6 Simple And Fun Learning Activities For 10-Month-Old Baby

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If your little rockstar is ten months old and is inching towards completing their first birthday, this is the time to engage your little one with some interesting activities for a ten-month-old baby. This is the time when they can sometimes go out of control and can also be a lot louder. Right from knocking down things to banging vessels, your little one might be up to shenanigans, keeping you on your toes. In case you are wondering, yes, your little one is fussier and more energized than ever before. To help you with that, we bring you some of the best activities that you can teach to your little ones to keep them occupied.

Here are some of the milestones that your ten-month-old might attain (1) (2):

Here are some of the milestones that your 10 month old might attain:

  1. Playing peek-a-boo
  2. Comprehending some words
  3. Pulling themself up in the standing position with support
  4. Walking while holding the edges of the furniture
  5. Trying to eat with their hands or use a spoon. Encourage your child to feed themself even if they get messy.
  6. Sitting down from a standing position in a controlled manner.

Additionally, they love exploring the world around them by tasting, shaking, and touching things. So, do not restrict their movements unless they try something that might hurt them dangerous.

Activities For 10-Month-Old Babies:

At this age, your baby may start playing games with you. So, engage them in different age-appropriate activities to aid their growth and development. we have mentioned a few activities for a ten-month-old baby:

  • Collect a bucket full of twigs, stones, and leaves, and let your baby know about the things you find. Then, let them pour out the things and put them back.
  • You and your toddler can enjoy the activity of finding shoes on a rainy day. You can hold up one and ask them to get the other one. Initially, they will need help but as they understand the process, this activity will help them identify similarities.
  • Peek-a-boo can be an exciting game that can help teach your baby about “object permanence.” So, hide your little one’s favorite toy and ask them to find it. Give them hints in between and clap for their efforts. Doing so will help improve their language skills and make them aware of object permanence (3).

Toys For A 10-Month-Old Baby Activities:

Since your baby has just learned to crawl and is trying several new things, you can get them some exciting toys now. Here are a few toy options for 10th ten-month-baby activities (4).

  • Push toys, such as a wagon or car, can be a great option to help your child develop strength, balance, and coordination.
  • Shape sorters and stacking blocks can be entertaining and engaging picks to hone your child’s eye-hand coordination and motor skills.
  • Your baby may be thrilled to get a toy phone. A toy phone with sound and light can entertain them and help refine their language skills.

Points To Remember About Your 10-Month-Old:

  • Your baby at this age is always in the act of exploring the world around them.
  • Their brains are now developed to explore all the five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.
  • Their cognitive skill is not yet developed to discern right and wrong, which you teach as a parent.
  • Your toddler should be allowed to enjoy their newfound independence, as this will positively affect their developmental years (5).

At ten months old, your baby may be quite observant and desire to do things independently, such as walking or eating by themselves. So this is the right time to introduce some fun and interesting activities for 10 months old babies to aid their development. Activities such as peek-a-boo can help with their language and motor skills, providing a fun way for their overall development. Use these activities to keep your children occupied while also allowing them to have fun. Amidst all of these, remember that each child is different, and it is normal if they don’t grasp the skills as quickly as others. Be patient and let them achieve growth milestones at their own pace.


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