying that he doesn’t trip and fall in all the excitement. Your baby is fussy and energized like never before. This is the time when you should start interacting with your baby in a positive manner, helping him develop the balancing act.

Baby Milestones For Your 10 Month Old:

Here are some of the milestones that your 10 month old might attain:

  1. Play hide and seek.
  2. Comprehend some of the words.
  3. Pull up in the standing position
  4. Walk holding the edges of the furniture
  5. May try to eat with his hands or use a spoon. Encourage your child to feed himself even as he gets messy.
  6. Your baby may sit down from the standing position in a controlled manner.

Loves exploring the world around him by tasting, shaking and touching things. Do not restrict his movements unless he is trying something dangerous.

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Activities For 10 Months Old Baby:

Your 10 month old may start playing games with you. Engage in playing with him. Here we have mentioned few activities for a 10 month old baby:

  • He will love exploring the environment around him. You can bring a bucket full of twigs, stones and leaves and let your baby know about the things you find. Let him pour out things and put them back.
  • You and your toddler can enjoy the activity of finding shoes on a rainy day. You can hold up one and ask him to get the other one. He will need help in the initial stages, but this will help him identify similarities.
  • Peek-a-boo can be an exciting game for him. This helps in developing “object performances”. Clap when he finds his favorite toy. This helps improve language skills and makes him aware of object permanence.

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Toys For A 10 Months Old Baby Activities:

Since your baby has just learnt to crawl, you can get him some exciting toys now. Here are few toys options for 10th month baby activities. Check them out.

  • Push toys can be a great option. You can place some books in the wagon to make the toy suitable for him.
  • Shape sorters and stacking blocks can be great fun for him. He can now tower down and figure the cup that should be placed on which.
  • Your baby may be thrilled to get a toy phone. Get a phone that makes sounds and lights up as well.

Points To Remember About Your 10th Month Old:

  • Your baby at this age is always in the act of exploring the world around him.
  • His brains are now developed to explore all the 5 senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.
  • His cognitive skill is not yet developed to discern the right and wrong, which is your responsibility to teach as a parent.
  • Your toddler should be given the opportunity to enjoy his new found independence, as this will have a positive effect on his developmental years.

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The most important thing to remember is that all babies are special. While some baby may reach a particular milestone at a certain age, others may reach it earlier or later. It is entirely wrong to compare babies and the age when they reach milestones. Let your baby develop at his own pace, and remember to never rush him to learn anything.

Create your own treasure baskets and make playtime fun like never before. Go ahead and have the best moments with your little angel of joy and cherish the memories all through your life. Share if you have any other activities for 10 months old baby with other parents in the comment section below.

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