25 Wonderful Lego Movie Coloring Pages For Toddlers 

Lego Movie Gang coloring PageLego Movie Gang coloring Page MetalBeard Lego Movie coloring PageMetalBeard Lego Movie coloring Page Green Lantern Lego Movie coloring PageGreen Lantern Lego Movie coloring Page Lego Movie character Superman coloring PageLego Movie character Superman coloring Page Blaze Firefighter of Lego Movie coloring PageBlaze Firefighter of Lego Movie coloring Page Lego Movie Captain America coloring PageLego Movie Captain America coloring Page Lego Movie Emmet coloring PageLego Movie Emmet coloring Page Lego Lizard Man coloring PageLego Lizard Man coloring Page Lego Movie Aquaman with Weapon coloring PageLego Movie Aquaman with Weapon coloring Page Emmet In A Disguise coloring PageEmmet In A Disguise coloring Page A Unikitty coloring PageA Unikitty coloring Page Ringmaster of Lego Movie coloring PageRingmaster of Lego Movie coloring Page Master Builders Lego Movie coloring PageMaster Builders Lego Movie coloring Page Unikitty Lego Movie coloring PageUnikitty Lego Movie coloring Page Wyldstyle Lego Movie coloring PageWyldstyle Lego Movie coloring Page Batman Lego Movie coloring PageBatman Lego Movie coloring Page Vitruvius Lego Movie coloring PageVitruvius Lego Movie coloring Page Abraham Lincoln Lego Movie coloring PageAbraham Lincoln Lego Movie coloring Page Lego Avengers coloring PageLego Avengers coloring Page Bad Cop Lego Movie coloring PageBad Cop Lego Movie coloring Page Lord Business Lego Movie coloring PageLord Business Lego Movie coloring Page Benny Lego Movie coloring PageBenny Lego Movie coloring Page Flash Character Lego Movie coloring PageFlash Character Lego Movie coloring Page Lego Star Wars coloring PageLego Star Wars coloring Page Wonder Woman Lego Movie coloring PageWonder Woman Lego Movie coloring Page


“The Lego Movie” is the first-ever, full-length Lego theatrical adventure film. Boasting of beautiful animation, a charming cast, hilarious gags and a thoughtful story, “The Lego Movie” managed to sneak into the hearts of people of ages.

The Lego Universe has produced over 4000 different mini figures, but only a few managed to make for the Lego Movie. Today, we compiled a list of the main characters appearing in the “Lego Movie”.

Best Lego Movie Printable Coloring Pages For Little Ones


This coloring page features the all the major characters of “The Lego Movie”- Emmet, Master Business, Wildstyle, Vitruvius, Binny, Unikitty, Bad Cop and so on. In the film, Vitruvius tries to protect Kragle, an ancient and powerful relic from the Lord Business, the villain. But he fails after being completely blinded by Lord Business’s laser shot. Later, Emmet, an ordinary Lego Minifigure is mistaken for an extraordinary person and the key to saving the Lego world. The Master Builders draft him into a fellowship in a quest to stop an evil tyrant, Master Business.

2. Wyldstyle:

Wyldstyle, also known as Lucy, plays Emmet’s love interest in the film. Wyldstyle is an independent and strong character and does not let others give her orders. She is tough as nails. Despite her tough personality, she has a caring heart. Wyldstyle is also extremely intelligent. She knows the best way to escape from the Bad Cop and his goons. Wyldstyle and Emmet travel to the Wild West through a secret portal to find Vitruvius the wizard and save the Lego World. Wyldstyle knows and gets what she wants, but unfortunately, Emmet is completely out of her league.

3. MetalBeard:

Here’s a Lego Movie coloring page of MetalBeard, a pirate obsessed to take revenge on Lord Business for making his body parts. MetalBeard and Master Builder pirate crew infiltrated the Octan Tower. All his fellow members were taken the prisoner for the Think Tank; only MetalBeard managed to survive and retreat. Lord Business then forced him to build a new body from the scratch, which resulted in his present state. He later explains to Emmet about how Lord Business bricked him, despite conceiving every plan imaginable. Lord Business soon leaves upon realizing that the construction worker does not have any creative skills. Metalbeard then rescues his gang successfully from Lord Business’s traps. He then joins Emmet and assists Benny in getting all the controls that are connected to Kragle.

4. Bad Cop:

The mini figure you see here is Bad Cop, the secondary antagonist of the Lego Movie. He is the lieutenant of Lord Business. Good Cop is the strongest and most ruthless henchman of Lord Business. He can do anything to help Lord Business achieve his goal of gluing the world together. He is obsessed with the idea of capturing Emmet, who holds the Piece of Resistance with him. Bad Cop dresses up in Black Lego police uniform. He has a yellow head with double-sided printing. One side is a good personality, and the other side is a bad personality. When he is on his good side, then wears glasses and has a wide grin, and when he is on his bad side, he has a determined expression and wears gray glasses.

5. Benny:

Benny, or 1980-Something Space Guy, is one of the supporting characters of the Lego Movie. In the movie, he helps Emmet and his gang build a spaceship. But when realizes that the skies were surrounded by the Secret Police, he breaks the spaceship in disappointment. He appears in the film wearing a cracked, blue space helmet and blue jacket with a faded, space logo. He has a yellow face, black eye and has a wide grin on his face. The cracked helmet and faded logo imply that he is an old Lego mini figure. The broken helmet caused the oxygen to leak from his suit, affecting his brain. As a result, Benny has a short-term attention span for everything that involves spaceships.

6. Batman:

Here’s a Lego Movie coloring sheet of the superhero Batman, aka Bruce Wayne. Batman is one of the tritagonists appearing in the film. In the movie, Batman disguises as Bruce Wayne, his own self and Unikitty disguises to as Biznis Kitty to enter Lord Business’s boardroom in the Octan Tower. Batman has appeared in several color combinations, each reflecting his appearances in different continuities. He hindered Lord Business by saying that the T.A.K.O.S. must have HD loudspeakers. Batman makes no secret that he prefers to work alone as he could get the job done faster and better than anyone else. Currently, Batman plays Wyldstyle’s love interest.

7. Unikitty:

Princess Unikitty is the brick-built released first in the Lego Movie. She is one of the tritagonists in the film along with Batman. She is a half unicorn and half kitty. Princess Unikitty lives in the Cloud Cuckoo Land in harmony with the Master Builders, despite being aware, that the place will soon be destroyed. She is a great friend of Emmet and will do anything to help the Master Builders stop Lord Business from destroying the world. But Unikitty also hides a secret to herself. What do you think it can be? Unikitty has had eight different variations, consisting of fourteen pieces. She has a pink head with large, printed blue eyes, small, dark pink nose, rosy cheeks, and a unicorn horn sticking out of her head.

8. Lord Business:

This coloring page features Lord Business, the antagonist of the Lego movie. Lord Business is the alter ego of the President Business, an uptight president of a company who wants everything to be well organized around him. He commands a robot militia to take over the world by gluing together Krangle, a tube of Krazy Glue. He perceives every creative Lego as a threat. Lord Business usually appears in his gray business suit. He has a yellow head with brown brows and an evil smirk. One of the several personalities of Lord Business wears a red and brown, square hairpiece, and the other persona wear an elaborate headdress topped with coffee cups. He wears large boots and a long cape that looks like a business tie.

9. Flash:

Here’s a Lego Movie color page of Flash with Green Lantern. Flash or Barry Allen first appeared as a Lego character in “Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes”. Barry Allen was a slow and easygoing student who enjoyed living in slumber. When he was a senior in college, he helped the police catch the criminal at a bank robbery. The police officials offered him a job as a police scientist in the Central City. Barry was working on an experiment when a lightning bolt zapped the chemical cabinet, bathing him with the chemicals. This led to the creation of Flash. The Lego Flash wears a molded helmet with yellow bolts on each side. He has a red head with light nougat printed on his eyes and face. He has a muscular red torso with lightning logo on it. He has a printed back with a suit cut on the back. You can also see the reverse face in the Lego Movie.

10. Green Lantern:

Here’s a coloring image of Lego Green Lantern. Green Lantern, also called Hal Jordon is a minifigure released in 2011 to promote the release of DC Universe Super Heroes in 2012. In the Lego Movie, Green Lantern is one of the Master Builders that meet in the Cloud Cuckoo Land. Throughout the film, Green Lantern thinks that Superman is his friend, but in reality, Superman finds him annoying and irritating. Green Lantern has a short, dark brown hair and appears in a dark green outfit with the Green Lantern logo on it.

11. Superman:

Lego Superman, the powerful protector of Metropolis, flies through the city patrolling for the crime with his supervision. He lives the double life as Clark Kent, the reporter for the Daily Planet when he is not battling the evil minifigures. Superman or Clark Kent is the Master Builder in the Lego Movie. He attends all the Master Builders meetings in the Cloud Cuckoo Land. Superman finds Green Lantern very irritating and annoying. Just like the superhero, Lego Superman also has a blue torso with his signature S logo on it. He wears a red cape and black belt. Besides the Lego Movie, Lego Superman has also appeared in various other franchise of Lego, including the “Man of Steel”.

12. Wonder Woman:

Here’s a coloring image of Lego Wonder Woman. Lego Wonder Woman protects the planet with her super-powered abilities. She keeps the criminal in checks with her super straight, speed and the lasso of truth that makes the criminals confess their crime. In the film, when the Bad Cop’s forces try to invade the Cloud Cuckoo Land, her jet is destroyed along with the Batman’s Batmobile. The Bad Cop’s forces later abduct her and place her in the Think Tank. Just like most of the Lego minifigures, even Wonder Woman has a double-sided head, one side is angry, and the other side is smiling. She has a red torso with golden ‘W’ at the top. Wonder Woman has a long and wavy hair that she decorates with her signature golden tiara.

13. Vitruvius:

Vitruvius is an ancient and heroic figure who prophesizes that someone special will defeat Lord Business and will become the greatest Lego Master Builder of all. In the Lego, Movie Vitruvius brings together all the Master Builders for a meeting in the Cloud Cuckoo Land. He informs all the Mater Builders that an unstoppable force is coming that could end the world. Vitruvius combines with Emmet and other Master Builders to stop the force. He teaches Emmet that the key to actual building is to believe in yourself and follow the instructions on your head. He was first seen in the movie in a temple guarding Kragle against the Lord Business but, unfortunately, loses his eyesight afterward.

14. Abraham Lincoln:

Abraham Lincoln is one of the major characters appearing in the film. Being one of the Master Builders, Abraham Lincoln came to the meeting in the Cuckoo Land to express his disdain towards Emmet. He stated that the house should never be divided amongst itself. He then left the Cloud Cuckoo Land riding his rocket chair, much to the dismay of Emmet. Lincoln later joined in the fight against Lord Business and his forces in the Bricksburg. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States. He led the United States of America through the American Civil War, the greatest moral, military and constitutional crisis. He preserved the Union, strengthening the national government, abolishing slavery and modernizing the economy.

15. Blaze Firefighter:

Here’s another Lego Movie coloring sheets of Blaze Firefighter. In the film, Blaze Firefighter also called Justin Furneaux, creates a mesh out of a fire truck to battle the Micro Managers. He helps Emmet find Gail the Construction Worker, and they eventually defeat the Micro Managers. Despite having a minor role in the film, Blaze plays a significant role in the in the Lego Movie Video Game. Blaze Firefighter appears in a black Firefighter suit and wears his Firefighter helmet.

16. Captain America:

Here is a coloring image of Lego Captain America in action. Captain America is a standard Lego minifigure with his head shaped like a helmet. His body is dark blue in colors, with some red and white. He has a giant ‘A’ on his blue front torso that denotes America. Here we can see Lego Captain America with his iconic shield. Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, was preserved in the Arctic Circle for ages after being augmented by a Super Soldier serum during the WW2. He got a second lease on life after his reintroduction to the modern society as Captain America. Captain America has a brief stint in the Lego Movie but plays a significant role in Lego’s Marvel Super Heroes.

17. Lego Star Wars:

Here’s a coloring page that will appeal to the little “Star Wars” fans at home. This coloring page features the characters of “Lego Star Wars, The Quest for R2-D2”. It has Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Yoda. “Lego Star Wars” is a theme that incorporates the “Star Wars” saga. It released in 1999 along with the first Lego X-Wing. The movie “Lego Star Wars the Quest for R2-D2” released in August 2009 to celebrate the ten years of “Lego Star Wars”.

18. Lego Avengers:

The Lego Avenger’s team come together to save the world from Ultron and Loki. The franchise consists of all the major characters of the Avengers, including Agent Carter and Agent Coulson. The core team members here are hatching a plan to get hold of Ultron. Do you think they’ll succeed? Or will Ultron trick the Avengers yet again? Have your child decide that as he colors this image.

19. Emmet:

Emmet is the protagonist of the Lego Movie. He worked most of life on the construction site as a worker in the city of Bricksburg. He spends most of his time building things only from the instructions, which makes him uncreative and boring. Neither is he a great fan of danger or adventure. He wants to be popular, but his co-workers rarely notice him. Emmet mostly appears wearing a blue and orange construction uniform lined with silver on the front, legs and back. He has two pockets on his suit, each containing a blue pen. He has a neck bracket around his neck that carries the Piece of Resistance. Emmet also carries an ID that includes his small bio and an image. Emmet has a total of eleven physical personas.

20. Lizard Man:

The Lizard Man is one of the characters appearing in the Lego movie. He appears as one of the Master Builders attending the assembly of the Master Builders before Robo Swat attacked it. The Lizard Man wears a green dinosaur mask with an open mouth that allows him to see. It has a green torso, tan chest with scaled printing. Lizard Man may be just a minifigure like other Lego characters but can trample cities beneath his green feet. Not the standard brick or mortar buildings, but meticulously detailed miniature buildings built by him. Lizard Man has also done a cameo with the Gorilla Suit Guy in Lego Marvel Superheroes TV Short. Currently, he is thinking of becoming a professional wrestler, only if Gorilla Suit Guy permits.

21. Aquaman:

Aquaman is a DC Comics Super Heroes minifigure appearing in the ending of the film with other DC Superheroes. Arthur Curry, also known as Aquaman, was the son of the lighthouse keeper and the banished queen of Atlantis. He inherited his physiology, super strength, ability to swim and breathe underwater from his mother. Aquaman also shares a telepathic connection with the undersea life. Despite having such unusual powers, Aquaman is unable to swim in some certain waters of the Gotham City. Aquaman has the Skater’s hairpiece and a light nougat head with black eyes, orange brows and orange muscular torso with scales on it. He is shown in the film with just two expressions- angry and severe.

22. Emmet, In A Disguise:

Here is one of the Lego Movie printable coloring pages that shows Emmet in the pirate costume. As a pirate, Emmet wears a round hat and carries a sword. The legs have the same print as his other variants, except for the tin foil printing. Emmet was an ordinary fellow who was mistaken for an extraordinary Lego and the key to saving the world. But he is hopelessly under-prepared. He is later drafted into a fellowship by Vitruvius on a quest to stop Lord Business in his tyranny. Emmet diligently follows the orders and succeeds in the mission.

23. A Unikitty:

Here’s another cute image of Unikitty. The image beautifully captures the innocence of Unikitty. Unikitty is the happy-go-lucky creature of Emmet’s oddball group and is susceptible to strong feelings and emotions. She loves her friends so much that even the smallest things happening to them can affect her. She often finds hard to control her emotions, especially when it comes to protecting those for whom she cares. When Lord Business and his forces attacked them, he disguised herself as Biznis Kitty to Infiltrate the Octan Tower. She lost her anger only once in the film when she saw Emmet being attached by the Micro Managers. She unleashed all her fury on the robots, providing the distraction Emmet needed to get the Kragle-izer.

24. Ringmaster:

Here’s a coloring image of the Ringmaster, a minifigure appearing in the film. But why is he looking so disturbed? Is he devising a plan to defeat the opposing team? In the movie, the Ringmaster is one of the master builders brought by Lord Business to join the forces by Bad Cop-Good Cop. Ringmaster is a yellow colored mini figure, wearing a black top hat, a red coat, white whip and a black stand. The Ringmaster also wears a red tie with flowers printed on it. He has a large mustache, typical to the ringmasters. Ringmaster is in charge of the entire circus and totally loves his job. The best thing in the world for him is the sound of the audience clapping and cheering.

25. Master Builders:

And last, but certainly not the least, we give you the coloring page of the gang of Master Builders. Master Builders are the well-trained and super creative builders who make up the Lego Universe. These builders meet in the Cloud Cuckoo Island. Lord Business was confused seeing all this, so he tried stopping by placing borders around the universe. He even hired Bad Cop to arrest the master building by applying the force of the Super-Secret Police. Some escaped the arrests by hiding in the tunnels between the different lands. But do you have any idea why they are called Master Builders? Master Builders are named after the real life groups of Master Builders, designing the models of the LEGOLAND and other various events.

We hope the little Master Builders in your house enjoy filling colors in their free Lego Movie coloring pages. Has your kid watched “The Lego Movie”? Which character does he adore the most? Share his choice with us in the comment section.

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