4 Best Activities For 14-Month-Old Babies' Development

It is entertaining to observe the developments in your 14 months old while they walk and attempt to imitate you or other people around. As a parent, you can aid cognitive and motor growth by including learning activities for a 14-month-old baby. However, it would help if you keep a close eye on your playful and energetic child. They will explore their surroundings, for which you may need to child-proof your home. They will not talk as early but will communicate through actions, smiles, and looks. Read this post to learn about your baby’s learning activities and healthy habits.

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Developments In Your 14 Months Old

Your baby is walking now and there is no need to worry if he suddenly starts crawling for some time. It’s time for you to buy shoes for him before taking him out! Here, we shall take a closer look at his growth and development:

  • He may have a pot belly at this age, which is absolutely normal.
  • His legs may be still slightly bowed, which should not be a matter of concern. His body shape will change as he matures.
  • You may consider cutting his hair at this stage. For most of the moms this is a very emotional time. No need to worry as the hairs will soon grow back.

4 Learning Activities For 14 Month Old Baby

At this stage your baby enjoys the company of others. Here are 4 learning activities for a 14 month old baby:

  1. If your baby sees his actions evoke laughter, he will feel encouraged to repeat the act again.
  2. Concepts like cause and effect, patterns, repetition and expectations develop at this age.
  3. It will be good if you participate in fun games with him. It may get tedious at times, but he will surely love the enthusiasm you show while playing.
  4. Your baby will love to hear you reading stories for him. A baby who grows immersed in books is generally well prepared for school.

Healthy Habits For Your Baby

You may be worried about why your baby is so picky about food while he chews on dirt and papers? Well, the answer is simple – This is how babies learn to develop a sense of taste.

  • Don’t worry as your baby’s immune system is developed to cope with thousands of microbes.
  • It is important for you to keep your baby away from animal excreta, pesticides, fertilizers and lead.
  • You should take care of your baby’s health as he may suffer from a cold frequently at this age.
  • Doctors generally suggest symptomatic relief and plenty of cuddles in these cases.

You should make sure that you visit a doctor in case of the following:

  • He stops eating completely.
  • Develops elevated temperature.
  • Has trouble breathing.
  • Does not wet nappies for long.


As your little ones grows with time there are certain things you must remember as parents, here they are:

  • You can also see your baby familiarizing himself with the pet dog. He will learn to care for and stroke the pet, helping develop his cognitive skills gradually.
  • You need to remember that he is still too young and spanking is surely not an effective disciplining tactic. Your baby will throw or drop stuffs every now and then. You need to stay calm and tolerate their naughty activities. These actions of your kids are just part of his experimental delight that even you did as a child.

Hope you will enjoy spending quality time with these fun activities for a 14-month-old baby. Shower him with love and care and guide him through every move he makes. All you need to ensure as a parent is to provide him with everything he needs to grow.

Infographic: Cause And Effect Lessons For Toddlers

“Why did the cat run away? Because the guard left the door open.” “The baby cried because he hurt himself in the eye.” These are some examples of the phenomenon of cause and effect. Save this infographic where we enlist some exciting activities to teach cause and effect to your 14-month-old.

cause and effect activities for toddlers (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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