3 Learning Activities For Your 1 Month Old Baby

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Congrats mom! Your little one is finally here! The attachment and feeling you get upon holding your baby are simply unmatched, and you feel the urge of protecting her and supporting her for life.

Unlike what you may think, your one month old is very sensitive to the surrounding around her. She is slowly developing her hearing abilities and vision. By the end of the month, you may find her responding to the bright colored toys. Sudden and loud noises may surprise your little one as well.

Developments In Your 1 Month Old Baby:

This is the time when your baby’s development will look like a whirlwind. When you pause to take a look at her, you may notice the following developmental marks.

  • By the end of the month you may find she is heavier and larger than before.
  • Even though she cannot grasp a toy, she will be aware of it.
  • She can slowly begin to recognize the smell of her caregiver.
  • Although her vision has not fully developed, she can see objects at a close proximity.
  • In the initial days she will mostly keep her eyes closed, but with time she will start responding to bright colors and contrasting patterns.
  • Your baby is familiar with your voice since the time she was there in your womb. Talk to your darling. Babies love the gentle and soothing sounds than the loud ones.

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3 Learning Activities For 1 Month Old Baby:

Here are 3 interesting 1 month old baby activities that you can try. These activities for a 1 month old baby will help your little one develop the various senses while being completely safe:

1. Your Baby Needs Head Support:

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Your baby is too young and still needs the head support beneath.

  • It will take time for her muscles to get stronger.
  • Within few months she will be able to lift up her head without support.
  • You can use a headrest for her now.

2. Reflexes Of Your 1 Month Old:

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Your baby slowly develops her reflexes over time. Here are the developments you can notice:

  • She will automatically turn her head to the nipple or the bottle.
  • She will extend her hands to hold on to you, when startled.
  • You can see her grips getting stronger with time.
  • You can feel her grab on when you put your finger in her palm. She will not let you go anywhere now!

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3. Crying:

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No matter how much you prepare, you are never ready to hear your baby cry, cry and only cry. Babies at this age spend 7% of their day simply crying. It is their way of expressing any discomforts they are in. This is one of the interesting one month old baby activities to try.

  • So what can you do in such cases?
  • Check the diapers, if they need to be changed.
  • Check if she is hungry.
  • Check if she needs a burp.
  • Check if she is sleepy.
  • Check if she is uncomfortable in the environment around her.

You should not worry much about her crying, as it is the only way she communicates at this stage. Make sure to respond to her crying and shower her with love.

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Is My Baby’s Development Normal?

This is one worry every mother has across the world; let us clarify your doubt. You must first understand that every baby is unique and develops in her own way. Below are the simple guidelines that show potential of your baby:

  1. If your baby is born prematurely, she will need more time to get started with different activities. This is the simple reason why doctor give two ages to the baby born prematurely.
  • The chronological age that is calculated from the date of birth of your baby.
  • The age that is calculated from the due date of your baby.
  1. You must measure your baby’s development against her right age and not the actual date of birth. This parameter will help your healthcare professional measure the development of your baby.

Hope you liked our compilation of activities for 1 month old baby. Seek advice from your doctor in case you have any queries.

Moms share the milestones your baby crossed in the first month in the comment section below.

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