3 Learning Activities For Your One-Month-Old Baby

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As parents, the joyous feeling of bringing a new human into the world cannot be matched by anything else. There are a lot of interesting learning activities for a one-month-old baby. Babies in their first month are sensitive to the environment around them, and they are slowly but steadily developing their vision and hearing abilities. At the end of the month, you might find that your baby has started responding to the bright colors and soft noises you introduce her to through these activities. Read on to know about how you can slowly introduce your one-month-old baby to the activities we’ve mentioned.

Developments In Your One-Month-Old Baby

This is the time when your baby’s development will look like a whirlwind. When you pause to take a look at them, you may notice the following developmental marks (1):

  • By the end of the month, you may find they are heavier and larger than before.
  • Even though they cannot grasp a toy, they will be aware of it.
  • They can slowly begin to recognize the smell of their caregiver.
  • Although their vision has not fully developed, they can see objects in close proximity.
  • In the initial days, they may often keep eyes closed, but with time they will start responding to bright colors and contrasting patterns.
  • Your baby is familiar with your voice since they the time she was there in your womb and they can easily identify your voice. Talk to your little one. Babies love the gentle and soothing sounds rather than the loud ones.
  • A baby can make throaty noises or cry to communicate hunger or other issues within the first month of life.

3 Learning Activities Of One-Month-Old Baby

Here are three interesting one-month-old baby activities that you can try. These activities for a one-month-old baby will help your little one develop the various senses while being completely safe:

1. Your Baby Needs Head Support:

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Your baby is too young and still needs the head support beneath (2).

  • It will take time for their muscles to get stronger.
  • Within a few months, they can lift up their head without support.
  • You can use a headrest for them now.

2. Reflexes Of Your 1-Month-Old:

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Your baby slowly develops their reflexes over time. Here are the developments you can notice (3):

  • Turn head to the nipple or the bottle.
  • Extend hands to hold on to you, when startled.
  • Grips getting stronger with time.
  • Grab on when you put your finger in their palm.

3. Crying:

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No matter how much you prepare, you are never ready to hear your baby cry, especially for a longer time. It is their way of expressing any discomforts they are in. You may look the following factors if your baby is crying (4).  It is their way of expressing any discomforts they are in.

  • So what can you do in such cases?
  • Check the diapers, if they need to be changed.
  • Check if they are hungry.
  • Check if they need a burp.
  • Check if they are sleepy.
  • Check if they are uncomfortable with the environment around.

You should not worry much about crying in babies, as it is the only way of communication. You may respond to a crying baby and shower them with love.

Is My Baby’s Development Normal?

This is one worry every mother has, so let us clarify your doubt. You must first understand that every baby is unique and develops in her own way. Below are the simple guidelines that show potential of your baby:

  1. If your baby is born prematurely, they will need more time to get started with different activities. This is the simple reason why doctors give two ages to the baby born prematurely (5).
  • The chronological age is calculated from the date of birth of your baby.
  • The age that is calculated from the due date of your baby.
  1. You must measure your baby’s development against her right age and not the actual date of birth. This parameter will help your healthcare professional measure the development of your baby

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What toys can a one-month-old play with?

Your one-month-old baby can recognize sounds, visually follow moving objects, and move their heads from one side to another while lying on their back (6). Therefore, suggestions for toys can include bright and contrasting objects, playmat gyms with colorful objects hanging from them, and flashcards.

2. How do I entertain a one-month-old baby?

You can easily entertain your month-old baby with the help of the following activities (7):

  • Smile at them
  • Hold their hands and clap
  • Play with a puppet sock by moving it in front of her
  • Slowly do dance-like movements with them on your shoulder

You must measure your baby’s development against their right age and not the actual date of birth. This parameter will help your healthcare professional measure the development of your baby.

Seek advice from your doctor in case you have any queries.


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