3 Learning Activities For Your 11-Month-Old Baby

Now that you are reaching the first birthday of your baby, it’s time to child-proof your home. It may get difficult for you to keep an eye over him at all times, and these learning activities for 11-month-old babies may come in handy to keep them engaged. However, you need to ensure he is safe. This is the time when he is leaving behind his babyhood and growing up to be a wobbly toddler.

He will now find games like peek-a-boo and patty-cake that will be fascinating for him. He is slowly learning to drink milk from his own cup and cruise all around the home independently. Your baby will now experiment standing on his toe or on a single foot. He may try climbing out of his crib and put himself in a precarious position.

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Developmental Milestones For Your 11 Months Old Baby

By the end of his 11 months, he may be capable of doing the following. However, these are very generic and you need to keep in mind that every baby develops at his own pace.

  • He will make gestures or point when asking for something.
  • Say “dada” or “mama”.
  • Sip from his sipper or cup.
  • Walk by holding with one hand.

3 Learning Activities For 11 Month Old Baby

Don’t get impatient with your naughty and hyperactive 11 month old. He still needs your attention at this age. His daily activities now include exploring the world around him. He might land himself in dangerous situations at times, about which you need to be careful. Check out 3 learning activities for 11 month old baby here:

1. Eating Habits Of Your Baby:

11 month old baby can use spoon as well as fingers for eating

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Your 11 month old baby is now capable of feeding himself with spoon as well as fingers:

  • Since his diet is mostly solid by this time, make sure all nutrients are judiciously added. There should be a perfect balance of dairy products, veggies and fruits.
  • You can give snacks in the afternoon and in the morning, to make sure he has sufficient energy to run the whole day.
  • He is fast developing his sense of taste, so keep adding different flavors to make mealtimes fun for him.
  • Even if he is a fussy eater, moms you should not give up. Never force him to eat though.

2. Communication Skills Of Your Baby:

Communication skill learning activities for 11 month old baby

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By this time your baby realizes he is unique. He will develop a strong sense of likes and dislikes at this stage. Here is how he communicates at this stage.

  • Keep your cool if he throws temper tantrums to get his favorite toy.
  • He may be firm when he is saying “no” at this stage. Be prepared to hear this word often.
  • Your baby learns to communicate effectively at this stage.
  • He may respond if you ask him anything even if he doesn’t grasp its meaning.
  • His attention spans have improved by this time and he focuses more on an object or game.

3. Enjoy Reading:

Reading is one of the best learning activities for 11 month old baby

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Even if your baby is very active, he will enjoy some reading time sitting on your lap. This is one of the best 11 month old baby activities to try.

  • This is a good way to learn to turn pages.
  • He may point at pictures.
  • Stick his fingers through the holes.
  • He may also munch the corners of the books.
  • Reading is a fantastic way to interact with your baby.
  • However, don’t get disappointed if his attention spans are too short. It’s okay even if he sits for a little time.
  • You never know he might soon develop a liking for his favorite book.
  • Utter the words slowly when he points to a letter or a word.
  • He may soon start repeating the same words.
  • Regular reading habits will help develop his cognitive skills and he will soon consider reading a wonderful activity.

By the age of 11-months, most babies are beginning their journey towards independence. There is also a considerable advancement in their eating, communication, and cognitive skills. Hence, the learning activities of an 11-month-old baby should focus on helping them in their developing areas. Also, learn more about the milestones of an 11-year-old and include relevant activities into their routine. However, remember that each child reaches a milestone at their own pace. If you are unsure of the activities suitable for your baby, you can always consult their pediatrician.

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